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Posted: Today at 11:56

CC, keep some seed back for a safe guard, they will self seed but they are not very frost hardy, depends where you live.  Sow them at the end of March, pot on, keep in a sheltered place or GH then plant out the following year, they will flower the year after that, providing you don’t lose them in the frosts.

It’s a bit hit and miss, they do come from warm countries, they grow wild down in the depths of Cornwall, and of course where Guernsey Donkey lives.

I've never bought plants, just grew originals from seeds. Give it a try, doesn’t cost anything. 


Posted: Today at 11:48
Fran IOM says:

Lyn - sent a note via the Message button on your post. Don't know how you receive that? Not very au fait with these things

See original post

 You’ve done just fine Fran, and I’ve answered, if you click on your avatar picture at the very top right hand corner of the page the drop down box will say ‘messages’ 

Paintings we like

Posted: Yesterday at 19:52

I have print of your last one there Dove, very pretty.

 I used to go to London every Sunday morning, spend the morning in the Tate as the NPG didn’t open until the afternoon,  then would walk back to NPG, I was very keen on Salvadore Dali‘s work in those days, especially this one and the telephone.


Posted: Yesterday at 19:45

I didn’t have a bike for the same reason๐Ÿ˜€ I still can’t ride a bike, I passed my car test in 1965, and have driven ever since.

I think maybe my mum was likes Ian’s and just wanted me to leave it alone.

I also liked to eat raw cabbage stumps/stalks, my wouldn’t let as she said it would give me worms.  I think in those days they were obsessed with worms or head lice๐Ÿ˜€


Posted: Yesterday at 19:36

GD obviously biennial In your place, those in my photo were seedlings from the year before, so need the three year cycle, they survived as tiny ones last winter but if this cold spell gets any colder, I fear I may lose them. ๐Ÿ˜ข

Paintings we like

Posted: Yesterday at 18:19

I adore any of the Pre Raphaelite paintings. These are my top favourites, I also like Caravaggio and Vermeer,


Posted: Yesterday at 17:57

This one of mine grew to almost 20ft. It grew up, tilted to the right, curved down then grew up again. It’s directly behind the foxglove. So no chance of keeping in a pot.

Feral cats

Posted: Yesterday at 15:28

How lovely to hear from people praising the feral cats, usually there are people complaining about them. 


Posted: Yesterday at 15:20

It definitely wouldnt have flowered again Fran, that’s what biennials do, grow on in first year, flower next then drop seeds for sowing the following year.

Did you manage to get any seeds from it before it uprooted. You can sow them in the Spring, once you have these plants, you’re never without them.

I’m not going outside, it’s too cold so taken this from the window, see the 4 big plants right in the middle of the photo, they are last year’s seeds, they will bloom next year(this coming year).

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Feral cats

Posted: Yesterday at 14:55

My cat, he’s 10 now, has never tackled a rat, mice are his thing, even then, he doesn’t catch many, and never touches the birds even though he sits by the feeders watching them. 

He may have done if I’d shut him out for the nights, but I like him in before we go to bed. 

He‘s petrified of the blackbirds they swoop right down on him and he cowers on the ground. 

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