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Hello Forkers - February 2017 Edition

Posted: 04/02/2017 at 09:32

Morning all, hi Pat

Lizzie I hope you don't get any damage.  I did see that you were having high winds on the weather forecast.

Joyce I have lots of salad too (when I'm being good).  Are we letting the side down?.

Enjoy your knitying session Lily and Dove.  Off to SM in a minute to stock up for the Superbowll final tomorrow night.  The mad men here stay up nearly all night but I'll be tucked up nice and early.

DD you're doing exactly the right thing by taking some time out to try to relax xx.

Hello Forkers - February 2017 Edition

Posted: 01/02/2017 at 12:49

Hi all

Well done Dove.  Shame about the cough but at least the shoulder held up.

LilyP I did the upgrade on the iPad too and it doesn't seen to have affected the keyboard but I have had that 'pause and rush' thing now and again.  I'd hoped that the screen freezing would have improved but no such luck.

This afternoon will be spent trying to sort out the freezer which is packed to the lid with all sorts.  I'm hoping to make a little bit of space for more.  I'm spending a lot of time cooking as it helps to warm the house.

Hello Forkers January 2017 Edition

Posted: 31/01/2017 at 14:00

Hi all,

I quite like the idea of a robot Obelixx and Joyce.  Obelixx I was thinking of paint colours for your kitchen and thought orange and blue stripes would look very cheerful.  No please don't throw anything at me.  Hope the toe feels less painful soon.

Fairy glad you're feeling a bit brighter.  Hope the walking weather is better this weekend but the Countryfile forecast didn't sound very encouraging.  Is your finger better now?

Hooe your cat's OK Liri.  Pets can be a worry (and an expense).  We had Jekka at the vet's this morning and she's got cystitis.  The visit and the medication cost £75.  I once had it and went to the chemist where it cost me about a fiver.

Chicky, thanks for reminding me to start collecting the toilet roll tubes.  

Hello Forkers January 2017 Edition

Posted: 29/01/2017 at 09:56

Morning all, hi Pat

GWRS I thought about you yesterday when the football results were broadcast.

Glad you had a lovely day Dove.  Chicky hope you've had good results with your birdwatch.  I was undecided when to do it but started as soon as I saw the Great Spotted woodpecker on the feeders yesterday morning.  Even better she brought a male friend with her this time.

There is black ice covering every smooth surface here this morning so I had a very slow and steady dog walk.  OH had to get son to push him out of the driveway and I've been sprinkling grit for when he comes home.  Hope it's not the same for Fairy.

Yvie very well done on the weight loss.  Good to see you again as I've missed your tales from days on Nanna duty

Enjoy lunch Lizzie.  Pat I hope you get some much needed rain very soon.  It sounds very hard work to keep things alive during your drought.

Have a good day everyone

Hello Forkers January 2017 Edition

Posted: 28/01/2017 at 06:53

Good morning and a Happy Birthday Dove🎉.  Have a lovely day.

Good morning to everyone else and hi Pat.  Excuse my absence but I've been having trouble with 'freezing' on the iPad so I gave up trying for a while to stop myself swearing so much.  Things seem a little calmer this morning so I'll try a catch up.  Fairy I hope you find a clear weather window for your walk.  Shame the weather isn't as good as earlier this week as some frosty mornings have been stunning here (and that's near a building site).

Have a good day everyone


Posted: 11/01/2017 at 20:49



Posted: 11/01/2017 at 18:46

Hope you're having a wonderful birthday.  Plenty of time before it's over so can we come to the party?

Hello Forkers January 2017 Edition

Posted: 10/01/2017 at 07:39

Morning Joyce.  Certainly not looking forward to the forecast weather

Hello Forkers January 2017 Edition

Posted: 10/01/2017 at 07:37

Morning all, hi Pat

Dd ((hugs)) sorry that you!re feeling overwhelmed but pleased that you have good friends who are looking out for you.  Hope your appointment is a helpful starting point to reassure you that you will get yourself back on balance.

Clari good luck.  Rather you than me.

Chicky, not watched Sherlock yet as my concentration levels are under par.  Watched Endeavour instead and that was enough of a strain.

Hope coughs, eyes and aches are much reduced today.

Hello Forkers January 2017 Edition

Posted: 09/01/2017 at 09:30

Good morning all, hi Pat

Wishing all those under the weather or in pain a speedy recovery,  it sounds really horrible.  Lizzie although you were looking forward to your break at the cottage you will enjoy it much more when you feel fully fit.  M&S vouchers last for ages.

LilyP it's a relief for you to be going to a warmer place after all.  Certainly not as warm as Pdoc is going to get though.   The wind and rain kept me awake for ages last night and it was more of a paddle than a walk with the dog this morning.

Fidget I hope you find your ideal bungalow very soon and can begin your new garden adventure.

Hope all have a good day if at all possible and that time passes quickly for the workers

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