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What can I sow now?

Posted: 04/07/2017 at 18:20

Climbing beans would be great, I thought it would be too late for that.  Tomatoes I have in the greenhouse.  Beetroot sounds fantastic.  Maybe I'll see if our garden centre does have any courgette plants, I forgot about those.  And I already have the spinach and salad leaves ready to go - yum! Thanks, Forkers, you're all amazing as always!

Rather than sow for over-wintering, I thought I'd get enough little bits to last until late autumn and then sow the whole thing with a winter 'silage' to work its winter magic on the now over-exposed, under-utilised soil.  It's just nice to know I can get something out of it this year.

What can I sow now?

Posted: 04/07/2017 at 09:55

We've finally been able to have the 'medieval (or 'heritage') hedge' professionally seen to and now there is light - not only at the end of the tunnel but also flooding my veg patch.  Given that it is now the beginning of July, apart from salad leaves, what else can I sow?  I need to get that soil working again so will be digging it over before the weekend.  It's a slightly raised bed with not-so-good topsoil in it.  When we first came here 6 years ago and I had it made, I could grow most things but those pesky trees had it doomed so that last year nothing grew at all.  All suggestions gratefully received!

And a word to the wise:  if you need to get trees done and have to apply to the council, especially if there is a TPO involved, ensure you start the process at the end of the previous year in order to get things in train by the end Feb/beg. March!

Passion flower

Posted: 04/07/2017 at 09:47

The following comes from the RHS Site:


Carry out pruning just after flowering by shortening flowered tips and sideshoots to a couple of buds from the main fan framework

If your passion flower is overgrown or frost-damaged plants, carry out renovation pruning in spring by cutting back the stems to 30-60cm (1-2ft) from soil level. Cut to a bud or side shoot wherever possible. The plant will respond by sending out lots of new green shoots. These will need thinning out and formative training. Flowering will be reduced for a year or two.



Posted: 05/06/2017 at 08:41

Acers also like acid soil, so a suitable fertilizer plus good watering may help a little more.

What can I plant under my ash tree.

Posted: 04/06/2017 at 09:19

You will need to check on the Zone - I think you are around 2 or 3 in Montreal.  Then your best bet is to go to a good gardening centre/nursery in your area and they will be better able to assist than we in the UK can.  It's a beautiful tree but it is big, so I think it will be challenging to underplant simply because it will be too dry - the tree will take all the moisture.  It may be that you will have to content yourself with annual bedding plants in the summer...and lots of water!


Posted: 04/06/2017 at 09:14

In a container?  In the ground?  Species? Where are you? All sorts of things could have an impact so until we all know what the conditions are, it's impossible to say. 

Looking after an Aruncus

Posted: 28/05/2017 at 09:12

Mine was in good, loamy soil, free-draining but very dry in summer.  As long as I remembered to water it about once a week, it did really well; it certainly never got fed.  It faced north, backed up to a 6-foot fence but got very early and very late sun in mid-summer. I don't know what the soil is like in the Norwegian Fjords but I do know that many were in full sun (and driving rain some days we were there), out in the open and still thriving.  The only problem is, if you do get heavy driving rain with wind, the flowers will not lift up again once beaten down - still looks nice though!  And thanks, Posy, for the offer of a cutting...unfortunately, Newark to IoW is just a tad too far to drop in for coffee, a garden conversation and a piece of your lovely plant and get home in time to cook dinner!!

Looking after an Aruncus

Posted: 27/05/2017 at 15:59

I've come into this conversation late in the day...I'm going to get an aruncus to part fill a spot that will be left when we take out the photinia.  I had a beautiful one in Canada.  They will grow in any soil, and face any direction and look absolutely spectacular when mature and in full bloom.  When dead-headed, the plant maintains a nice shape and dies back for the winter (I cut it off at ground level in November).  If you tour the Norwegian Fjords in late June you'll see them in just about every garden.  All I have to do now is wait until I find someone who can sell me one (as it's almost flowering season, I think I'm a little late this year but we'll see!)

What is this plant and is it easy to grow?

Posted: 27/05/2017 at 15:52

Fritillaria imperialis 'Crown Imperial'...I agree, beautiful.  Check with your garden centre re bulbs. 

Need to find the culprit

Posted: 26/05/2017 at 14:28

Your best bet is to find a really good nursery/garden centre and find an 'expert' to help.  Otherwise, Readers' Digest do good gardening books for each country.  I have the one for the UK but I also have a Canadian one which is specifically written for the northern area of N. America. is the website and even that may be of assistance if you don't want tocan't buy the book.

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