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Posted: Yesterday at 20:35

DD just think about shouting his name in public.  Some work some don?t


Posted: Yesterday at 19:50

Aww DD he's gorgeous.  How old is he?  Looks as though Chalie's worn him out. Long may it continue

Camera Corner

Posted: Yesterday at 18:56

We all need some colour in our lives Verdun.  Your garden is a beautiful blend of colour and I'm sure it would be really difficult to get the same effect in shades of grey


Posted: Yesterday at 15:55

OMG LilyP.  I have only just heard about the accident in George Square and assume you were there. What a dreadful thing to happen to the poor people killed and their families.  I imagine you feel very shaken.  Hugs.


Posted: Yesterday at 15:33

Marty it's hardly surprising that your emotions are raw.  Be kind to yourself and let OH spoil you for a while.  New. Baby sounds lovely with his curly hair. Bet you can't wait to see him.  Love and hugs xx


Posted: Yesterday at 13:15

Carols by candlelight at Windsor sounds wonderful Susan.  Glad you have managed to cheer your daughter up


Posted: Yesterday at 13:13

Good afternoon

I've been rushing about this morning taxi duty and SM again.  The shop was heaving and it won't get any better in the next couple of days  Waiting to hear how busy it was your way KEF.

Happy birthday to Dove's son

Good luck with the microwave shopping Lizzie - you certainly need one with that many people coming

Lovely pic DD.  I'm sure you're all really excited to be meeting Jack (shouldn't that be Jaques?).  Good luck

Clari I hope you hear very soon

Camera Corner

Posted: Yesterday at 12:55

Gorgeous DD


Posted: 21/12/2014 at 13:16

Edd - I'm going to try those pills in the New Year


Posted: 21/12/2014 at 13:14

At least twice a day here Clari and more when beds are changed.  Wait till you have dog towels as well

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