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Pyrus communis 'Beurre Hardy' Pear

Posted: 19 February 2015
Overall: I have 3 Williams Bon Chretien (the Bartlett Pear), one in the ground, & 2 in pots. The one in the ground had the most delicious, juicy fruit last year...ok, so there were only 5 pears, but that was enough for me!... the 2 in pots are new, so here's hoping this year. I also left the fruit on the tree until it was ready to drop off. Nothing better than eating juicy fresh fruit, straight from the tree, when it's been warmed by the sun......yum!

Euphorbia mellifera Honey spurge

Posted: 02 December 2011
Overall: Despite the garden going down to -7, my Euphorbia Mellifera, on the coldest, frostiest corner, is in full flower! The 3 foot high shoots are covered in flowers and bees and flies. It smells like mead, and I love it. All the long shoots have flowers and they seem to have protected the crown as it has a mass of new shoots coming from ground level.