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About me:8 years ago we moved into our present home We have a medium sized garden and when we came here it was full of what I call supermarket car park shrubs We have over the years got rid of all these and planted various flowers aiming for a cottage garden effect We have also planted a little orchard and lots of berry shrubs i have put on a post because we are losing trees and do not know why and neither do the suppliers The ground seems to be a mix of soils but our biggest problem is that we have no shelter from the elements The front of the house faces north and we are not overlooked on 3 sides so we have learned the hard way that anything that can be protected has to be over the winter Apart from the trees everything else seems to be flourishing We have a good partnership my husband and I - I have the ideas and he does the work lol We also struggle with the neighb ourhood cats who seem to think that the birds we feed are easy prey despite the electronic noise machines We also have two dogs but they have a part of the garden that they can go in and the rest we try to keep them out of
more coming soon...