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Posted: 25/02/2013 at 17:43

Yes got rhubarb on the plot. Easy to grow - buy a crown, (or get someone to donate you one if they split theirs) bung it in with plenty of manure and leave it to settle for a year or so - bung another big dollop of manure on it in winter. Then harvest the stalks until mid-summer. Don't take too many stalks too soon though as it needs to feed itself and get established.

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Posted: 25/02/2013 at 17:20

Hi Dean, not grown it myself but others on my site have a good crop. I think it takes a couple of years to get established. The ferny bits look very attactive (what you get if you don't harvest the shoots)

Ok, have discovered that my great great grandparents lived in Queens Park/Kensal Rise area of London, they were next door neighbours then got married on 1st November when he was 20 and she was 18. Their first child was born on 12th May the following year (my great grandfather). They were married for 16 years, had two children then got divorced - and apparently she divorced him!

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Posted: 25/02/2013 at 12:41

Hello Peeps. I've got a headache, am trying to sort out unwilling colleagues, and broken equipment. The hobbit is being his usual bolshy self - when I asked him about the testing he's supposed to have done his answer was 'I don't know, I might have done it'. Not helpful!

Went to see Mum and Grandad yesterday - Grandad was in good spirits and we had a lovely chat, all about ancestors. I told him about some of the research I'd been doing and he told me about babies who 'came a bit too quickly' - including himself and my mum! I knew about my mum but not that it was also the case with him or my mum's cousin! But he said he couldn't see that it mattered unless you were religious. And he also told me his grandparents got divorced, which was such a rarity at the time it was in the national press. Would have been in the 1880's.

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Posted: 23/02/2013 at 20:13

Hello all, (and hi Dan). I've survived the sleepover but I cheated and came home to sleep! Akela was not impressed but I've got too much going on to be going without a night's sleep. The rest of it went well and we had a french theme so gave them bowls of hot chocolate and croissants for breakfast. Seemed to be a popular move!

No ging gang goolies though. The hut is a bit more substantial than a shed! Its more like an old army building - in fact it is an old army building! (Well, actually two stuck together!) It has character.....


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Posted: 22/02/2013 at 23:03
Wow Sue that's quite a change from the salt mines!
Yes we do still sing ging gang Goolee on the odd occasion! This sleepover was not my idea. Luckily its quite warm in our hut -but I don't think any of them are asleep yet! Someone keeps coughing!

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Posted: 22/02/2013 at 18:31

HI all. Very interesting day today, we went to the National Archives at Kew to research the sinking of a ship that OH's grandfather was on. He survived the sinking and gave evidence at the inquiry later and we read the minutes of the board of inquiry - the original old documents. OH said it gave him a bit of a shiver reading his grandad's actual testimony. I also used the time to do a bit of research into my family tree.

Then we went to see my brother in the hospital - not good news there as he has an infection and they are moving him to a private room and giving him a course of antibiotics. 

Very very cold out and now I'm off to the scout hut for a cub sleepover - not my idea!!

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Posted: 21/02/2013 at 17:53

yes Geoff, but Sheldon Cooper is nuts! My mum is Nanna, and my gran was Granna. My MIL decided she would be Grandma when our kids came along.

I ventured to the plot at lunchtime but it was extremely cold so I didn't stay long. And I'm not working tomorrow - OH and I are off to London, to some sort of records office he wants to go to, but I can't remember why!

I'm supposed to be selling some stuff on ebay but I keep buying things instead!


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Posted: 20/02/2013 at 14:18

We do similar, Bjay. All our houses were new at the same time so things have needed updating and renewing at the same time. Trouble is we didn't have the cash! Helps to see what others have done! But I'd hate anyone to see our bathroom at the moment - its just about to get an update and is long overdue for it! It will be functional, not pretty. No point in pretty - too many males in the house.

Am wondering what Bunny's been reading!



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Posted: 20/02/2013 at 09:53

Sorry to hear about Aggie, Flo. I was very upset when Daisy my bantam died suddenly as she was the one who raised the 8 chicks I had - and did an excellent job of it. I now have Alice the other bantam and the 3 chicks that turned out to be girls - who are much bigger than Alice, but she's not fazed.

I was hoping for another sunny day today to get some broad beans sown - what's happened to the weather??

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Posted: 19/02/2013 at 22:42

We decided to try online shopping - son no. 3 eagerly placed our first ever order with Asda. I paid, he booked a delivery slot for 3-5pm today, and guess what - we're still waiting!!! Good job you guys weren't betting on it!! Have now phoned them 3 times - first time we were told it was on the van, second time that they would investigate, and call back (and didn't) and third time I got very irate and they said it was rejected - trying to make out they had tried to deliver, but someone was in all the time so that's a LIE! Anyway they have said they will now deliver between 11 and 1 tomorrow.

Anyone care to place a bet? I shall email them tomorrow to tell them how impressed I am with the service, as Kit would do!

I shall now go and have a soothing bath, then go to bed.

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