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Posted: 29/01/2015 at 21:12

Evening folks.

Lesley - yes, the 3-year-old has decided she wants to live in Ireland "for ever and ever" - I think living half a mile from the sea is a big draw!  The little one is just happy anywhere Mum is, but has celebrated the move by sleeping through the night for the last two nights, so maybe she likes it too... 

KEF, thank you.    I wasn't looking forward to visiting Mum after a week away, because she was very confused following a urinary infection when I last saw her.  But she was really pleased to see me, recognised me at once, and we spent a calm and happy time together.  Ok, she's nearly 94 and her Alzheimers is progressing, but I treasure the good times...

We have snow lying here but road conditions aren't too bad in the valleys.  Keep safe, folks!


Posted: 29/01/2015 at 10:40

Greetings Forkers! 

Nice to be back after a very busy 10 days helping daughter and family move to Galway.  They're in a rented house for a year, while they decide on the best place to live (proximity to schools & work is important), so they won't be doing a lot of gardening for the next 12 months, other than keeping things tidy.  It looks as if they'll be buying at a very good time.  Property is ridiculously cheap at the moment, less than half of what it would have cost around 2007, and there are lots of bargains to be had - many of them on good-sized plots of land.  You have to feel sorry for the poor sellers though... 

Back home to snowdrops.  Lovely!

I've done a selective "catch-up" on the forum and seen Beaus Mum's photos of the new garden.  Looks wonderful!    Good luck with the move - you'll soon be there... 

Dove, my OH was born in Bradford and is a life-long Bradford City season ticket holder...  Nuff said I think 

Right.  Must brave the snow and visit Mum.





Posted: 19/01/2015 at 11:11

Morning all!  Still 0C here but sunny and windless, so my last-minute dash to shops in a few minutes should be pleasant. 

Last minute because we're off to Ireland on the night ferry from Liverpool (driving via Morecambe - OH has to take a choir practice there before we leave!).  Daughter's furniture arrives Wed and we're having a week in a B&B in the area so we can help them settle in.  Plus explore a bit, and, for me, see what people are growing in Galway gardens.    I anticipate being used as a gardening consultant...  yay!

See you in a week or so, friends.


Posted: 17/01/2015 at 11:37

Snowy greetings, all! 

Got back late last night after helping with removals at my daughter's.  All went well, though the lorry didn't get away until 7pm, rushing to catch the overnight Irish ferry.  Much baby-cuddling and toddler-entertaining was necessary, but they did pretty well & we only had one complete meltdown (when the sofa got wrapped in a big plastic bag and taken outside!).  A snowy January day isn't the time you'd choose to move - we couldn't just take the children outside to play and picnic in the garden - but it's done, and we're looking forward to the next step.    Now I'm off to the PO to get Euros for our visit to Galway next week, to help the family unpack and settle in.

Just refilled the bird feeders.  The blue tits could barely wait for me to hang the feeders up again before descending on them!

Might find time to read back a bit, later...  Sounds as if Panda's having a good time.  Anyone else on holiday?



Posted: 14/01/2015 at 18:34

Funny you should say that, Lesley...  OH and I will be going to Ireland overnight on Monday-Tuesday, to help with the furniture etc when it arrives on Wednesday - and are staying on for a week in a B&B nearby.    (We usually have our annual holiday in Jan-Feb, in Madeira, so this is a kind of substitute...)


Posted: 14/01/2015 at 15:42

Hello all!  Thanks very much for good wishes.    Slightly less croaky today, so hopefully I'll be full of beans tomorrow when I go to my daughter's to help with the Great Move. 

Wintersong, I've been avoiding the clematis at my local GC because I don't seem able to walk past them without one jumping into my trolley...    Our garden centre seems, in common with most others, to sell less & less bare root or rootballed stuff.  When I first went to work there in 2006 they had a lot of really cheap rootballed evergreens, good quality too, around this time of year - but fewer & fewer now.  Apparently it's because they don't sell as well as they used to - because Joe Public doesn't like getting his clothes/car boot dirty & would prefer to spend a few pounds more buying something in a pot.  (You'd be amazed how many women I saw, when I worked there, tottering round the garden centre in their high heels...  Don't think they "did" dirt!)    So I suppose internet shopping is the way to go for bare root things now.

Lovely blue sky this afternoon, sun glinting off the snow.


Posted: 13/01/2015 at 22:30

Runny, thanks for good wishes re throat.  Won't last long, got the lemon & honey going...  and yes, I'm trying not to think about how far away Galway is, but see it as a really good move for them which will make them happy.  Not too expensive to visit - Ryanair have flights to Shannon from Manchester for not a lot if you go on the right day. 


Posted: 13/01/2015 at 17:32

Croaky greetings, folks!  Yet another cold has struck, courtesy of the grandchildren...  Need to throw it off quickly, because I'm helping my daughter & family with their move to Ireland at the end of the week - removal firm coming Thurs-Fri, family staying with friends over the weekend, furniture arriving in Galway the following Wednesday.  Don't know what the grandparents will be doing to help, but I guess providing food and distraction for the little girls will be high on the list...   

Not had time to think about the garden for ages.  But I guess it'll still be there when all the excitement has died down! 

Just bought house with 2 acre woodland garden - Help!!!

Posted: 13/01/2015 at 11:19

Sounds like my dream garden, Hippyness!  You may find the rough grassed area has been planted with wild flowers and/or bulbs, which could be really pretty, as well as easier to look after than a conventional lawn.  Really looking forward to those photos...    Good luck!


Posted: 12/01/2015 at 11:13

Dove, we had solar panels fitted in the 1980s when it was a bit of an adventure...  on a south-facing roof in rural Northumberland.  They heated the water only, and did so remarkably well; on frosty, sunny mornings it was lovely to have really hot water just from the sun.  Of course, on dull days the heating effect was much reduced, but we used less fuel (solid fuel boiler, in our case) because the chill was taken off the water by the panels.  We reckoned at that time (no government help) it would take 17 years or so to recoup the outlay, but it was primarily a "green" decision, not a financial one.  As far as I remember we never had to clean the panels, and up until my sister left in 1998 they didn't break down, either.  They were still there last time I passed the house. 

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