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Primula japonica seedlings and others

Posted: Today at 19:08

Bit like Delphiniums, do you have any of those? 

van Meuwen

Posted: Today at 09:07

I don't think you can blame any company if your plants get devoured.

Hardy Osteospermum not growing

Posted: Yesterday at 21:54

Just a thought, they weren't in that tea bag type netting were they, if so, they won't grow, perhaps you can look and peel all that off, if they were indeed grown in those. A lot of plugs are. 

Identifying a plant

Posted: Yesterday at 18:36

My guess....Campion, as the OP said she actually planted them.

Hardy Osteospermum not growing

Posted: Yesterday at 18:32

Keep plugs in flower pots and pot on until you have a big plant, tiny ones will be no good planted direct. 

This is reason most peoples plugs fail whether it be from T & M or J. parkers. 

Concrete pots and troughs

Posted: Yesterday at 09:16

I've got a row of concrete pots that someone we knew made and sold for pocket money, she used to do parties, and also made little concrete animals. I've had the for 45 years, never had one break and we had some extremely cold winters when we lived in Kent. 

I think there must be some you tube instruction, I know ebay sell the molds because I was looking into doing some. 

Plasticiser would be the best to use. Good luck with your project.

i could take some pictures of mine later if you want to see them. 

Problem tomato plants

Posted: 19/05/2017 at 22:43

I would pick those flowers off to give the plant more energy to grow a good root system, plenty of time for flowers, they are too small to bear fruit yet.

what will you do with them when they are grown, plant outside or in tubs in the greenhouse? 

Moving a mature hydrangea now

Posted: 19/05/2017 at 00:20

I've never tried those cuttings in water, they root easily in compost with the leaves cut in half And a lid or plastic bottle over the top.


Posted: 19/05/2017 at 00:07

All my water butts and bins have lids, nothing gets in them I would hate for a bird or cat to drown in one.

Bird of paradise

Posted: 19/05/2017 at 00:00

My mum did, easy to grow and it flowered after about three years, I've got it now but only manage to get two flowers at a time on it. 

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