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Limp lettuce

Posted: 23/07/2014 at 22:20

Thanks for all your help everyone. I've now moved all the lettuce onto my makeshift potting table at the back of the house. Just been outside to check for slugs n snails but none so far! Thankfully I'm not overlooked so don't need to worry about using a torch while creeping around at night! I'll organise some shade for them tomorrow and hopefully they will start to crisp up a bit.

Thanks again!

Limp lettuce

Posted: 23/07/2014 at 13:27

Thank you both - I was worried about the slugs getting at them but I'll try to lift the whole shebang (bit tricky as the canvas box thing is not too stable) and put it onto my potting table outside. That might keep some of the slugs and snails away.

Great info from you both and much appreciated. I'm quite a novice and just do what I think feels right - with mixed success! Getting more informed as I go though.

Right - off to try and move the lettuce now!



Limp lettuce

Posted: 23/07/2014 at 12:29

Hello folks, I've grown veg succesfully and,this year, decided to grow some salad leaves. I got a mixed variety seed packet and used one of those plastic lined, hessian square shaped affairs to plant them in. They are all growing pretty well, but everything is floppy and limp! I replanted five into pots to see if it made a difference but they are also very limp. Not enjoyable to eat at all, as the great thing about a salad is the crunch! Any clues?

They are all in the conservatory which does get hot obviously, but I do keep the compost moist to ensure they don't dry out.

Photos of your ponds please

Posted: 16/05/2014 at 07:47

That's not a pond...that's a lake! Lol! It looks so tranquil - gorgeous.

Photos of your ponds please

Posted: 14/05/2014 at 22:58

JodeJay, click on the icon of the tree that is second in from the right on the toolbar above where you're typing. That will open up a box and will guide you to choose a picture from your computer or an eternal link. Press "select" and it will open up to whichever source you've chosen. Choose your image and then click "upload" and it will be added to your post.

Hope that makes sense and is of some help!

Photos of your ponds please

Posted: 08/05/2014 at 08:29

I went to the Garden Centre for more potting compost yesterday - I can't believe how much I get through! Whilst there I popped into the aquatic section and had a word with the pond specialist there. He assured me that if my (tiny...microscopic!) pond has clear water that is what is causing the red algae and the tiddly, wriggly worms (not too many of them). He said the clear water means I'm doing something right and that it sounds very healthy with an ideal balance of clear water and some red algae. The worms also indicate a very good mix and if any creatures do eventually move in they will be very happy.

Made me happy to hear all this anyway, so I am not worrying anymore about the algae.

Photos of your ponds please

Posted: 04/05/2014 at 16:48

Everyone's ponds are so different but all equally brilliant. I do like the pebbles round mine as the rounded shapes contrast nicely with the spikier plants and the colours stand out against the soil. Mine were a bargain "split bag" from the garden centre for only £2.00!

The red algae is still covering some surface in my pond but the water looks really clear otherwise. Still no frogs or Mayflies visiting, but I have seen some tiny red "wrigglers" in there today! Would be great food for anything that decided to pay a visit. However, I spent an hour watching some wolf spiders on Friday. The larger brown female was sunning herself on the pebbles and was being watched by the smaller, blacker male. He crept nearer very gingerly, stopped and waved his palps at her before lifting his front legs in turn and tapping them very fast - almost like a vibrating effect. In this photo you can see him waving the palps before leg tapping...

 Then he'd creep a few mm nearer to her and start the tapping and waving again. I know that female spiders are rather keen on eating males that don't impress, so I could understand his caution! She moved onto a larger, smoother pebble and he followed her very intently.

Then, quick as a flash, he leapt onto her and they stayed like this, seeming not to move at all.

 I don't know how long they stayed like that as I had to go inside and they'd gone when I returned. It was fascinating to watch though!

Great picture of the Damselfly Wilbur - hope they visit me soon!

Photos of your ponds please

Posted: 01/05/2014 at 16:03

Fantastic pond photos everyone. Mine is possibly the tiniest one shared here, as I created it a few weeks ago using a washing up bowl! It's given a great feature to the garden despite its tiny size and the Hoverflies and Wolf spiders have been very attracted to it.

Here's how it started...

 And this is how it looked after planting and adding more stones etc....

 I've since added more plants and larger rocks into the surrounding area, so it looks much more natural and sits well within the rest of the garden.

my small pond

Posted: 30/04/2014 at 21:25

Thanks Robmk, yes, I washed everything well, including the gravel. I think it's and algae according to someone on a different thread - but good for the mini beasts so I think I'll stop worrying! I like the freezer drawer idea MrsGarden, and adding some pond skaters. I was offered some frog spawn but declined in case their new home would be too small or not healthy enough. Great fun though and I keep peeping into the water every time I walk past just in case something's moved in!

Red menace

Posted: 30/04/2014 at 14:46

Thanks very much for the information Dovefromabove,  I'll give that a try. I knew I needed some algaefor the creatures, but this stuff is rather gross!

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