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What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 01/01/2013 at 16:58

Nr Lincoln.

Happy New Year to everyone.

It's started with a lovely day here, Bright sunshine all day. Long may it continue, but I'm afraid rain forecast for tomorrow.


Fork Handles

Posted: 01/01/2013 at 16:51

Back again, We watched Ripper Street, thought it was very good, a bit bloody and adult shall we say in places, but very well cast and acted. Looks as if it will be a good series.

Pork chops and sausage in the oven, washing in, looks like things will continue in the same old way in 2013

I want a pink wheel barrow like Bjays, birthday is later this month so it will go on the wish list.

Any New Years resolutions made or have I missed them in previous postings, far too many to read all of them,

Fork Handles

Posted: 01/01/2013 at 15:58

Hi fellow forkers and a very Happy New Year to you all.

How nice it is to see that nearly everyone is back to their original names, I feel more at home.

Hope you all had a good New Years evening/night. We spent it at SIL, had Chinese T/away and OH had a few drinks, I was, as usual driving. Watched the London fireworks. thought they were spectacular. Now it's all over we can look forward to SPRING!!!! Things are starting to move in the garden, quite a few plants in flower and bulbs appearing all over the place.

I see we have a few new recruits, welcome to all who have dared to venture in You will certainly get plenty of entertainment and help on all kinds of subjects.

Geoff --We have booked to go in May, to the Dordogne, near Rocamadour.

Catch you later.


Fork Handles

Posted: 31/12/2012 at 12:42

Good afternoon folks.

Been trying to rid my computer of gremlins, without much success. every time I try to sign in to ebay it freezes, will just have to avoid that site, perhaps it will save me money if I do.

Going to SIL this evening, but we are having a Chinese takeaway, neither of us feel like cooking after all the festivities. All the relative have departed to various parts of the country, so it's back to being quiet, can't say I'm sorry, it's been all eating and drinking, put on 2lb when I weighed myself this morning, so will be back on the straight and narrow tomorrow..

Hope you all have a Happy, Prosperous and Peaceful New Year, no getting drunk and disorderly as if you would!!!!!

Just been called by OH to have lunch, homemade soup, guess what sort, all I will say it has something to do with Christmas.

Cheers me dears,  Chris.

Fork Handles

Posted: 30/12/2012 at 12:10

Hi everyone.

Big pan of soup on the go. I am  so glad to see the back of the turkey. I have put the rest of carcass in the freezer for another time.

I have just glanced out of the window to see the witch hazel is in flower and winter flowering jasmine is in full bloom.. It's not a bad day here so I think I will venture out to have a look round the garden. Just looking forward to being able to get a few jobs done outside after the appalling weather.



Fork Handles

Posted: 29/12/2012 at 14:48

Hi everyone.

Glad to be up and running again. I thought it was my computer gone to pot, kept getting runtime error'/'application, have been trying to sort it out for ages. All's well now. I have changed my name back, and uploaded another avatar. Glad to get back to some kind of normality, whatever that might be.

Out tonight to SIL for family get together, her 2 sons are home for the holidays, so Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas, Cousins etc are going round for a bit of a do, then we are nearly into New Year. Where has 2012 gone? let's hope for a better 2013 weather wise at least.

Hope you all had a good Christmas,I have missed too many postings to catch up with, so I don't know what you have been up to.

Catch you before New Year.



Fork Handles

Posted: 25/12/2012 at 09:07





Fork Handles

Posted: 23/12/2012 at 10:15

Good morning everyone.

Have been AWOL for a few days, just seemed to be soo busy, like everyone else I suspect. Everything in place for the BIG day, not that I am cooking on Christmas day, going to SIL then I have them all back on Boxing Day. I am making the stuffing, bread sauce and gravy for SIL. She is like a lot of you, a teacher, so by the end of term she is very stressed, so I am pitching in to help.


This is my Christmas Tree. It's in the dining kitchen, had it for what seems like a hundred years, would like a fresh one, but can't do with the needles everywhere.

Enjoyed Strictly, anyone of them could have won.

Choc of the day. A star.

Going to other SIL for coffee, and exchange of present, before she decamps to Oxford for Christmas.

Enjoy your day whatever you are doing.


Fork Handles

Posted: 19/12/2012 at 08:42

Morning All.

Hope everyone is well.

My guess for the choco is an Angel.

Very dark here this morning, but I think we are in for a reasonable day, missing all the rain and wind forecast for most of the country..

Lovely trees and decorations, I daren't show our outside decs on the forum, they are a bit pathetic, but we try. Out today to Louth, over the Lincolnshire Wolds, it's a lovely drive and some very good specialist shops, so might buy a few treats, depending on the price. Fish and chip lunch

Cheers, catch you later if I get all the rest of the presents wrapped.


Fork Handles

Posted: 18/12/2012 at 09:05

Good morning all.

Hope everyone is well. 

Christmas preps are all well on course, presents bought and to be wrapped, house decorated, but still got baking to do.

I like that idea Inka, my daughter brought me a lot of  branches of bay,  and I was given some holly, so along with some rosemary I will have a go at doing a decoration for the conservatory. Should smell lovely, might do some oranges studded with cloves as well.

We are at a Christmas party and panto at Mums residential home this afternoon.

On the subject of broadband, we are with Virgin Media, cable, for phone as well, no complaints.

Guess for choccy is a Teddy Bear.

Have a good day folks.


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