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Thompson & Morgan - damaged plants received

Posted: Yesterday at 22:21

Has anybody complained to QVC about poor quality plants being delivered? My workmates ordered 3 alstromeria large plugs from here ( Thompson and Morgan supplied QVC) and they look ill judging by her photo on her phone l think they have a season long guarantee and I've told her to contact customer services about a refund. So has anyone had success complaining to QVC?

Guerilla Gardening

Posted: Yesterday at 21:56

Not strawberry shrubs, snow berry shrubs.

Guerilla Gardening

Posted: Yesterday at 21:54

B3, l agree with you regarding neon heathers. The close where l live is not home to many keen gardeners. Most people only have lawn and a couple of shrubs by their front doors. So l wouldn't plant anything that could become a nuisance, or that l wouldn't mind cutting back when needed. There is a large bed  by a car park area that is planted with strawberry shrubs. These used to be cut back annually by the council but have been neglected by them for 2 years now. Many of my neighbours have moaned to me about the state of it whilst I've been tending my front garden lately so l think maybe it's time to get some support and hopefully help and have a go at improving things. 

Guerilla Gardening

Posted: Yesterday at 20:59

Looks lovely Hefty, I'm glad that your work is being appreciated by your community. There are a three areas around my house that I've often thought about improving with a few plants but I've always chickened out of going for it. There are three planting holes in a sort of crazy paving area near a pathway. The largest is probably only 2ft wide, the middle 18inches and the smallest 12inches wide. I have some divided geranium Wargrave Pink which is evergreen and doesn't seed everywhere, it has a long flowering season too. So they could go in that space. There is a foot deep border under a magnificent horse chestnut tree, this is pure leaf mould . Would our native primroses like it there? Then there is an area with just Hawthorne with poor soil around it probably 3 yards wide. I've got a purple butterfly bush going spare. So do you think these would be suitable as a start? I could add a few mini daffodils in the autumn too. 

ready made borders

Posted: 29/04/2016 at 16:00

Jammy to clarify the ceanothus is about £8 in a 2 L pot, the clematis  much , much cheaper. Also have you considered sowing a few seeds to flower this season. Many could be sown where you wish them to flower e.g. the taller poppies, borage, cornflowers .

ready made borders

Posted: 29/04/2016 at 15:47

Hi Jammy, there are some pretty plants in this collection but l wouldn't personally buy it for the size border you have. I do have a ceanothus skylark in my front garden and it is lovely in the summer when in full bloom, I've planted a clematis etoille violet (purple) next to it and drape the stems over it, this flowers later in summer and extends the shrubs interest. My local GC sells them for about £8 in a 2L pot, they grow fairly quickly.  The perennials in the collection are only in 9cm pots and l have seen/ bought these for the same price but in 2L pots in garden centres. Also the geranium Rosemoor only flowers once and does not flower again even if it is sheared down after its finished . I would recommend geranium Rozanne or geranium Brookside ( both bluey) these flower all summer. The japanese anemone Queen Charlotte is gorgeous but flowers later, as will the asters. These l would say are middle border plants and can grow to 90cms tall. These are also readily available in 2L pots for the same price. The campanula and erigeron l have only seen growing over walls so don't know how they would suit growing in a border. The verbena is available now in most GC or Home base /BQ for around £2.50 in 1L pots. So l would advise you to shop around if you have transport, are fairly close to some garden centres, have the time to because it's good to see what you're buying, good to see what else might catch your eye. I have 2 honeysuckles and they are wonderful , one is growing next to a climbing rose. Have you considered a climbing rose, some are virtually thornless e.g The generous gardener by David Austin roses? 

Sowing Foxgloves (Digitalis)

Posted: 28/04/2016 at 15:34

I bought seeds and sowed mine a month ago. They are now getting their true leaves but are still too small to prick out yet, so l would advise to sow very thinly in 9cm pots because the seeds are tiny. I only bought seeds because my self sown plants didn't make it through the very wet winter we had and rotted off....or so l thought l didn't know that foxglove tap roots would send up new leaves if left in the ground. So l thought that if l sowed seed earlier this year l would have bigger, stronger plants to make it through this coming winter .

Your new-look forum will launch early next week

Posted: 28/04/2016 at 15:00

I'm sorry didn't like it at all. I couldn't find my way around, didn't like the adverts either. Was very pleased when l tried later and it had reverted to old style. Couldn't you just leave it as it is ???? .


My Perfumed Bristol Garden in 2016.

Posted: 28/04/2016 at 14:53

I am a real fan of the photos you post of your colourful garden Marion. I am really admiring your hellebore and the stunning heuchera today. I nearly bought a heuchera called ' Cherry Cola' last weekend from the GC but talked myself out of it, and bought another agapanthus ( Black Budda) instead.

HELLO FORKERS April 2016 Edition

Posted: 28/04/2016 at 14:36

I'm so sorry for your loss Dove and Wonky .

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