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Bringing back the Annual!

Posted: 20/12/2013 at 09:18

I would concentrate on subjects which do well in hanging baskets and containers particularly if your target market is urban. They often have little space for traditional bedding or the time to plant out large quantities. One of the nurseries near me offer a basket and container replanting service using the plants they also grow. They must make quite a good profit on that. I grow the easy reliable annuals from seed (e.g ageratum, marigolds, cosmos) and buy the more difficult ones (begonia, impatiens, lobelia). Another local nursery sells 4 inch square pots of seedlings from late March for £3.95 (about the price of a packet of F1 seeds). After a couple of weeks in a heated greenhouse, I can usually reliably prick out 50 - 60 plants from each pot. Much better than I usually get from seed of these varieties. And of course what the nursery doesn't sell in March, they prick out and grow on for sale in April in plug trays or May in 6's or 12's   

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