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Patio & Rockery Design - help!

Posted: Today at 22:43

SarSpud, hi again!  I'll take some photos in the morning.  Hogweed, I'm not sure you can build a retaining wall without foundations, even a small one... ours only has about 6" deep foundations - I just dug a trench all round & stuffed it full of concrete.  The wall looks as if it's dry stone, but I used cement at the back of each stone & plastered the back of the wall with cement too (leaving a few "weep holes"), before replacing the soil.  I'd never cut stone or built that sort of wall before, or made that sort of patio, but if you can't afford to pay someone to do it for you, what have you got to lose?    It's surprising what you can do if you give it time...

Yes, a rockery - or a terraced bank, which we also have - would be softer than a wall, and could look great.  What will you use for the surface of your patio, SarSpud?  Because ours was to be gravelled (cost again!) we decided we had to have a wall to hold the soil back, since we wouldn't be able to sweep soil off the gravel.  If yours is to be paved, it wouldn't matter if a bit of soil needed sweeping off from time to time.

Hello Forkers - February 2017 Edition

Posted: Today at 14:08

Night Pat.  

Hello Forkers - February 2017 Edition

Posted: Today at 14:06

But it really isn't right that she should have had to apply for citizenship in order to stay.  What sort of a country have we become?

Sorry.  Hello all!

Just looked in quickly before going out to prune some more community fruit trees while the market is closed - don't like too much of an audience... though having said that, the people who've stopped to talk so far have all been lovely.

In this town most shops are open on Sunday, except the small independent ones, and many are closed on Monday and/or Tuesday.

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What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: Today at 10:17

Damp again here, and gloomy... 

2017 in my Bristol Garden.

Posted: Today at 10:16

I'm going to have to venture out to prune some more community apple trees, in the rain...  Not my favourite activity for this weather, but needs must, I suppose.

Strawberries and vine weevil

Posted: Yesterday at 21:22

I reckon you've done the best you can for your strawberries for now, Jonesk!  Hopefully they'll survive the ordeal, and grow away strongly.

You can water on nematodes a bit later in the year - the soil temperature has to be high enough for them to work, but I've found them very effective.  Not all plants are equally susceptible to vine weevil so you might be lucky with your other potted plants, but to be on the safe side you could water them all with vine weevil killing nematodes if you can afford it (they're not cheap, unfortunately).

What's this?

Posted: Yesterday at 16:03

It's a clematis, and a very vigorous one by the look of it.  Hopefully someone else might have an idea which one... my guess would be a late flowering species like Clematis tangutica, because it still has the remains of seed heads on it.  If that's the correct ID, prune it to about a foot above ground level in Feb or March, just above a healthy pair of buds (you can see some in the photo). 

But others might think it's a different clematis... let's see!  

Dead lawn

Posted: Yesterday at 15:50

You ask if feed is enough to bring the old area back.  Unfortunately there's no way of knowing just by looking at the photo, but it's worth a try to start with.  

Had it been dry for a long time when that photo was taken?

2017 in my Bristol Garden.

Posted: Yesterday at 15:36

Wish I could share your climate, Verdun!

But my first daffodil started opening this morning (a Tete a Tete).  

Hello Forkers - February 2017 Edition

Posted: Yesterday at 15:31

I was standing by the gate waiting for the show to open last year, Obelixx.  Being very short, I have a problem in crowds; I managed a tour of the big show gardens in the first hour, and got some good photos.  I'd agree about the comfy shoes, lunch and plastic bag, too!  I managed to choose the only cold day in last year's show, so I only sat for long enough to eat my sandwich, and had to splash out on a cup of tea because it was so chilly, but it was a wonderful experience.  Living "up north" I needed to combine the visit to the show with a couple of nights' accommodation, which also enabled me to visit the National Gallery and British Museum.  

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