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Posted: Today at 21:15

Lost me now OL - Bents  I did know the Jim MacDonald one though I've not watched Corrie regularly for years.  When I see it now it's a case of spotting ones who've been in it before.

Runnybeak you have been through an awful time. It seems to be a lottery. Mum has nothing but praise for the cleanliness of the hospital and the care and friendliness of the nurses. 


Posted: Today at 20:29

KEF (hugs).  It's all the little things isn't it?  I've not got a potting bench - I have a plastic table(on the patio). See - you're a lucky woman esp now it's vino time. Do agree that a joke now and again helps with stress - you're in another happier place for a short time

Glad you had a nice day with Lizzie DD.  Next time she's over here she can bring cake too

Twice a day for 7 miles is 14 Bekkie


Posted: Today at 19:37

Sorry Verdun - missed you because I'm a very slow typer Used to be a secretary you know - but before they made fast keyboards

Really hope you get to the bottom of your Mum's problems. They should listen to your concerns - it should be in the job description.


Posted: Today at 19:29

Thanks lily and Fairy.  I have been lucky compared to the experiences of Fidget, Dove, yourself Fairy and Verdun and probably many more.  The distance is a hurdle but you get to meet nice people like OL  She's probably got he head in a suitcase at the moment

The main problem at the moment is that they will not accept that they need to get some help.  Great neighbours have mown the lawn and taken Mum shopping but there is a limit to how far their goodwill stretches as none are particularly young themselves  Still - time will tell - I'll keep chipping away.

Back to gardening - I would love to mix the soil here with mine and vice versa. Mine is heavy clay and theirs is sandy loam.  I get waterlogged - they can't water enough.  


Posted: Today at 19:02

Glad you had a nice time with DD today Lizzie - I'm sure you will keep in touch.  You can encourage her to have a garden open day next year

Thanks Runnybeak - it's just been a rollercoaster lately.  However things should level out for a while and I'll regain my sanity Probably spoke too soon there



Posted: Today at 18:29

You can't help but remember when you see a field of poppies.

Bekkie - Mum is coming home tomorrow She had the op cancelled twice as other patients were in worse shape (understandable but frustrating).  There was a cancellation and they did the procedure this morning. Dad is improving slowly but today managed to have a shower (it's in the bath) for the first time since July. Now you know why I wanted to go home.  Not sure when that will happen but we'll see how things go over the next few days.

My family are keeping the hospital in business.  When Mum was taken in the woman in the next bed was a relative and now my Uncle (Dad's brother) has had a fall and also has a broken hip.  Talk about sibling rivalry

So looking forward to seeing my dog and the garden (the menfolk too I suppose)




Posted: Yesterday at 21:13

I can't believe how badly your Dad had been treated fidget. You really have to fight your corner.  Hope you have lots of help - I'm too far away and all I can do is hold your hand. 

Welly Nest

Posted: Yesterday at 20:53

Bekkie - get a bigger phone. Used to be like bricks in my day


Posted: Yesterday at 20:00

Lily - before my day (I think) DA was a haircut


Posted: Yesterday at 19:58

Mmm poached eggs on toast

Very happy retirement Bekkie's Mum.  Don't get badgered into taking her to a garden centre every day.  Just looking after you  What a great present

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