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Posted: 30/07/2012 at 11:57

Wow what a lot of posts over the weekend!

Jenny - can totally understand when it comes to big boys! They think they are grown up but need as much love and support as ever. Especially if things go wrong. 

Jean, I think you have cats? I had a cat but it moved next door (to the neighbours we don't like!).

We went to another NGS open garden on Saturday, but OH said that after Pam's garden he found it a bit disappointing - and it was 48 acres. It was the grounds of what is now a nursing home but was once a large private house. Very pleasant but some areas needed attention. We went with MIL and FIL and I got the impression they weren't that impressed.

The not nice neighbours have a 6 foot fence between our garden and theirs but a few years ago decided this didn't give them enough privacy so they planted 3 leylandii along the fence, which must now be 12ft tall. These are now my view from my kitchen window which is on the side of the house. So yesterday between the downpours I went out with the ladder and cut back all the branches that were growing over my side of the fence and shadowing my side patio - and got soaked in the process as I cut each branch and it showered me with water!. I can't do anything about the height of them but I cut everything that I legally could! Then I bagged up the chopped off bits. Now my dilemma is, should I offer them back to them or just take them straight to the tip??

Fork Handles

Posted: 27/07/2012 at 11:10

Jean, nice of you to join us. Geoff forgot to say we also share cakes, biscuits and chocolates if we can! As for the garden thing, mine was a new build when we moved in 20 years ago - and its still a 'work in progress' - although not much progress!

Don't know much about trees apart from the fact that I have 2 silver birches in my garden which I think is what sets off my hayfever!

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Posted: 27/07/2012 at 10:29

The garden centre is now huge, and its like they are struggling to fill the space as one area was practically empty apart from a few discounted bits and pieces. There is even a mini-supermarket and deli counter in there! This is an independent GC, and I can remember when it was just a few sheds! I bought some seed and cutting compost as I've run out and some rooting powder. Was disappointed though, because although it was late night opening the new cafe (also revamped) wasn't open! This isn't the GC I go to for lunch - that's a different one closer to work.

Its cooler here and rain is forecast for later on, so I might pop to the other GC!

1kg of broad beans podded and in the freezer last night. Still got some more to pick. At least something is a success this year!

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Posted: 26/07/2012 at 17:43

Kate, do not fall off your chair in surprise - my boss actually bought us ice creams this afternoon!! I am amazed!

I am going home now as we are going to the GC - its open late on Thursdays and has just had a major re-vamp!

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Posted: 26/07/2012 at 15:58

Pam, hope you're ok - must have been very stressful for everyone. I heard about it a bit earlier - in fact my OH called me and asked me if it was your road.

Geoff, maybe your neighbour isn't so bad after all....

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Posted: 26/07/2012 at 13:22

Just off to pick some broad beans now as they seem to be doing well. Got far too many to eat so they will have to go in the freezer. Anyone got any tips for freezing them or is it straightforward?

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Posted: 26/07/2012 at 11:49

Kate, you're right about the plants frying. My beautiful purple blue hydrangea which flowered for the first time this year (and spectacularly) is now looking scorched. Such a shame. Its in the front border which gets full afternoon sun, so no wonder really.

I have the first small beans on my runner beans! There is hope of a crop yet! But the dwarf french beans I sowed recently have done nothing. Win some, lose some I suppose.

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Posted: 25/07/2012 at 16:22

Glad to hear it. Would be quite horrific if I put something like that on!

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Posted: 25/07/2012 at 15:11

What exactly is the female equivalent of speedos?

Fork Handles

Posted: 25/07/2012 at 13:00

Yes we can now use hose pipes. I might use it on myself if I get too hot. Yesterday I fed some of the plants with the nettle tea. It stank!

You usually get what you pay for.

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