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3rd plot!

Posted: 06/01/2016 at 15:39

I would suggest 'go woodland'...ferns, hostas, Solomon' Seal (and yes, lily of the valley).  Is there a path at the edge of the lawn?  London Pride would look good along there.  The apple trees will take a lot of the wet away so your hostas shouldn't be affected by too many slugs; however, because of the drier soil, you will need to water.

This crazy climate

Posted: 06/01/2016 at 15:29

Watching the bird-feeder today and lots more birds are suddenly appearing, including a cute little blackcap ousting a bully-boy sparrow from the perch.  Then, our eyes nearly popped out of our head; our first long-tail tit of the season - and he had a couple of feathers in his beak!  Isn't this a tad early to be nesting....

Anyone else still mowing??

Posted: 13/12/2015 at 12:39

Himself did ours 2 weeks ago "for the last time this season" - I think he may have to review that statement in the days before Christmas, for the front at least...

Never Never Not Ever

Posted: 02/12/2015 at 12:28

I loved my aucuba in my last garden but Himself hated it.  Wanted one in this garden - he put his foot down.  Personally, I hate irises so they are a no no for me.  I also spent many, many years getting rid of periwinkle (vinca) and lamium in my last garden; every time I thought I'd beaten them into submission, up they would pop again.  The people who originally landscaped the garden did a lot of blue and yellow and I understand were really good gardeners, keeping everything in check.  Our vendors were not, just kept stuff tidy, so by the time we got in there the said vinca and lamium had taken over...what thugs they are! 

"Show us ya baubles!"

Posted: 02/12/2015 at 12:19

Oh no, it's much too early (they are all lovely though!).  Trees (2 - and imitation as I am allergic to anything with a needle on it: pine, spruce, juniper.  I can't even eat the 'real' pesto with pine nuts) and few ornaments will not go up until about the 15th and then it will all come down again in the New Year but certainly by Twelfth Night.

well, is it a sign?

Posted: 02/12/2015 at 12:16

Glorious morning in Notts, so what's a gal to do?  Of course, wander round the 'estate' with one's coffee and pick off those few stems on the last of the perennials to fade.  What did the gal do?  Spent 2 hours doing said picking off, then gathering leaves, weeding for goodness' sake, staking up the 2 delphiniums that have taken it into their heads to flower, wondered at the photinia that is suddenly growing again, reminding the lupins that regrowing in December is not a good idea, more weeding - and still a load to do!  Oh yes, and the coffee went cold...As the rain is coming in tonight (again!), I'd better fuel up and get out there again this aft.  Ah, the Brits and their gardens!!

Natures anti inflammatory medicines

Posted: 03/11/2015 at 09:09

Think you have your sources mixed up, Lily.  Aspirin is acetyl salicylic acid, originally from willow bark; as you rightly say, digitalis is from foxglove.  Both effective medications when used properly, but not the same thing.

Natures anti inflammatory medicines

Posted: 02/11/2015 at 14:27

I believe members of the allium family (garlic, onions, etc.) are good for the blood rather than possessing anti-inflammatory properties.  Garlic is supposed to be good for treating colds...of course it would be - people don't want to get too close to a regular garlic-gnasher!!

Overwintering Tibouchina

Posted: 29/10/2015 at 16:14

Can be very 'touchy' if you don't treat them right.  Temperature and water cannot be 'hit and miss'.  I suggest keeping it away from your conservatory windows, ensure it remains damp - but don't keep its feet in water.  Unless you can find a VERY sheltered, frost-free spot outside, you won't succeed.  I had no success but a friend kept hers for about 4 years.  Also, they need ericaceous compound and use azalea fertilizer for it.

North/South/East/West facing decking

Posted: 29/10/2015 at 16:07

If you place it mainly south, you will need good brollies/awnings (no matter how much people complain, it does get hot on sunny days in England...).  And when do you want to use it?  It's not often you can use any deck if it's north-facing.  East-facing is fine if you want to have your breakfast out there.  I would suggest south to south-west, that way you get longer in the evening to enjoy a quiet glass of wine and in the cooler days of spring/autumn/winter, if there is good shelter, it's nice to have your morning coffee out there.  Use a wood that will withstand wet weather and use a proprietary stain (not oil-based; talk to your local B&Q).  I think you'd be better going with a good patio - decking can be expensive and time-consuming to maintain.  As someone who has lived in Canada and had a large deck on the back of the house, I can attest to that...

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