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Posted: 22/11/2015 at 23:32

I have been zonked out again,

Hosta hope your knee enjoys holding day

runny hope your boy ok

night night


Posted: 22/11/2015 at 11:25

Kef. Thanks but I round the let you have any, not ev n my wors enemy would have this

i see my friends old posts have popped up again. Why is this happening?

anyone any ideas? Most annoyingly, particularly for you other Forkers.  So sorry


Posted: 22/11/2015 at 11:24

Hosta I hope you have a super week


Posted: 22/11/2015 at 10:50

Morning, the colours on the hill are still good and the sun is strong, beaut day.

how I wish I could get out there, so frustrating

Runny, so glad your son is able to move about and that legal action will start so soon, good luck. He  deserves compensation

Clarington, sounds that for once you put yourself first, good Decision!

Chicky I am in awe of anyone who can sew, I just have horrid memories if being laughed at be teacher at school

topbird this casserole sounds yummy, do you out I piece of chocolate in at the end?

i just have a strong feeling Mrs P Doc 's closed door is slowing a better one to open

have a good day, I hope to walk downstairs today!



Posted: 21/11/2015 at 17:23

Kef. Thanks but I round the let you have any, not ev n my wors enemy would have this

i see my friends old posts have popped up again. Why is this happening?

anyone any ideas? Most annoyingly, particularly for you other Forkers.  So sorry


Posted: 21/11/2015 at 17:15

Runny I can't begin to imagine how you must be feeling  I join the many many friends you have here in wishing your son a speedy recovery and I hope you find him more comfortable when you see him today.   Masses of love to you too, try to keep your strength up, sometimes life is just so hard to understand.

Chicky I am so glad Mr Chicky s op to be brought forward, he will soon feel so much better and you will all be able to relax!

Winter Pat, and Busy thanks for kind wishes it was truly lovely to hug my ??ee one again. Fairy, the cushion came everywhere with me and was invaluable. With the the troubles of the world so heightened I do feel glad to be home.

To anyone I have missed sorry, I value everyone on this forum it is special and one of the best support networks I have ever come across.



Posted: 21/11/2015 at 17:15

Just written a long post and lost it!

runny glad the news is more encouraging today sending reiki 

winter my daughter was mugged, the horror of that phone call will never go

Hosta, have a fab time, hope you have great fun, think of all the little tasks that can be done by next June!

Hope it doesn't snow, we had enough of that  last Sat in Moscow!

Dove hope you can store all that lovely wood

Edd glad you can do one of these modern trees that are just twiggy branches, they are charging a fortune for them!

back has given out again so off for an ice pack!




Posted: 21/11/2015 at 17:15

Firstly may I say Runny, I think you and your family are handling this horrific situation amazingly well. I wish your son comfort and relief and his family strength, everyone must be in shock

hosta have a lovely holiday and Iet the sun soak into your knee !

Pat I always foundthe weather was extreme when we lived Down Under, if it was boiling hot it was freezing back in the motherland!

Dove, why not make a stumpery?

Fairy hope the support does the trick. Your gadgets are very helpfull as I know?

This is my first time on today as mind has been all foggy with my medication  doc had to be called pain unbearable and I literally couldn't move! would you believe he came back this afternoon! There are still some vocational folk about

from what I am hearing I am missing nothing outside and the white stuff expected,

didnt mind it last week in Moscow but here I hate it!!

wheres Punk today? Glad Lyn ok ,  DD probably flying around doing a million things at once. Boy could I do with some of her energy!




Posted: 21/11/2015 at 10:13

Good morning plenty white stuff here, sun shining tho 

Chicky enjoy your day, how is. Mr C?

hope birthday party a success, quite a milestone to reach

DD please send some energy,  I managed to walk with aid of a stick round the bed,

progress! Amazing to think this time last week I was in red square!

P doc sorry to hear about Your O H, but could this be a hidden blessing?

have a good day everyone, my goal is to get downstairs!

stay warm 

Talkback: Agapanthus

Posted: 20/11/2015 at 22:37

We are at 680 and I always take them in. They are expensive plants to loose

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