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Posted: Yesterday at 20:41

Sorry MrsG - predictable as always.   Glad you had a good day

Wow - that pic came up just as I hit submit. Gorgeous

Camera Corner

Posted: Yesterday at 20:29

DavidS and Steve309 - spectacular. Is the blue one a hydrangea? It's huge.

The scale of your country DavidS is mindblowing.  Hope petrol is cheaper. Well you get about a bit




Posted: Yesterday at 20:11

I've always disliked grasses because they have always been shown "looking dead" However I have seen some here that may change my mind. Already have the bloodgrass and it's hanging on by it's fingertips.  I'm going to put some in pots and see where we go.

Love the look of Hordeum jubnatum. Ahh - where will this lead??

Being disabled does not mean incapable

Posted: Yesterday at 19:58

Chris 25 - We have all got so much good growing weather in  our gardens at the moment that I'd hate you to think that this was an unfriendly site.  Love to see some pics of your garden and how you can make the best of it.  According to the reviews I've heard HC was a rip-off.


Posted: Yesterday at 19:37

Ooh MrsG didn't know you were old enough for museum of the year.  Glad you had a good day.


Posted: Yesterday at 16:26

Panda - stop now.  You could have had a headache there. Good job there was a soft landing (no mess) Enjoy your time away

OL - happy for you

Clari - think what you want.  Don't let others take over

Bekkie ((uuughhhh)  Just gardening The weights are bags of weeds

I love the potatoes in bed story ((she' so cute archie)



Posted: Yesterday at 12:24

Glad it doesn't say "NO MORE LILLIES" archie


Posted: Yesterday at 11:59

Argos £69.99.  

Horticultural Films

Posted: Yesterday at 10:19

Saturday Night Feverfew

Horticultural Films

Posted: Yesterday at 09:22

Don't encourage me OL.  I have jobs to do today

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