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Posted: Today at 14:08

Previous post was meant to ask Pdoc how he doing?

DD s activities too much for me


Posted: Today at 14:00



Posted: Today at 13:18

My goodness DD what is Acro branching?

DD how are you getting on? day is half over!

Chicky, It's 20 years since I did that but it's etched on my memory!

so wet here I not got out so made loads of biscuits for freezer, Moscow crowd coming soon 

Ooh sun just come out, see you later ............



Posted: Yesterday at 23:33

DD thank you very much.  I have sent you a pm

pouring again dogs had to be forced to go out! Hopefully no bats, or swallows in the house tonight, tho the rabbit did look longingly at me this afternoon!

sleep peacefully


Posted: Yesterday at 15:56

Joe so sorry to hear about your friend,

BM are you kidding? I was out of there before you could say " Jack Rabbit" 

(who was Jack Rabbit?)

Panda,  fingers crossed sounds good

Lesley K hope your gang and folks all well

Chucking it down, just made loads of sun(oven) dried tomatoes for the cupboard and a big fish pie.

Now off to knit some teddies  Anyone in Scotland looking for a reason to knit? I try to help knit for memory boxes for little ones who come into this world sleeping. Always desperate for new knitters!



Posted: Yesterday at 11:45

DD you have just brought my pulse down with that beautiful photo

we have just found a bat in the curtains and OH not around. Friend and I donned Batman outfit and with butterfly net and heavy gloves on finally got it. Have popped it back up in a tree

we had a swallow in Sunday, I must take the "sanctuary"  sign down!

need fortification!?


Garden Pictures 2015

Posted: 25/08/2015 at 20:52

Lovely photos everyone. I really love seeing what all the gardens are like. Such skills!

Finally the box hedge has been cut and it looks the better for it!

thanks to a fellow forum member we are now treating it with a chemical recommended, and cleaning out the base, as long as there isn't any heavy snow this winter we may see improvements!!


Posted: 25/08/2015 at 09:29


Hope all who sick, sore or itchy feel better today

We have had plenty rain this summer, today is lovely and hopefully the box hedge will get cut. Have waited weeks for this chap, fingers crossed

Away for one to one Pilates which is really helping my back, Pdoc want to come too?

stay safe everyoneeveryone

Dumfries House East Ayrshire

Posted: 24/08/2015 at 20:19

48 to be precise pansy!

Dumfries House East Ayrshire

Posted: 24/08/2015 at 20:12

Sorry not to reply, had a problem with the site today

yes, the house is now open and a very interesting tour, and the coffee shop excellent. We went for the Sunday Roast Lunch the Restruant. Superb

Thanks for the explanations re the cold frames, very interesting


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