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Hello Forkers ... July Edition

Posted: Yesterday at 08:19

Lots of you pooped in while I was posting, sorry "morning" to all

Fairy Doc was going up to mil last weekend. Ferdiddling not the word for it here , torrienntial! 

Hello Forkers ... July Edition

Posted: Yesterday at 08:08

Morning everyone,

Joyce the sun never made it here yesterday and now it's pouring 🌧 Disappointing for wee ones who are desperate to play in the garden

Pat I love jonquils and recall buying them for their lovely perfume giving a touch of spring.

Chicky deer are so lovely but can be such a menace!

Clari, sounds like you may have a few nights of hard training to get pooch off the bed!

Dove my coffee just arrived, the family still in Moscow time so up early, we will work on it today,

had a proper walk around the garden last night and lost heart a bit  whilst away last week there was no one to tie in, although staked the tops of the delphiniums broke and I dont think I will get time to dead head enough.  All the work of the spring and it just looks such a mess now 

off to the hairdresser with 4 year old  she always has it cut here

Nanny hope you make it along the road for 9 and all goes well

have a good day

Hello Forkers ... July Edition

Posted: 25/07/2017 at 12:36

Hmmmm, the morning mist not moving and now it feels chilly 

yes Dacha I have family who live in Moscow

Dove, seems we all thought your son had delayed move, be careful!

Hosta, we have had a lot of RAF activity recently, it's the fighter jets that put the fear in me  last one was so low I automatically crouched down and covered my head, he Must have seen me!

Hello Forkers ... July Edition

Posted: 25/07/2017 at 08:36

BL your family visit must have been whilst I was down helping son and did with newbie, hope all well

i should also have given a hug to LG it is a huge deal.  I remember the day vividly,  parents were dead calm. There had been a rather nasty burglary which left them feeling vulnerable so everyone knew the time was right.

Hello Forkers ... July Edition

Posted: 25/07/2017 at 08:17

Sorry Pat we crossed there,

we will come out to Australia if you like, it's a known fact that we break droughts wherever we go in the world  but we are famous in Oz!

Hello Forkers ... July Edition

Posted: 25/07/2017 at 08:12

Good morning heat haze over the hill this morning, when it clears it will be another hot day, hopefully

Pat, the difference between north and south can be huge, normally it's the south that wins!

Clari are you on holiday? Did you decide to get Reggie a playmate?

Lg in the g how is the quiet life? Hope you have thrown away the alarm clock

Busy are you visiting family?

Dove holiday getting closer?

must get going, Moscow family arrive today. Family party Thursday, hope weather cintinues🌞 

Last edited: 25 July 2017 08:13:32

Hello Forkers ... July Edition

Posted: 24/07/2017 at 22:49

My goodness it's been a hot one, gave up and had to come in. not a puff of wind tonight 

you have all been chatty,   away to read back

Hello Forkers ... July Edition

Posted: 24/07/2017 at 08:28

Good morning, as Joyce and Fairy have said already it's a beauty

after leaving the garden a week I will be spending most of the day dead heading,  cooking required too tho as family arrive tomorrow 

Dove are you fully recovered? Take it easy please, holiday soon isn't it?

Chicky glad all is well down under. Are you planning on going out?

Pat we were chatting about Roos last week with second born whose memories are of them all around us when we used to holiday in Merimbula

Fairy, surely all the shows are over? You must be due a long rest!

Clari We take the hose to our princess ni matter what the weather, she takes it well, the ither one would run a mile!

Dacha hit the "latest posts" and you will be surprised what comes up. Lots of regulars with amazing knowledge but don't post in this thread

poor Hosta, he must be so weary of this.

was this the weekend Punk was up north? Hope he is still there today for this weather!

Hello Forkers ... July Edition

Posted: 23/07/2017 at 23:37

Dacha. You are up late, 

just heading up now. Think I have caught up with most of you 

chicky what's the news from chicklet!

Pat hope its not too cold. I think we went up to mt Hawthorne  about now?

dove so glad for wonky. Lovely news

hope D D has had another good weekend 

clari another win for you I think!!!

obelixx I embroider too  what you working on?

been out to check garden masses of dead heading to be done bit greenhouse better than expected πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Hello Forkers ... July Edition

Posted: 23/07/2017 at 23:25

we watched Poldark πŸ˜„β€οΈπŸ˜‹

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