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Another ID

Posted: 26/06/2014 at 14:58

Could be a sangisorba?

Plant ID's please

Posted: 24/06/2014 at 21:00

Could 1 be a stoksia or scabious?

hanging baskets

Posted: 14/06/2014 at 10:36

Bacopa or Sutera are good trailers. Lots of daisy flowers. Comes in white, purple, blues.

Verbena around the edges

Nemesias and diascias seem to flower on and on and on

Any information helpful!

Posted: 03/06/2014 at 21:51

There is a variegate Syringa emodi grows and for sale in the UK. Don't know if that could be it?

Blue foliage

Posted: 30/05/2014 at 23:15

Or Dianthus-pinks if they haven't already been mentioned?

Blue foliage

Posted: 29/05/2014 at 22:29

A lot of the conifers have brilliant young blue growth e.g pinus and picea this time of year. Festuca ellijah Blue.

couple of plants for ID please!

Posted: 29/05/2014 at 21:37

Would say No2 is Viburnum tinus doesn't look glossy enough for Photinia.

Could climber/twiner be Lonicera Copper Beauty, seems pretty vigerous

Is this a kind of Euphorbia ?

Posted: 20/05/2014 at 19:24

I wouldn't have it in a children sensory garden, euphorbia's sap is horrid especially if got in eyes/delicate skin!

Pale yellow or lemon plants

Posted: 14/05/2014 at 19:19


The following are hardy in Northern England

Anemone multifida 

Trollius alabaster 

Delphinium Butterball


What plant is growing in my garden?

Posted: 04/05/2014 at 22:06

I wondered pittosporum but maybe the leaves are too wrinkled?

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