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Plant Identification

Posted: 16/04/2014 at 22:25


2. I think Acanthus (spinosa)?

3. Pulsatilla - Pasque Flower

More Plant ID please

Posted: 14/04/2014 at 00:21

2. Isn't a magnolia is it?

Best butterfly plants

Posted: 09/04/2014 at 22:47

I second Euphatorium, very attractive to butterflies! Also Aster 'Little Carlow'. 

I.D. please?

Posted: 06/04/2014 at 22:36

Could be an anthemis, there is a small one often sold as an alpine. 

Plant IDs Please

Posted: 03/04/2014 at 22:35

Could no.3 (I think) be a sangisorba?

Plant IDs Please

Posted: 28/03/2014 at 18:45

1. Could be Wolfsbane- Aconitium?

2. Heucera or Tellima?

3. Could be Centanthus- valerian?

5 Geum

6. Centaurea montana?

Unknown Plant

Posted: 25/03/2014 at 19:49

Rubus tricolour?

Whats this plant please?

Posted: 24/03/2014 at 22:39

Could it be a variegated dogwood? e.g cornus elegantissima


Posted: 18/03/2014 at 19:09

Thought so, got a bit over excited with myself!


Posted: 18/03/2014 at 18:56

My Dahlias have started growing from the tubers I have lifted and dried I have potted them but I have no greenhouse.

I can either leave them out and possibly fleece (although I don't have any) or put them in my spare room. Overnight lowsare minimum 7oC tonight


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