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Posted: Today at 20:40

Chicky, my son went to York Uni and loved it.  He's now a lecturer there...
 - but I well remember leaving him there as an 18-year-old undergrad, he fine, mum & dad in tears...

Thanks, Beaus Mum - I'm fine thanks, but just don't have much time to go on line since there's one laptop between two in this family.  Still hoping to post more photos, maybe tomorrow...

DD, my leaf container was made with 4 bamboos stuck into the ground in a square, with chicken mesh wired to them to form a "cage" (with no top).  You could make it longer lasting with proper posts in the corners I guess, but I knew I'd be moving it before long.

Strange day spent mostly at a model railway exhibition...  I'm to have the job of making the scenery for my OH's model railway.  Bit like garden design & construction in miniature...  I prefer the real, full-sized thing, but making mini trees etc could be quite fun when it's too cold/wet to be outside...



Posted: Today at 20:05

Good luck! 

Apple Trees

Posted: Today at 20:03

Happy to answer cheeky, sneaky last-minute questions...    Slow-release fertiliser for ericaceous plants, in spring.  And on last night's GW, Monty Don recommended watering azaleas & rhododendrons for the next few weeks, to make sure the flower buds don't drop off.

Liriodendron leaves are shaped a bit like a tulip flower... 


Posted: Yesterday at 22:59

Sorry, Beaus Mum, meant Bekkie re puppy... brain problem!  Need sleeeeep...


Posted: Yesterday at 20:48

Fairy - thanks! 

OL - hope your exciting change of direction lives up to expectations!  Challenging but rewarding, I hope.

BM - hope you're tiptoeing round that puppy... 


Posted: Yesterday at 20:43

I'd try putting them in a spare bit of ground until spring, but maybe soak them first in a bucket of water for an hour, to see if they'll revive a bit.  If they've really dried out there may be no life left in them, unfortunately.  If they still look dried and shrivelled by spring you might have to bite the bullet & buy more...


Posted: Yesterday at 20:39

Hi Topbird - they're a lovely lot at "World of Wool", very helpful, and let you help yourself to tea/coffee in their staff canteen.  Great Yorkshire hospitality! 

Patio Apple

Posted: Yesterday at 20:35

You're welcome, Paddy!    You could post a thread next year to tell us how you get on...


Posted: Yesterday at 20:29


Weed identification please

Posted: Yesterday at 18:00

Could it be Spiraea x billardii?

Don't know the first, agree with aquilegia for the third. 

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