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Lobelia/Pratia pedunculata or Blue Star Creeper

Posted: Today at 13:56

You must persevere with the cuttings, its so pretty and what a lovely big clump.

I had the Lobelia Richardii which doesn't grow from seed, I layered it, I don't know if yours would take the same, just pull out strands and peg it to the ground. May not work but worth a try.

It's my birthday

Posted: Today at 13:52

I blame my dad, on leave from the Navy! 

It's my birthday

Posted: Today at 09:31

Hapy birthday Dove, hope you have a lovely day, must be 28 this year?



Posted: Today at 09:26

Last time I was away was in the early 90's a few days at the Appleby horsefair.

I have what I need, a place to live, loving family and healthy.

Anyone read the Desiderata, we read it every morning, like a prayer.

Very strong winds today but its 8c outside, so cant complain.

Waiting for nurse to take blood sample from mum, cant see iron tablets clearing her chest, doctor knows best!

poorly privet

Posted: Today at 09:14

Usually they keep the leaves once they are established, I thought, I have a row that I planted 4 years ago, never lost any leaves, are there different types of privet?

Dying Yesterday Today and Tomorrow Tree

Posted: Today at 09:12

So right Verdun! I have seen this many times, they start off doing a grass cutting round, them think they are gardeners.

My NDN where I used to live had some lovely shrubs and wondered why they never flowered, of course, the gardener always did his annual chop down in the Spring regardless of what the shrubs were!

Beware of gardeners without certificates. Although, having said that, I dont have any certificates,  absolutely no letters affer my name either!

As said before,  hopefully some shoots will appear in your Spring, and definitely show that gardener you are not best pleased, ask for his recommendations.

Anyone done any gardening today?

Posted: Today at 00:10

Been mildish here, only pricked out 10 Hellebore seedlings, pink doubles, hopefully.

Nothing to do in the garden, all greenhouse work.

poorly privet

Posted: Yesterday at 23:50

How old is it, mine didnt live too long, only about 20 years, just started to die off and the trunks went brittle. I have replaced it with laurel, longer lasting and thicker and evergreen.



Posted: Yesterday at 23:46

Fidget, great to see the dolphins in Cornwall, my grandsons live near a beach in Cornwall, they are always in the sea. They were taught to swim from babies, the 11 year old doesnt have lessons anymore but the 6 year old is now having diving lessons. Both water babies, or is it beach bums!

New Lawnmower

Posted: Yesterday at 23:38

Just wondering if you have trained at all for gardening, grass shouldnt be cut in the winter anyway, you will expose it to snow and frost!  shouldnt even be walked on, if you are clogging up the mower with long grass and stalling it,  you are going to do it in completely.

If its to long for a mower in the Spring, go over it with a petrol strimmer then rake it, after a couple of days you can mow it.

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