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Posted: Today at 15:43

OK KEF - I'll pass then.  Better the devil you know.

GardenIng jokes

Posted: Today at 15:04

Who's a clever boy then?


Posted: Today at 15:01


I'll take him KEF.  My OH doesn't believe in spirit levels.  He thinks I'm wasting my time using one for putting up curtain rails.

Happy new home Lizzie.  It sounded like a nightmare journey but you're in now and will soon be ensconced on your new sofa.


Posted: Today at 09:51

Thanks LilyP.  Your dogs look gorgeous and very, very comfortable.  I've just come back in from walk with mine and we're both drenched.

DD I love the idea of a fourteen strong choir turning up at a house with instruments  You do lead an adventurous life.  Had to laugh at your OH pouring away the pancake batter.  My OH once threw away a jug of marinade I'd just made for a Sunday lunch party we were having.


Posted: Today at 07:39

Good morning/g'day

Phew Clari, what a relief.  Chicky there's forward planning and there's forward planning.

LilyP, why didn't I think of such a convenient allergy?.  I'm intrigued about your woofies.  Any links?

We'll be having pancakes Dove.  French onion soup first then traditional pancakes with sugar and lemon.

Have a good day all - hope things dry up.


Posted: Yesterday at 20:32

 Same here Cranlan.

Fidget I hope you're having a wonderful honeymoon and look forward to seeing your diving pics.  I was enthralled by your last ones - just awesome.

Camera Talk

Posted: Yesterday at 20:25

Love your squirrel Fairy.  The blackbirds are as friendly/precocious as the robins. They know which side of their bread is buttered.

I can almost feel the heat David (well if I lean against the radiator).  Just thinking of summer and thought I'd share an old one from my old camera.




Posted: Yesterday at 19:48

Hi all.  Not been around much because of the 'decorating' so have been poor company.  Not washed away KEF.  Just hate the upheaval and being the only person in the house who can 'do' it.  Talk about Three Men and a Little Lady.  OK - not so little.

Take care Fairy - that's sooo painful.  Pat I'm pleased to see you feeling so much better than a week or so ago.

Clari, it's disgusting the way you are being treated re wages etc., but I'm not worried you're going to starve now

Cranlan I use a plastic jug to fill the bird feeders.  You must have huge ones to use wellies

Hope all the poorly people are feeling/getting better.  Spring is round the corner (so they say).  

I hope everyone stays safe and there is no structural damage.  We've been lucky today.

Oooh - just remembered to say congratulations to Wonky for passing her driving test


Posted: 02/02/2016 at 09:51


Good morning/g'day all

Little sleep last night (waiting for the next bang) but luckily there is no damage.  Plenty of rubbish in the garden though - beer cans, polystyrene, crisp packets, plastic bottles, wicker baskets, etc.  We've been very lucky. Hope no-one else has suffered any major damage.  Glad you're OK LilyP.  Hopefully Fairy and Bushman are too.

Love that pic chicky.  Perhaps you could do something similar with deer?  It might make your regulars think twice before invading.

Time to get the dust sheets out again.  Hey Ho

Have a good day everyone


Posted: 01/02/2016 at 16:33

Hi folk

Just a pop in to say hello and pleased to hear Pat and DD are recovering well.  Hope Wonky's cold is a quick one and that Panda's knee and other bit are getting better,  Good to have you back in one piece Hosta - even though there's not so much of you now.  What a holiday.

Hatches are well battened down and we're keeping busy with the decorating.  Every flaming job leads to another.  


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