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Daffodils suitable for heavy soil

Posted: 27/11/2013 at 16:56

Thanks very much for that Bob, has reassured me to a comfortable level. Is just has taken a fair few shifts to complete and was kicking myself after reading this forum due to concern whilst planting. Will have a look at your link as more tulips will be needed I think to keep the mixture consistent. Fortunately the majority of bulbs planted within the area are daffs, so hopefully any gaps will be minimum and can replant in next year. 

Thanks again.

Daffodils suitable for heavy soil

Posted: 26/11/2013 at 19:07

Hi there, i have recently planted a large area of bulbs in quite a sodden/heavy soiled area of the garden I work in. I Cultivated the ground as best as possible then back filled with upside down turf and some good quality soil, as was previously a golf bunker that I emptied. Planted daffs, crocuses and tulips, and wish I had seen this forum before I did as am now a bit worried about how successful it is going to look next year. Have daffs growing in other sodden areas of the garden, is just the crocuses and tulips am a little unsure of? Am in a position where I could easily add more bulbs to the better soil above where I have planted the initial bulbs in the heavy soil. Is just I would not know what I was planting on top of, and if things were to be fine next year and the specimens grow that I have already planted, It could potentailly look a bit messy? The soil is quite wet where they are as peeled back the layers earlier today whilst working, hence the essay message.


any advice or guidance on this topic would be greatly appreciated, as am looking forward to hopefully seeing a colourful, natural looking area of bulbs next year, as are the clients am sure. Is a large area and have mass planted, so could it be potentially a case of some will survive and others may not ? If dont address this now if anybody potentially tells me it is necessary, i will be annoyed if it doesnt look as good as i have pictured in my mind as have spent alot of time on this task, and may have to look for a job elsewhere next year which would like to avoid.

Oak Tree Planting

Posted: 10/05/2013 at 21:13

Thanks again for the help and guidance, will let you both know how things go as the client is keen to get them on their way. In regards to a low stake, I understand exactly what you are saying, should this be a specific size to the specimen, say half or a third of the size out of the ground possibly to encourage the healthy tapour we are after.

Oak Tree Planting

Posted: 10/05/2013 at 15:44

Thanks very much in regards to help and guidance, and also wishing us well. Will do just that fairly girl in regards to weaning them in to their new environment, before planting them in their fixed setting. Am from Falkirk myself originally but am now based down in Oxfordshire where the work is to be carried out. when planting them in their final location, I think I am going to protect each specimen individually with a tree guard and stake. Then protect the whole area with some fencing to hopefully avoid any deer damage, how does this sound? Will let you both know how get on as the client won't mind at all, and hopefully the specimens will thrive with the right amount of aftercare. Although if we have another day like yesterday wind wise, they may end up in the farmers field next door

Oak Tree Planting

Posted: 10/05/2013 at 08:14

Hi there, the specimens vary in size, 3 foot to 5 I'd say. The majority are abundant in foliage that's why I think I may need to prune, as getting an individual sleeve over the trees along with a stake inside, may cause damage possibly to the lower limbs? The client is prepared for some casualties as has asked me to plant more than necessary in the required areas, with the possibility of lifting and moving any survivors in inadequate space elsewhere next year. How would you recommend hardening them off fairy girl before eventually planting them in their exposed environment? Positioning or planting them elsewhere initially to get them use to some degree of the fine British weather, before then planting them in their required areas?

Oak Tree Planting

Posted: 09/05/2013 at 23:02

Hi there, I am looking to plant some oak tree specimens that have been sown from seed and pot grown for the last year. They are healthy specimens with lots of foliage and have been in a glass house during this period. The areas I am to plant them in are very exposed, and vulnerable to potential rabbit and deer damage as is out in the sticks. I am really looking for some advice and guidance, in regards to suitable protection along with staking. Wether to prune a lot of the growth off before using a tree guard, or to enclose the area as a whole and simply stake the trees? Any guidance or help would be massively appreciated as I do not want to risk the well being of the trees, as there is a certain degree of sentimental value to the family as they collected the seeds and proceeded to grow, much appreciated for reading and any help if possible, Lewis 

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