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Posted: Yesterday at 22:19

Evening all!  

Thank you all for such kind thoughts.  You are lovely caring people!  

I'm feeling quite a lot more positive about Mum's position, partly through the passage of time (I tend towards the glass half full), and partly because of a helpful conversation with someone who went through the same problem 18 months ago. We still don't know what we'll do, but we can see some pointers to the way ahead.

Pleased to hear such good progress is being made at Wonky's new abode.  It sounds as if it'll be beautiful when it's finished!

Frozen peas are good for burns, DD.  Hope yours eases soon.

Lesley, that hedgehog roller thing is worth a try.  It worked for a friend with the same problem.  

Fairy, lovely photos!  Yes, you are lucky - but you wouldn't get there without effort...

Bradford City beat Rochdale in the footy, so OH's despair at the rugby is somewhat tempered...  

Bedtime.  Singing all day tomorrow!

Anyone done any gardening today?

Posted: Yesterday at 21:57

Therapeutic afternoon spent weeding, then picking beans, raspberries, blueberries, courgettes and sweet peas.  


Posted: Yesterday at 15:17

Hi Obelixx! 

I grow Syringa protolaciniata 'Kabul', a beautiful ferny-leaved lilac, but it's very shy flowering for me.  Not enough sun, I guess.  It would like your alkaline soil, I think, and exposed position.

I think Syringa x laciniata grows a bit bigger, but has similar leaves. 


Posted: Yesterday at 14:28

Thank you Pat (sleep well!) and LilyP.  Support and sympathy much appreciated.  


Posted: Yesterday at 13:04

Thanks for the kind thoughts and hugs,  Lesley.   It was just a bit of a shock - we'd thought she'd be able to stay where she was for the rest of her life.  It's a lovely Home too, and is rated "excellent" by the CQC, so having to leave it is a blow.  We'll get there though...


Posted: Yesterday at 10:44

Morning MrsG and everyone else 

Got a problem to solve in the next few weeks since Mum's Home dropped a bombshell yesterday.  Her dementia has progressed to the extent that they don't feel they can cope with her any more.  Things are made worse when she gets a urinary tract infection, which is frequently, and her behaviour changes - she's been known to hit other residents, and 2 evenings ago she pulled a full-length mirror off the wall (it was screwed on, so goodness knows how she managed - she's 94 and under 5ft tall).  Luckily nobody was hurt, but understandably this causes big problems for the Home, which doesn't specialise in dementia care and so doesn't have everything geared up to her sorts of needs.  It's so hard to comprehend such behaviour in my Mum, who has always been such a gentle, peaceful soul...  

Anyway, we are now looking for a specialist care home for her.  There is one in my town, but when we visited it a few years ago (before Mum came here) we weren't impressed.  The most recent CQC report isn't very good either, except they rated it highly for quality of care for the residents (which is something, at least, I suppose). Other homes in neighbouring towns would have to be accessible by public transport or I couldn't often visit her.

Sorry to come on here with a tale of woe.  Hopefully I'll get into the garden later and do some furious digging...  

Hope you all have a happy and productive day.  


Posted: 01/10/2015 at 21:42

Evening all!  

Just popping in quickly to suggest a use for your old duvet, if you don't think it would sell at a charity shop.  An animal shelter might be glad of it - they sometimes need cosy bedding for injured or convalescent dogs and cats.  

Back from a great day out at Harlow Carr - will post photos tomorrow!

Night all...  

pond mud

Posted: 30/09/2015 at 10:47

No they don't, Pansy.  Michael Flanders was great at pithy verse as well as song lyrics - my favourite is this one:

The walrus lives on icy floes

And unsuspecting Eskimoes.

Don't take your wife to Arctic Tundra -

A walrus may bob up from und'ra.

Overwhelmed re: front garden bed design

Posted: 30/09/2015 at 10:38

Bowlofberries, hi! 

Zone 6b appears to have an average winter minimum temp of minus 16C to minus 20C, according to the Net - considerably colder than most of us here.  I guess the summers are much hotter too.  I've no idea how you fare for rainfall. 

I have no experience of gardening in such conditions, but my guess is that such Mediterranean plants as lavender will not survive without winter protection. 

My suggestion would be that you make friends with local gardeners in your neighbourhood, and ask them what does well in your climate.  If you have a list of plants you'd like to grow you can ask if they will in fact survive - after 50-odd years of gardening, I personally have come to the conclusion that there's no point trying to grow something in conditions it hates.  It'll sulk and die, or you will spend too much of your time worrying over it.  Better to choose something which will grow happily, and make you smile when you look at it.

Good luck! 

How long for ground elder to die from starvation and dehydration

Posted: 30/09/2015 at 10:13

Someone did an experiment years ago, hanging up a dock root in their shed.  After 18 months they planted it in a pot and it grew away happily...

Yes, tip, I think.  But is it "green waste"?  My council don't want significant quantities of soil attached.  If not, what? 

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