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Posted: Today at 07:13

Good morning

Poor little mite Yvie. I hope she recovers soon. Hugs.

Beautiful pics of the garden Liri.  Quite a transformation.  Please put more on the garden gallery thread

Well done at the car boot Panda.  Hope you're up bright and early this morning

Good luck today OL and Mr OL

Dog wee stains on grass

Posted: Yesterday at 15:53

As above  But if patches remain rake them out and reseed with a mix of seed and compost.  Good luck. We've got one, bless her

What's the star in your garden right now

Posted: Yesterday at 15:16

Is that Morning Glory at the back Dove? I've tried both and failed miserably.  Heho. Plants for places.  On the other hand I would just have brambles and buttercups if I didn't try.

It really does look great at the front of the house - no wonder you get comments

Beech Hedging

Posted: Yesterday at 15:06

Looks normal to me too  The younger plants do seem to lose more leaves but within a year or two they hang on to their leaves better. It may be an idea to take the longer horizontal shoots out now. It's only what I've done.  Other people probably know better.  Good luck Moomint.


What's the star in your garden right now

Posted: Yesterday at 14:55

CornishClare - that's  good combination with the dahlia picking up on the cosmos centre.  I try to get good combos but more luck than judgement

Lyn your plants and views are extraordinary.  Don't know how you do it but I love it

How to beat this weed?

Posted: Yesterday at 14:46

The leaves do look a little shiny for foxgloves.  I get a good sprinkling around and just replant to where I want them.

West Acre

Posted: Yesterday at 14:41

Wonderful pics everyone.  Glad you enjoyed it and hope that one of Pandas plants is a hardy fuschia

Even a micro pond helps!

Posted: Yesterday at 14:36

 A nano pond is much better than no pond at all.

The most surprising new plant in your garden

Posted: Yesterday at 09:30

Thanks Mark - I'll do that and probably the same with the agapanthus as Lyn says.


Posted: Yesterday at 09:25

Good morning  Gorgeous but chilly morning and have enjoyed my walk.

I can't get that picture of Dove being carried by barechested men out of my mind now bekkie

Glad you had a lovely meal lily.

Hope Panda survives the early start

I notice you never wear your halo and sunglasses at the same time Verdun.  Makes me wonder what you get up to when you wear them

Sounds as though you have a lovely day in store chicky

No ladybirds in my garden Fairy.  I saw one in the early summer but that was all. Expect James Taylor will be played quite a lot this week to get you in the mood

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