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Posted: Today at 09:49

Dove, my daughter lived in Norwich for a number of years - a really beautiful city, I thought - and my principal impression of the weather when I visited was WIND.  Nothing to stop it, I suppose.

Dove again:  Re "English Lane":  it's in our (admittedly ancient) copy of "Congregational Praise".  It's always worth a look in a Methodist hymn book too, if you're stuck; they have loads of good tunes which might well include that one.

Well, off soon to see how Mum is doing.  Thanks so much again for all your good wishes!


Posted: Yesterday at 23:11

Yes Runny - it is indeed a good age to fall without breaking anything!  She's a tough old bird, my mum... 


Posted: Yesterday at 22:48

Thanks so much, SGL! 


Posted: Yesterday at 22:17

Evening all.  Thanks so much for your good wishes re Mum. 

Just got back after spending most of the day at the hospital with Mum; yesterday's x-rays were just arm & shoulder, the bit which hurt most at the time.  But by this morning she couldn't bear weight on her right leg, so it was back in for x-rays on her hip, pelvis and knee.  Nothing is broken!    But at 94, she has to be kept moving, even though it's clearly excruciating for her, or she'll lose the ability to walk.  I left her sleeping peacefully though, and hopefully by tomorrow she'll be a little more comfortable. 

The wind has definitely died down here now, after spreading the garden with twigs and branches.  A dead tree has come down in the wood near the house, though we didn't hear the crash!

Hope things are quieter with you too! 


Posted: Yesterday at 10:16

Morning folks.

Mum will be my main focus today.  She had a fall last night, but x-rays show no broken bones - just bruises.  However, she has another urinary infection (probably a contributory factor to the fall).  I will endeavour not to cough over anyone at the Home... 

Wind dying down here, having rattled anything rattleable (is that a word?) during the night.  Garden still intact, I think.  Glad you're keeping your cool, Punkdoc. 

Ooh, Clari - how scary!  Was anyone in the building at the time?

Dove, has Hefty reappeared yet this spring?  When does he usually emerge from hibernation?  I'm on the lookout for hedgehogs round here.  The habitat is ideal for them but I haven't seen one for 5 years.

Off to sit with Mum.


Posted: 30/03/2015 at 22:45

Up with pyromania...    you can't beat a good bonfire!  I don't have room for one in my current garden (the slope is too great, plus we're supposed to be smokeless ) but I try to have a reason for a bonfire every time we go to our cottage in Scotland.  Setting light to stuff is very therapeutic...  

Magnolia Stellata (pink)

Posted: 30/03/2015 at 22:21

You needn't have confessed, Matty...    you could have left us believing you had expansive acres full of beautiful magnolias!

Magnolia Stellata (pink)

Posted: 30/03/2015 at 16:30

Gorgeous picture, Matty! 

fruit trees

Posted: 30/03/2015 at 16:26

Yes, you're right to an extent Hosta - the "bonsai" effect I suppose.  The RHS doesn't recommend apples on M27 rootstock for pots because it's too dwarfing.  They say M9 or M26 is more successful.  For cherries they recommend Colt or Gisela 5 rootstock, and for pear, Quince C.  St Julien A for plums.  All these are fairly dwarfing rootstocks.

Soil Bourne pests

Posted: 30/03/2015 at 16:15

I used nematodes on my raised strawberry beds.  Of course it's impossible to do proper controls, but I'd say they were pretty successful compared with the previous year, when I didn't use anything other than hand removal.  I avoid using slug pellets on edible crops.

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