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How & when erisimum & scabious cuttings?

Posted: 06/07/2012 at 09:46

That's great, thank you all. I shall have a go. 

Courgette Help

Posted: 05/07/2012 at 10:36

Mine have been very slow indeed this year & a lot of the baby ones have fallen off before being edible size, really tiny.

I think it's just the weather. 

The flowers are still on all the tiny courgettes on my plants but from memory I'm fairly certain they usually carry on growing once the flower has dropped off. Just keep an eye on it.

How & when erisimum & scabious cuttings?

Posted: 05/07/2012 at 10:07

Oh excellent, thank you ever so much! That sounds easy enough. I'll deadhead from now on & take lots of cuttings.

Anyone know about the scabious? 



buried snails

Posted: 05/07/2012 at 10:00

I've found a few of the big slightly buried ones too. I really did go yuk when I pulled the first one up & saw all the white eggs below. Urgh. 

I got rid of them all carefully. They were in pots that had copper tape on, but is a few years old. I did find it worked fairly well until this year though. Unless as has already been said they can get across from foliage in another pot or drooping leaves. It's expensive but so are most non pellet options.

We have a small pond & slug numbers have gone down a bit even though we don't see frogs, we get frogspawn each year.

Hedgehogs are meant to be great for eating them, but we're too well fenced to keep the dog in.

There are lots of plants I just won't grow because of them. I'm determined to get delphiniums established. I'm growing them on in pots in the table from seed until they're big enough to cope hopefully though.

How & when erisimum & scabious cuttings?

Posted: 05/07/2012 at 09:46

I'm not very experienced wtih cuttings, could anyone tell me when & describe how to take them from erisimum bowles mauve & scabious butterfly blue?

They're both meant to be hardy but I don't want to take any chances & would like more of them. 

Should I deadhead the stalk off both plants too, to keep them producing more, or should I leave them on & is it worth collecting seed?

Many thanks for any help. 

Lavender from seed help!

Posted: 30/06/2012 at 20:00

Did you save the seed from existing lavenders or buy seed? 

If you saved it could you tell me how? I'm not sure how to turn them from soft mauve buds to clean, dry seed or when to sow them?

I planted up a large rose border last year & bought lots of T&M mini plugs of lavender, which I grew on, planted & is now near flowering. However, I couldn't decide whether to make a low border edger with them or dot them around. 

I now wish I had done the former, rather than the latter, as trampling in the border now full with annuals etc., pruning all 80 of them after flowering, to stop them getting leggy isn't appealing! 

So if I could learn how to propagate from seed the ones I have, (I think they're too small for cuttings!), I could then plant more as an edging in a year or two.


My hardneck garlic is falling over

Posted: 29/06/2012 at 09:10

We don't seem to have any garlic experts here at the moment, I didn't get any replies when I asked the same question a few days to a week ago. I'm growing solent wight as usual, plus early purple wight & some elephant. 

So I rang the Isle of Wight garlic farm which is where my seed garlic came from. 

They said I'd done the right thing in gently pushing back the soil to check the size of the bulb rather than just pulling up & finding them tiny as everyone else who rang them had done!

As suspected it is the cool weather we've been having lately. They swell right at the last stage of growth apparently. They reckon it's about 6 weeks behind  (I'm near the south coast). 

They suggested just time, but I asked what to feed as I wanted to increase their chances & they said a balanced fertiliser. So I thought not tomato food etc. which is all about increasing flower production not root growth I think, so I've bought some growmore to sprinkle on & water in. I'd have  just used blood, fish & bone if my dog wouldn't be attracted to it! 

As long as the foliage isn't all yellow & dying, hopefully you may get a bit more growth out of them. Only one of mine has even produced a flowering stem so far, which I snapped off to let the energy go to the bulb instead.

Bearded Iris

Posted: 28/06/2012 at 09:14

Mine stopped flowering a year or so ago & then one flowered again this year. I think I'd just pushed some of the gravel off it that had worked its way over the rhizome & weeded around them a bit last year.

So as others say, that seems to be the answer.

colour in a shady garden??

Posted: 28/06/2012 at 09:10

We have a deep north facing border. At the back are climbing roses, some are fine with less sun, honeysuckle, clematis montana, pyracanthas for colour when the berries are out, ceanaothus for blue in spring, woodland type bulbs are fine. Forget me not was a lovely splash of blue a month or so ago. Hardy geraniums. I finally got a japanese anemone established there for tall pink flowers in autumn, but I'm not sure how well it will flower yet. Same with aquilegias, I've got them established finally, but they probably flower more in sun. I'm trying some thalictrum aquilegifolium but it's not that colouful. 

Most of the spring colour in ours somes from camellias, azaleas & dwarf rhodedendrons, but your soil has to be acidic for them. In the autumn a lot of colour comes from asters. 

Clematis is a great splash of colour, but slugs have eaten every variety I've tried, except the enormous montana. Nelly Moser is good in shade, with pretty pink stripes. 

If the border is large enough, small maples can give great colour with their foliage. 

I always think there are a lot of shade tolerant plants, but looking at the reply above we both have lots of the same plants, so there are definitely some more commonly used ones. 

I have my first courgette!

Posted: 25/06/2012 at 08:48

I think they're a really rewarding crop to grow. Mine are always in enormous pots & usually produce enormous gluts! Not so good last year though.

This year they started off well but a few baby ones have been falling off, which is always disappointing. 

There's a yellow one that seems to be growing okay now though. They do make a lovely change from the green ones. 

Let's hope we'll all be looking for glut recipes soon!

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