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What are your favourite native flowers?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:15

I also love foxgloves, primulas and bluebells but really like clover and so do the bees

kitchen worktops

Posted: Yesterday at 15:58

Love the smell of WD40. I use baby oil on the stainless steel cooker hood and microwave which gives a lovely shine.  No babies were harmed in this process.

To cut everything down, or leave.

Posted: Yesterday at 15:51

Just received my Geoff Hamilton dvd from Amazon Gemma.  Includes 3 series and looking forward to watching in the bleak months.   I like Alan Titchmarsh as well though.  


Posted: Yesterday at 14:56

You bake as well Lyn.  They look fantastic.   Mine the other day were  horrible looking but tasted OK.  Hope your Mum enjoys

Anything on your Wish List?

Posted: Yesterday at 13:42

I would love to try Wild Swan next year and cross my fingers that I can get it established.


Posted: Yesterday at 13:09


Only went to SM this morning and not bad as it's not a superstore - avoid them at all costs

Love that stove DD.  You def need that for your business.  The fridge can sneak in next year

Happy birthday lily's OH  Have a lovely meal tonight


Posted: Yesterday at 07:46

Missed you there LilyP.  Cold here too - just about to take the dog as I delegated that task yesterday.  Wrap up warm and spoil yourself till you feel better.  You know it makes sense


Posted: Yesterday at 07:42

Morning all

Have a great trip chicky

What a lovely day in store for you and Topbird Dove.  I do like Cleve West

DD hope your new neighbours are lovely people and you enjoy your visit

Fidget hope you manage to go jewellery shopping - it's only second-best to plant shopping

I had planned to go to the shopping centre today to pick up a present I ordered but after what you have said KEF I may give it a miss.  I'll see what the car park looks like then perhaps just pop into SM on the way back.

Have a good Friday whatever you're doing


Posted: Yesterday at 03:59

Happy Thanksgiving David

Christmas Door Garland/Wreath

Posted: 27/11/2014 at 18:02

I like the idea of using dogwood

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