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Pruning cherry trees

Posted: 01/05/2015 at 08:45

Thanks to you all for the advise.

Pruning cherry trees

Posted: 29/04/2015 at 09:21


It is a sweet eating Cherry, about 12 years old.

Pruning cherry trees

Posted: 28/04/2015 at 19:01


My neighbour has asked me to prune his Cherry tree but I have never done this before and would like some advise about how to prune and when?.

Problem with Spring Cabbage plants.

Posted: 08/11/2013 at 09:31

Thank you for the advice. I never thought of covering them while hardening off, I will check the plants  today for eggs and Caterpillars, also I will put slug pellets down too.

Once again, thank you.

Problem with Spring Cabbage plants.

Posted: 07/11/2013 at 10:34


Can any one help me with a problem I have had for the last 2 years with Young Spring cabbage plants.

I planted them out in October of both years after hardening them off, but each year they have been attacked by what looks like Caterpillars.

I have covered them this year with a really fine mesh but this has not stopped whatever it is that is causing the problem.

Any advise or Ideas would be really helpfull.



Talkback: Growing leeks

Posted: 11/06/2013 at 20:07
I planted my Leeks in doors in jan/Feb in modules, but they are still small,less than 3 inches high.
I have been advised to replant them in deeper trays/pots, will this be alright for this year?.
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Pruning cherry trees

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Problem with Spring Cabbage plants.

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