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Talkback: How to ripen late tomatoes

Posted: Yesterday at 14:19

I always remove the leaves, starting as I pluck the first crop - did it this year and now I'm having difficulty keeping up with cropping.  I leave the fruit to ripen 'naturally', i.e. on the vine but, when they stop ripening that way but there are still plenty left, I take one or two that are half-ripened and then put them in brown paper bags together with a half-ripened one in each bag and store them somewhere not too hot or cold; just ensure it's dark. Last year, I went on holiday for 2 weeks from the middle of September and came back to a huge amount of ripened tomatoes.  Lovely home-made tomato soup at Christmas and plenty of spaghetti sauce, to say nothing of the lovely tomato salad when we returned home.


Posted: 11/08/2015 at 12:35

In the spring, when the new buds are really evident and prune just above those 2 buds. I usually do it early-mid April.


Posted: 11/08/2015 at 12:31

I agree with Dove...and when you think you have put enough in, then add as much again each time.  Also, mulch round plants to help to keep the water from evaporating.

Water Butts STINK!

Posted: 11/08/2015 at 12:29

Early spring (around last week of March), we empty our water butts (3) - onto the garden using watering cans, trying to ensure we do it after up to a week of dry weather.  Then we scrub them out using plain tap water and a good brush.  They are usually done again some time in the summer as ALL of our watering is done using this water while there is any in there.  At some point, usually around the end of August, as each one empties once again, , they get a good scrub out.  All gutters are kept clean by Himself once per month.  Whole emptying/scrubbing/reassembly in spring takes around one hour - only a few minutes is required for each one as it is emptied in autumn.

First Flower Bed, Beneath Amelanchier?

Posted: 22/06/2015 at 15:56

Try this link:

It has lots of ideas.  You'll need to think about aspect of the actual border, soil type, etc. and it will also need more watering than a normal flowerbed because of the tree's thirst but I think it will 'lift' your garden. 

Tomatoes gone wild

Posted: 22/06/2015 at 15:53

I bought 4 tomato plants from a large garden centre - Tumbler, 2 yellow and 2 red.  I've had these before but never have they acted like this.  They are "no need to pinch out sideshoots and no need to support" types - they tumble over the sides of the pots (or rather, that's what they are supposed to do).  My 4 are really, really healthy, with masses of fruit appearing plus loads more flowers; however, they are all between 75-100 cm tall and show no signs of either tumbling down or stopping growing.  They're in an unheated greenhouse (as always), watered and fed regularly (as always) and generally well treated.  Anyone else got this problem this year?  And when I put them out at the back of the house (on a south-facing wall in a sheltered garden)  to aid my neighbour when watering when we're on holiday, should I stake them just in case it gets windy?  In case anyone thinks they were mislabelled in the garden centre, they came from the centre of a very large display of it's not a random case of mistaken identity.

Whats the best climber for FULL SHADE?

Posted: 03/06/2015 at 15:33

Many, many climbers will grow in shade - but you do need some light! Agree with all these, particularly Hydrangea petiolaris.  Also, check your soil - is it damp or dry, clay, loam or sand?  Whatever you choose, ensure you treat the soil accordingly.

What is this plant please??

Posted: 03/06/2015 at 15:29

Agree - more common name is scabiosa.

Cotinus coggygria

Posted: 18/05/2015 at 15:02

Thank you so much.  Edd, that's just what I needed.  I thought I probably could, but it's always best to check.

sorry if I 'whined' about being unnoticed!!

Cotinus coggygria

Posted: 18/05/2015 at 13:47

Many, many posts since I asked this question only yesterday and all of them with at least one answere.  Is anyone there able to answer my question, please?!!

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