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Talkback: How to make a wooden planter

Posted: 25/08/2013 at 22:38




Talkback: How to make a wooden planter

Posted: 25/08/2013 at 22:19

I built one of these this weekend and I am so pleased with it. Thank you for the inspiration.

I used the structure and idea and then turned it into something that would fit my garden. By the way, I have never done any carpentry or anything like this before. DIYnovice me ! My changes to the above project are as follows: I used 7cm x 4.7cm treated timber instead of 5x5cm to give a little more height. I used the following screws: 4mm (wide) x 7mm (long) x 100 (quantity). As timber and screws were the same dimension, I had to cut an edge off every piece of timber. You will need a saw for this, and a pencil, ruler and common sense. See pics. It gives it a professional finish. My planter is much bigger and in fact I haven't put a base on it as I wanted to use it as a base to build a rockery without the earth propping up against the fencing. Hope that makes sense. Hints: use a screw at each end of every piece of timber (hence 100 screws used). Put screws in off centre in order to avoid the screw below. Use a drill (4mm wood drill piece) and make a hole half way in order to stop wood from splitting. 

My structure is double tiered at top and is 2.4m wide on one side and 1.6m wide on the other. I used the following timber lengths and got the timber merchant to cut and supply. (£104 including timber, cutting, screws and 3 metposts for corner supports) Lengths used: 2.4mx6, 2mx3, 1.6mx4, 1.2mx4, 65cmx8, 55cmx2, 40cmx20 @ £3.58 per 2.4m plus 10p per cut. 

Hope you enjoy yours and many thanks for the inspiration. 


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