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Monty don new series

Posted: Today at 13:30

ImpHosta the show is on each evening this week.  Don't miss it.



Posted: Today at 13:25

Don't worry about me BM.  Still pretty windy here but I've sent OH out with the dog. Well he was still in bed when I went out this morning.  He asked what got me up so early and I said the wind.   He said he hadn't heard a thing.  I told him he's going deaf.  It was exactly like an express train Matty

Hope OH gets back home safe and sound Liri.

Hope your OH is back now too Dove.

Blowing a gale where you are yet?

Posted: Today at 13:18

That's my girl artjak  Positive thinking

What's the star in your garden right now

Posted: Today at 13:14

Lovely and colourful DavidS and a real bargain

Verdun the miscanthus looks lovely in that light - ethereal almost  Not sure how well it would do here either Beaus. (btw I was a bit chuffed)

Wow, what a sunset!

Posted: Today at 11:25

Lovely pics Bubba and Bill.  Especially like the colour reflected in the water Bill

Camera Corner

Posted: Today at 11:19

Chicky lovely colours on the rhus.  Interesting to see the pulley too.

Very nice David  The birds are going to do well this winter.




It's my birthday

Posted: Today at 09:25

Happy Birthday chicky



Posted: Today at 09:17

Happy Birthday chicky.  The poppies look amazing and I'm sure you'll find them really moving

I have always hankered after a walled garden LilyP and your pics are probably the closest I'll get so of course I'm worried

Glad you enjoyed your meal Verdun.  Wonder if chicky will have any cake later

Woody we would never leave you out in the cold


Posted: Today at 08:52

Morning KEF - great tip about the message board - that'll save me one or two jobs today.  Hope your dogs are calmer now LilyP,  Mine doesn't seem to bother unless something bangs against the house.  It has calmed down a bit here too. Is your lovely wall still intact?


Posted: Today at 08:46

Bekkie snuck in on me too Beaus  Not been back to sleep as I'll keep busy and do SM this morning and then perhaps a siesta  Sorry your OH isn't well bekkie - didn't have you down as a Florence Nightingale though

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