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Posted: Yesterday at 21:43

Positive thoughts?  Oh yes - Wonky one day you'll look back and laugh about your situation  In the meantime, hunker down and hope tomorrow is brighter.  There will be a rainbow

Camera Corner

Posted: Yesterday at 21:31

And why should they be.  Gorgeous photos on here



Posted: Yesterday at 18:04

Last time I was driving up the M6 I heard a song (can't remember which) but it was wonderful and I was trying to remember who.  It was Barbara Streisand and I'd forgotten how well she sang.  Impressed all over again.

Ooh Fairy, are they thinking of starting soon?  Thought it was going to be next year

Not had chippy chips for yonks jo.  Hooe you left me the crispy bits at the bottom

If we were invited to fidgets wedding on Saturday

Posted: Yesterday at 17:14

Best way to gate crash too pansy

Love your hat fidget, quite distinctive.  I'll have to have a look in all the hat boxes to find the right one.   SYL 


Posted: Yesterday at 15:57

Rb got your message - thank you.  I like Dusty's voice but preferred Sandie Shaw's style,  I'd much rather walk barefoot than wear shoes.

Gosh Pat - that lot will take some clearing.  Do they do it by hand or use big machinery?

Dove if you keep your bedroom warm and well lit perhaps the green stains will turn red

Glad that the New Kid turned up in time jo and hope he doesn't hold the vet visit against you


My Bristol Garden in 2015

Posted: Yesterday at 10:55

It's not very often that I post on your thread Marion but always have a peep in to see what you're up to.  Your garden and plants are always an inspiration.  I couldn't pass by today without saying thank you for the information about the Secret Garden Club.  Like Lyn I was unsure about signing up for a year but after doing the maths, without any savings on the plants it works out cheaper than buying a monthly magazine.  I'm off to sign up for the £1 month.


Posted: Yesterday at 08:44

Mmm fidget, I quite like a mint but I like Thorntons too.  That's a lovely feast you've organised.

Jo I haven't seen so many poo bags hanging in the trees and bushes lately.  Either the culprits don't walk there any more or they're not picking up.  I agree that standing on one leg is dangerous.  I once did that on a kitchen stool when trying to reach a cobweb, fell off and broke my collarbone.  The cobwebs are now welcome to stay

DD it's not much fun doing things one handed - takes twice as long and is sometimes impossible.  Hope your hand heals soon and is not too painful.

Good idea Dove, think I'll pick a few flowers this morning too


Posted: Yesterday at 06:28

Hi Pat, morning Dove and those to come

Lovely pics Pat.  The iPad update takes a bit of getting used to.  The Archers is a very long running radio 'soap'.  I've not listened in for years but I did know what Dove meant.  Kerry Packered is rhyming slang for being very, very tired.

Wonky you've done really well to get to that stage. On the home straight now though.  Just send out a call when you need a coffee

Rb - the foot is fine - until I stand on it.  Very frustrating when there's lots to do.

Have a good day all







Posted: 04/10/2015 at 21:18

Oops I wish I'd read back earlier before I updated iOS on the iPad.  Just a few glitches to iron out.  See you in the morning.


Posted: 04/10/2015 at 12:30

DD - pleased to hear you've been sensible and taken advice.  It's not worth leaving to chance but sorry you can't get in the garden.


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