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Hello Forkers December

Posted: 02/12/2016 at 11:40

Morning all, hi Pat

Happy birthday Hosta.  What a treat

Fidget I hope your OH is OK.

Obelixx your kittens are just lovely.  Having another day of boring housework.  Much needed window cleaning and dreading the sun appearing to show up any streaks I've left.

GWRS many years ago I saw a photo of the cathedral and Christmas market in a magazine and thought it looked wonderful and wanted to visit but it's a bit far to get to from Scotland.  Maybe one day.

HELLO FORKERS! November Edition

Posted: 29/11/2016 at 09:19

Good morning all, hi Pat

Pat I'm glad to hear that your Dr's appointment went well and put your mind more at ease.  Joyce I was amazed to see a cloud of midges hovering over the garden at the first sign of a thaw.  These insects are tougher than us.

Hope all goes well DD - fingers crossed for the right outcome for you.  How's the neck today Dove?

Obelixx I'm looking forward to more kitten photos.  Hope they become great friends.  Topbird have fun in London.

Have a good day everyone

HELLO FORKERS! November Edition

Posted: 28/11/2016 at 08:13

Morning all, hi Pat

Reggie looks sooo relaxed.   Obelixx the market looks good and Cosmos is a little darling.  We once had a cat whose preferred viewing was snooker.  He used to run behind the TV to see if the balls fell out after seeing them disappear into the pocket.

Loved the view of the sea Dove.  Sorry you've got aches and pains this morning.  Take all the help you're offered.

SM this morning so I'd better get on with the list.  Have a good day everyone

Your worst Christmas present!

Posted: 25/11/2016 at 09:24

Love that story raisingirl.

The first Christmas after my parents got married Dad bought Mum kitchen scales.  I think her reaction was pretty much like fidgets.  Someone once bought me a vanilla scented candle which had the strongest, most artificial scent you could imagine.  All the windows had to be opened despite the freezing temperature.

HELLO FORKERS! November Edition

Posted: 25/11/2016 at 07:31

Good morning all, hi Pat

Joyce you must have an outside light though I can just make out that the grass is still white for the third or forth day.  I have been out three times a day to defrost the birdbath.

Pat I hope the new meds will help. Look after yourself ((hugs)).

Steve your hedgehog will be giving you a wide berth from now on after having her lunch rudely interrupted.

Chicky shouldn't you be catching up on the zzzs now?  Glad you had a good night.  We are going into Edinburgh to catch up with friends so I've looked out my furry hat, gloves, boots and anything else I can think of to stay warm. Dog walk in a few minutes in all the scruffy stuff

Have a good day everyone

HELLO FORKERS! November Edition

Posted: 24/11/2016 at 21:15

Good news that OH is home safe and sound Fidget.  If really doesn't bear thinking about  the alternative.   Be happy tonight anyway and tomorrow you can go out all guns blazing!


HELLO FORKERS! November Edition

Posted: 24/11/2016 at 19:48

Fidget, please let us know when he's home safe and sound, had a hot bath, mug of soup and you both get over the shock.  He'll certainly need warming up.  I've been nithered all day

HELLO FORKERS! November Edition

Posted: 24/11/2016 at 09:35

Morning all, hi Pat

Ipad has been playing up so I may disappear.  Obelixx's birthday cake disappeared so a virtual, virtual one will have to do.  I only managed to bake a Yule log and decorate it before my hand mixer gave up the ghost.

Chicky, enjoy your glitzy do tonight.  Are you in the running for an award?  Well done on the Chelsea ticket.  That's something to look forward too during the dark months

Glad you had a good holiday LilyP and ((hugs)) for your worries.  I love popping bubblewrap but wasn't responsible for yours disappearing.  Today we're off to a golf shop to buy a present for bil and it's next to the GC.  Coffee and cake may be consumed

Have a good day everyone

HELLO FORKERS! November Edition

Posted: 23/11/2016 at 09:13

Good morning all, hi Pat

Many happy returns Obelixx.  Have a lovely day.

Pat the parrots are lovely and colourful.  It's so nice to have exotic visitors.  Hope the rain has made a difference to your water levels.

Congratulations Clari.  All your hard work has made a difference and you'll just have to hammer that fact home to the 'powers that be'.

Fed up with gift shopping so today will be a baking for the freezer day.  At least the oven will make the house warmer.  It's brrrrrr out there this morning.

Have a good day everyone

HELLO FORKERS! November Edition

Posted: 21/11/2016 at 18:53

So glad that you're homeward bound chicky.  How soon can you retire?  Oh dear, you're only 27 too.

GWRS I am soooo envious of your real fire.  We are still in minus figures so I think I'll soak in a hot bath and then try to cool down.

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