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our bitch is ruining the lawn .... any ideas?

Posted: 09/07/2013 at 15:52

take it for a walk to do what it needs to do


Posted: 09/07/2013 at 15:50

i have just been to morrisons, in the car park they have a philadelphus with a wild rose growing through it both in full flower and a young man with a hedge trimmer cutting bits of them  so i went over an asked if i could have a branch to take cuttings, take as much as you like  so i did

Summer has arrived

Posted: 08/07/2013 at 19:59

i havnt had emails for a few days now about any of the threads

Garden Gallery 2013

Posted: 08/07/2013 at 11:20

what a fabulous garden you have Berghill and such a lot of work

comfrey liquid feed

Posted: 07/07/2013 at 15:06

thanks Alan i have looked at various websites and taken advice from all the very knowledgeable people on this site. i just hope its the miracle every one says it is other wise its back to tomato feed and seaweed feed 

comfrey liquid feed

Posted: 07/07/2013 at 14:34

jean, yes there is water in the bucket, i haven't made it before but it is apparently the very best feed, i have done two buckets and hope that with a mask i will be able to bottle it. The buckets are from fat balls we feed to the birds, we also use nuts, niger seeds,fat slabs and seed, we have a couple of bird baths and a lot of birds including this year a pair of nut hatches, gold finches, wood peckers and for a couple of mornings we have had a jay

comfrey liquid feed

Posted: 07/07/2013 at 13:06

First batch 

Mystery Plant

Posted: 05/07/2013 at 20:02

i dont know but i want one

comfrey liquid feed

Posted: 05/07/2013 at 19:59

thanks Bob can you tell me your ratio to water when you dilute or is it not so critical i have seen one or two different recommendations

weed whos name evades me

Posted: 05/07/2013 at 16:08

dead nettle i think

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