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BBC Gardening Arrivals - Meeting Point

Posted: 28/04/2012 at 17:31

Hi Goldilocks, Alina, Obelixx, and everybody else. Decided to sign up too, since you all left such lovely cheerios - already used this site anyway. Might not be on much but will read. Had to adapt the nom-de-plume but, yes, it's me, Loopyloo.

Goldilocks, reason for 2 yr silence is I had a stroke just after my last BBC post. Your Orion geranium should split, according to a Telegraph article, but I multiplied Rozanne by using an old dining fork to prise away tiny sections from the edge of the clump in spring - each piece had maybe a couple of early leaves and a few hair roots. Potted up. watered and sat outside in my cool shady potting corner, they rooted quickly, grew on, were overwintered in my cold frame (in case the wee pots froze solid) and were planted out the following spring. To be safe, you could try that with Orion.

Rozanne has a big, meaty tuberous root so digging out portions from the edge is the only safe way to propagate that I've found. Am now going to buy Orion too.

Laughed at the info on your new garden. Sounds much like mine (spontaneous?), even though I designed it for minimal care/maximum effect (had little spare time then) 30 yrs ago! It's good to see you all chatting away still. Happy gardening.

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