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Posted: Yesterday at 22:23

RB No wonder you were in so much pain with your eye.  Glad you're on the mend now.

Lily, hope you get some sleep tonight.  Will be waiting for news whatever time you have it.

Good luck tomorrow Hosta

Great news Matty

Been a busy day and can't remember who said what.  Catch up tomorrow. Night all.


Posted: Yesterday at 15:26

Hi Fairy - good to have you back.  Don't think you'll find me on the Munros as we'd lose one and wait for the other.  Hope your girls are doing well.

LilyP - can't stop thinking about your family's situation.


Posted: Yesterday at 12:03

Hope there is some concrete news today LilyP.  Fingers crossed all is well for tomorrow.

Philip, yes, he did play and I'm still trying to dry the waterproofs and shoes.  His team won too so yet another game next week.  Good luck to your wife for this afternoon.  I used to play a little but have a bad shoulder plus I'm not competitive enough.

Clari it's a treat for you to be in the warm and dry and not be in a smoke filled area. Enjoy you birthday whenever you decide to have it.

Hope you can calm your Mum Vyie - what a shame she has to worry about such things.

Beaus - was it really wise to buy a house so near to a GC.

Plant ID's

Posted: Yesterday at 09:55

Umm - compost of your own making DD.  Too much information.

Plant ID's

Posted: Yesterday at 07:56

I think Lyn is right with Alchemilla Mollis.  It is a nice plant and I love the way raindrops sparkle on the leaves but you have to remove all the flowers before they seed or they will be everywhere.  Sorry I can't help with the second either.


Posted: Yesterday at 07:06

Good morning.

Dull and damp this morning.  Shame about your trellis chicky but not having a lovely plant growing up it was fortunate.  Fidget I hope your clematis can be saved.  I've bought obelisks from Aldi before and they only last a couple of years if you're lucky

DD you had the best weather around.  Nice to sit and have a glass, or two, with your guests.  Enjoy your Cheddar when you get it

Have a good day everyone


Posted: 05/05/2015 at 20:02

Fingers well and truly crossed for them LilyP.  What a day it's been here with constant rain until about 4 pm and the garden is full of puddles.  Although we've had a bit of wind it was nothing like you have all been talking about.

Certainly not the weather for gold hot pants KEF and Lily.


Posted: 05/05/2015 at 12:21

Nice one Dove.

Philip my OH has just gone out for a bowls match but is hoping it will be cancelled as it's still raining and has got quite cold.

No slab moving today then.  I have been careful and levered them out with a pickaxep and didn't lift them.  Not too sure what to plant in the extra space but inspiration will strike at some point.

Have a good trip Lizzie and enjoy time with Matty.


Posted: 05/05/2015 at 07:56

Good morning.

Pouring down so it looks like h....w..k today.  At least it was nice for the bank holiday and glad those people out and about enjoyed themselves.  Sorry your day didn't live up to expectations KEF.

I just spent the day in the garden making a mess by lifting some slabs so I can widen the border and found I'm not strong enough to move them out of the way.  Have to be nice to OH (he thought it was a bad idea anyway) and hope the rain stops.

Hope there is better news today LilyP.



Posted: 04/05/2015 at 14:02

Matty, don't overdo it!  I know what it's like when you're expecting visitors but - it's Lizzie.

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