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Posted: 12/04/2013 at 07:05

It will be interesting to find out  My cuttings are about 4" tall and in a module tray - - I will shake of as much compost as I can and pot them int o a 3" pot - we will see what happens

Pam LLx


Posted: 12/04/2013 at 06:31

I am up for a challenge Brumbull  I have some fuchsia cuttings on the windowsill - Beacon Rosa- that I haven't pinched out yet .I know it won't be two different fuchsias but I will have a go at doing the twisted stem thing

Pam LL x


Posted: 11/04/2013 at 05:54

Your plants look really good Andy

Pam LL x


Posted: 11/04/2013 at 05:53

This is my basket tree with 4 baskets of Puts Folly

 My Checkerboard standard fuchsia - by the front door

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Posted: 10/04/2013 at 19:46

Ryan - for an upright fuchsia try Checkerboard and for a basket fuchsia try Puts Folly

Pam LLx

The Canny Gardener

Posted: 10/04/2013 at 17:06
Terry - that is just not good enough in my opinion!!!
If I was in your position I would phone again,ask to speak to the manager or person in charge and insist on a new batch or my money back now -not sometime in the future -what a bloomin' cheek
Tell them if they want the plants back they can come and collect them.
Any reputable company would tell you to keep the damaged plants and send a replacement now.
The plants sent to you are not fit for purpose - it is their fault they were not packed properly - not yours.
Pam LL x

Theft of Patio Planters and Containers

Posted: 10/04/2013 at 12:56
Maybe have fewer but larger pots which will be heavier and less attractive to steal.i have some of my fairy ornaments in our front garden containers and I always wire them to something e.g the base of the standard fuchsia. I have a basket tree with 4 baskets so I wire them to the frame of the tree.
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The Canny Gardener

Posted: 10/04/2013 at 11:29
Why do I get ?? Instead of the pound sign?
Pam LL x

The Canny Gardener

Posted: 10/04/2013 at 11:28
Terry - you must complain- that is certainly not good enough
I have had 3 Canny Gardener catalogues sent to me over the past few weeks and I hate to admit it but I really am tempted to order some Streptocarpus plugs as I adore them. The offer this time is for 25o/ o off and half price delivery - plants are ??8.49 for 20 medium plants --around ??6.30 with discount and p& p will be ??2.45
Please tell me that I don't really need them -but I do,I do
Pam LLx

What has happened???

Posted: 08/04/2013 at 10:53
I haven't received or sent any unpleasant emails. I won't be posting any more on here until it calms down and gets back to gardening.
Pam LL x

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