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Posted: Yesterday at 22:50

No idea what my yellow one is - nor can I remember where I collected the seeds...  


Posted: Yesterday at 22:36

Vetch tends to be a "scrambler" usually, I think - it likes to grow through other plants.  I've got some seedlings of a yellow one growing at the moment, to plant on my wildflower bank.  

Favourite trees - sunny but windy site

Posted: Yesterday at 22:26

Rowans are my personal favourite.  Quite happy in wind, attractive flowers, berries & autumn colour.  Yellow, red, orange, pink or white berries.  


Posted: Yesterday at 22:20

That's a great result, BL - you must have worked really hard!  Not surprised they ate all your desserts cos they sound fab.  

Wonderful photo, Fairy!  Wish I had your energy.

We have our own resident Alexander Beetle who comes out at about 10pm each evening from behind the skirting board, scurries across the living room floor (parquet, so easier than carpet) and disappears under the sofa.  I tried to identify him, but other than establishing that he wasn't a cockroach (phew!) I couldn't get very far.  He's black, about 2cm long.  The house is a bit damp (built into the hillside) so I guess that's the attraction...

Presumably if I stayed up long enough, I'd see him scurrying back from the sofa to the other side of the room.  Unless there's a whole family of them, gone to live under the sofa...  

BBC -entertainment or education?

Posted: Yesterday at 22:08


BBC -entertainment or education?

Posted: Yesterday at 21:34

All the sewers were women - it was in the very early 70s though, so I guess it wasn't that surprising.  There was a fiendish machine to use as well as the hand sewing and endpaper-making - it was in a copyright library so the material was very varied, from manuscript music and ancient atlases to gory medical journals. And actually I really enjoyed the job.  

You're right, it is indeed a lovely reminder of a lovely man.  


BBC -entertainment or education?

Posted: Yesterday at 21:10

Sorry Pansyface, just seen your question.  Yes, he did bind things specially for me - I specially treasure an 8-volume set of the complete works of Shakespeare, each volume about 10cm x 5cm x 1cm, bound in red leather with a box to match.  I need a magnifying glass to read them now...  

BBC -entertainment or education?

Posted: Yesterday at 21:03

I definitely agree about the yumminess of beautiful books Daryl.  Dad used to haunt 2nd-hand bookshops and pick up very tatty but internally beautiful flower or bird books, the sort with hand-coloured illustrations, for very little money, and then re-bind them.  I used to love going with him to buy the leather, end papers etc, and watch him working.

My first job was as a sewer in a book bindery.  

BBC -entertainment or education?

Posted: Yesterday at 20:48

My dad was an amateur bookbinder and used to repair books of value for Oxfam.  But he didn't have one of those gold leaf burnishy thingies as far as I remember - though I did inherit a bone folder from him...    as well as a lot of beautiful books.  

BBC -entertainment or education?

Posted: Yesterday at 17:22

I'm relieved that the recent trend for hand-held (ie wobbly) camera work has died a natural death;  I remember trying to watch a gardening programme in which the interesting bit about propagation was jiggling about so much I couldn't see what was going on.

I agree with you too, B3, re people of a certain age...  I like GW too, Gardenviking, but I think there's also a place on TV for programmes which treat the audience as intelligent beings with enquiring minds.

Does anyone out there listen to Melvin Bragg on Radio 4 doing "In our time"?  It's that level of intelligent discussion I'm looking for on TV - something which really makes me think, rather than just entertains me.


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