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Wish list for seed and plant swap

Posted: Yesterday at 20:10

Bekkie, those salvia seeds you sent me a couple  of weeks ago are all  up.

 Justin, The best flowers I had for bees were the Cerinthe, the borage and the scabious all extremely easy to grow in the Spring. The scabious were also covered in butterflys.



I am definitely sorting your branches tomorrow, I have had such a week of it but promise to do it.h


Posted: Yesterday at 18:48

Fidget, my Parkers bulbs arrived yesterday, so definitely on the move and what fantastc bulbs they are, the hyacinth collection of large size are beautiful. I buy them every year, never ever been dissapointed. The after service is brill as you have found out.

Have you tried the Gypsy collection? They are superb

Antique Hedge Clippers?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:37

One went on ebay for 10.00, but there is similar up for auction at 155.00

Wish list for seed and plant swap

Posted: Yesterday at 16:03

Fishy, any old pots will do, neednt be special ones.

Vic, please feel free to chuck in anything another time, Fishy and I are just starting out.

Is there anything else I can send to you. Still have campanula like you had before, and primulas, polemonium, rudbeckia soon to be thinned out and transplanted.


Posted: Yesterday at 15:51

Just in from cutting front hedge, There is a huge mound of clippings hopefully OH will take them up the top ready for chipping up.

My border

Posted: Yesterday at 15:47

That is absolutely beautiful, I love the border of heucheras

Wish list for seed and plant swap

Posted: Yesterday at 12:46

Ok thanks Victoria

Wish list for seed and plant swap

Posted: Yesterday at 12:26

Vic, thank you so much for the pond plants, I am thrilled with them.

Do you keep them in a pot in the water or plant around the edge?

Root Trainers for Sweet Peas?

Posted: Yesterday at 10:41

I bought the proper root trainers, as David says those peat pots are not good.

They grow a very long tap root, especially if you grow them over winter, in a pot this root just curls round and round in the bottom of the pot, in a root trainer, this doesnt happen.

I have used the same root trainers for 3 years and they are still perfectly good, when the sweet peas come out, the beans go in, you do need to go careful with them, they look a bit fragile, maybe more suited for the ladies (oops sexist remark)

If you weigh up the cost, used twice a year I dont think they are expensive. I got mine from ebay.

Edited to add.. I find it makes no difference whether I grow them in the Autumn, the Spring sown ones caught up and they all bloomed together, so I am not bothering this year.

Its probably where I live because a lot of people see an advantage in Autumn sowing.

Wish list for seed and plant swap

Posted: Yesterday at 10:31

Yes please Bekkie.

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