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Plant ID

Posted: Today at 17:34

I always grow Cleome as annuals, sow seeds in March/April time, harden off plant out end of May, not very hardy so make sure al signs of frosts over.

If I were you Lyn, I would cut the losses and sow them in the Spring.

Plant ID

Posted: Today at 16:36

Not on mine Lyn.did you click on the little tree icon on your toolbar at the top of the posting box?

I dont think you can post a piccy from an iphone.

Perhaps a Survey worth doing...

Posted: Today at 16:32

Strange you say that, Hostafan,  i have just found a book that was presented to OH at the start of the 1960's, book probably written before that and in it is a picture of field after field flooded, looks like the Somerset levels early on, they said the fields will flood due to very heavy rains we get in Feb, but dont worry, all the trees hedges and grass will be back as good as new by the summer.

Is ir really doom and disaster now or have we short memories?

There is a chappie where we used to live that was fanatical about measuring rainfall, has done it for donkeys years, he said it averages out every year.

Maybe its just the West Country, but apart from not so much snow, some years, its pretty much the same as always. We used to go to Plymouth Christmas shopping about this time and always just carried coats over our arms. 


Gardening by the Moon

Posted: Today at 16:20

I admire your dedication to this, but you have cut lettuce on the 18th, if you need a nice fresh lettuce for Chrismas day tea you're not allowed to.

Also I didnt think December was the time to cut early flowering clematis as they bloom on growth made this summer?.

I dont think this would be for me, imagine not doing anything in the garden because chart says so, then on the day you can go out, its pouring with rain.

Everything seems to be at different times where you live compared to the UK. If it suits you, stick with it, look forward to seeing you back in the Spring, and thank you for taking the time to post about it.



Posted: Today at 11:54

Absolutely Jason, every living thing has its own unique set of codes.


Happy Christmas

Posted: Today at 11:49

Ditto... Bob,

Happy Christmas to the GW team

Gardeners who love their feline friends

Posted: Today at 09:22

Ditzy and ruby are so sweet,  poor Pebbles, she wont like a move after 14 years, she will be so stresed.

My Thomas is big, he weighs 14 lbs. He has a saggy belly, usual seen in females, when I took him to the vet he said it was becsuse he had been neutured and his underpants were now too big,


Posted: Yesterday at 23:03

They are lovely little decorated biscuits, well done son!

SGL, hope you are well, I owe you one, 

Phalaenopsis orchid as house plants

Posted: Yesterday at 22:58

You cant edit now Keith, as soon as someone posts under you, you've had it. 

If you genuinly want to contribute to the forums you could contact the Moderator and ask for the last paragraph to be removed.

Gardeners who love their feline friends

Posted: Yesterday at 19:35

When you see how much they love the indoor comforts, I always feel sorry for the ones people 'put out' at night.

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