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My Perfumed Bristol Garden in 2016.

Posted: Today at 09:26

I watched "Up" too, Marion.  Definitely one of my favourite animated films (my daughter trained as an animator, so I have someone to point out what's good and what's not!).  I'm ashamed to say it made me cry...  

Not a hope of gardening today, as it's grey, gloomy and wet.  A good day for looking at seed catalogues, I think!


Posted: Yesterday at 15:32

Hey, Wonky!!  Congrats indeed!  Great news, well done!  

GWRS, yes, we love Madeira and go there most years in Jan/Feb.  We have favourite (cheap!) places to stay and lots of walks sorted which have no risk of vertigo (because we're old and scared - and sensible, perhaps... )  

KEF, would you fit in my suitcase??

Just had my hair cut too, in the hope that it might be warmish in Madeira.  


Posted: Yesterday at 10:09

Meant to say - daughter wanted to get the rented house really clean because she didn't want some other mother with a crawling baby having the same problems she did.  


Posted: Yesterday at 10:05

Morning all!  Dull here but quiet and dry at present.

Love all those different snowdrops.  Now I've found a spot in my garden which really suits the common sorts, I might be tempted to try some of the named ones... 

Sorry to hear so many of you are under the weather - best wishes particularly to Flowers and Punkdoc.  Plenty of rest prescribed, with plant porn therapy when you're up to looking at catalogues.  

Clari, hope your cheque clears really soon...  

Pat, great to hear from you again.  When I left for Ireland you didn't feel well enough to post.  So glad you have a diagnosis and a way forward!  

I seem to have invented the Housemoving Diet.    Lost 4lb last week without trying - probably due to being too busy to eat...  the rented house was in a disgusting state when the family moved in a year ago, but they had no choice.  (OH and I were over in a B&B in Galway to help them move in, and borrowed a steam cleaner from the people we were staying with, to make the downstairs loo usable - never seen anything so disgusting in my life!  )  It turned out it was an illegal rental - they had to pay cash, and the landlord hadn't registered their tenancy, so they thought they could kiss goodbye to their deposit when they left.  But we did a really good job of cleaning everything, including the oven, which really shone - and the agent was so impressed he returned their money.  

Anyway, re the 4lb.  I'll probably have put it on again, with interest, by the time we return from Madeira!  



New to gardening

Posted: 04/02/2016 at 20:39

Terry, where are you in the country?  That will determine how soon you can sow seeds.  The soil needs to be warm enough or they won't germinate - I have a shady garden in west Yorks and can't reliably sow until March at the earliest.  

Virtual Valentine Party

Posted: 04/02/2016 at 20:23

I'll be in Madeira by then, so I'll have to pack my magic flying carpet.  I can bring Madeiran garlic flatbread for a starter, and some lovely tropical fruit, if you like... Looking forward to that curry, Wonky!  


Posted: 04/02/2016 at 16:40

Greetings friends!

I've just returned from the Emerald Isle, where I've been helping my daughter and family to move house.  They're in and settling down, gradually getting things straight, and the children are delighted as boxes of toys and books are unpacked and they find something they haven't seen for a little while.  I did a lot of babysitting, as well as cleaning the rented house so it shone.   No gardening though.  The house is lovely but it's a new build and the garden is a sea of mud - landscapers are waiting for a break in the weather to spread topsoil, then seed it all for a lawn (easy care while they decide what to plant).

Back here it's clearly been Wet Wet Wet.  As well as windy...  don't know what I'll be able to get done before we go on holiday  next Wednesday.  Snowdrops are looking lovely though.  


Posted: 25/01/2016 at 09:30

Morning all!

Perhaps Hosta and his OH are working up to rioting on their final evening... a parting present for a rotten hotel by the sounds of it.

This is a final look in before I get the train to catch the plane to get the bus to Galway.    (Sounds like one of those children's rhymes...)  Thanks for all your good wishes - and please promise to be good while I'm away!  



Posted: 24/01/2016 at 23:09

Nice one Flumpy!

Just back from counting money in the Town Hall, donations and ticket money from the "Flood Messiah" performance which the local choral society and orchestra put on this evening, all proceeds going to the Calderdale flood appeal.  Choir and orchestra paid to take part and the soloists just got expenses. The total will be around £2,500 to £3,000, and the government has promised to match everything raised for the flood appeal.  

I think I've managed to stuff everything I really need in Ireland, into my hand luggage... it should be easier on my return journey, since I have various things to offload for the grandchildren.  I'm getting excited!  


Posted: 24/01/2016 at 10:20

Morning all.  Drizzly & mild here too...

Topbird, I had to sit with a hot water bottle yesterday while sewing up my jumper.  My OH reckons I need a new thermostat too!  

Hazel and Lesley - thanks for good wishes.  I'm sure it will be hectic but enjoyable, and the little granddaughters are a delight (especially to me - because I'm only there for a week or so!).

Three shops in the town sell cheap paracetamol so I'll do the rounds!  

Hosta, it sounds as if you've had the holiday from hell...   but home soon!  

Enjoy your Sunday folks.

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