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Posted: Today at 12:17

It looks beautiful there Rb.  Look forward to the rest of your pics 'cos I could use the exercise.  DD - well done with your morning run.  I ended up opening a box of chocs last night and have only managed a walk with the dog

Glad to hear you're staying safe today Panda.  The heated airer sound like a great idea.  I know my niece struggles to dry things in her flat so I'll let her know about it.

Hope your birds have turned up Fairy.




Hello. I'm new!

Posted: Today at 11:06

What a lovely garden Pammy Wammy  Welcome to the forum.

It's my birthday

Posted: Today at 09:41

Sorry I'm late DD - have another lovely day today



Posted: Today at 09:39

Good morning

Very dark and drizzly here this morning.  Keep going Beaus - there's light at the end of the tunnel.  I can imagine all the boxes, bubblewrap and paper surrounding you. There are worse things to smell of than bleach - but not many

What a lovely uncle you are Verdun

For some reason the submit button has been playing up and I wasn't able to post anything yesterday evening - seems ok today so I'll have to send DD belated birthday greetings.

No good with houseplants either Clari or fishtanks so no help whatsoever

Hello. I'm new!

Posted: Yesterday at 18:17

Glad to meet you Pammy let us know what your patch is like


Daily Bird Sightings 2015

Posted: Yesterday at 14:11

I've never seen a goldcrest in the 25 plus years we've been here (Got stuck on the maths).  The green finches have disappeared and so have the numbers of tits.  On the other hand the starlings and sparrows are thriving.  I'm going to increase the range of food I put out in the hope we get a few of the missing back.  So far I have Nyger seed, fat balls/cylinders, mixed seed, peanuts and throw out bread, apples etc.

Wish I could take bird pics like the ones on this thread - they don't pose for me

Daily Bird Sightings 2015

Posted: Yesterday at 12:47

That's a good haul Dove

We are plagued with starlings and I gave up counting when I got to 25 and they were moving about.

Quite a few of the regulars were missing this morning due to a lurking cat and a visit from a greedy squirrel but I was pleased to see a couple of siskins paying a flying visit.

Think I'll see what happens tomorrow.

Fairy lucky you - I've not seen any thrushes for years now.


Posted: Yesterday at 11:43

Sounds good Dove.  Spill the beans and let us know what you saw (or on the birds thread).  Clari must have had a lot to do with it

I was disappointed in mine but had interruptions in the hour from a cat and a squirrel.  It's a good excuse to sit at the window for an hour tomorrow.  I reckon it's not really cheating because I've not submitted any results

Hope you're ok Panda - sometimes we have to think where our feet are going - mine often do their own thing

You still there Beaus?


Posted: Yesterday at 10:55

That looks amazing Beaus - no wonder you fell for that house.  Imagine the fun you can have on the trampoline.  Ok I know it's probably going to a new home too.  The pond looks great and I can imagine your head buzzing with plans.  So exciting.

Sorry - didn't mean to distract you.


Posted: Yesterday at 08:14

Good morning all

Love that range Lizzie and I'm sure you're impatient to try it out.  Remember you have lots of tasters here.

We enjoyed our day in Edinburgh but it was longer than expected.  Our train was delayed and then cancelled because another train had broken down in the tunnel.  We decided to go for a meal and check later.  It worked a treat and I had no cooking to do when we arrived home three hours late. Result

Heavy frost this morning so I'm hoping the birds will be too hungry and thirsty to remember it's birdwatch day

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