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Hello Forkers - February 2018

Posted: Today at 13:10
Obelixx says:

or the government can't learn to spend more efficiently?

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 Spot on Obe, this is a very rich country.  I wonder how we‘ll fare if the NHS get privatised, Prime Minister talking of trade deals with USA  for contracts.  

what not to compost

Posted: Today at 13:05

Good bakery, I like Lidl’s bread as they supply paper bags with just a small cellophane window so the checkout person can see what’s in there. It’s easliy removed and the paper goes in the compost bin. 

New series of Gardeners World 2018?

Posted: Today at 13:00

I’m more interested in Beechgrove as well, much more practical and more suited to the climate where I live. 

what not to compost

Posted: Today at 11:18

I ask Tesco not to put any of my shopping in plastic bags, on the Internet order. They don’t, then I choose food that isn’t in black trays, I alway use the clear ones for seed sowing and lids, eventually they disintegrate,  several I have tried to use this year have broken to almost dust in my hand, not that that’s a help because they’ll all go into the land fill.  At least they can be reused for two or three years. 

Protecting the outside tap from frost

Posted: Today at 09:12


what not to compost

Posted: Today at 09:09

That drives me mad as well, I spend hours soaking off the cardboard from the plastic for the compost heap.  It’s not only toys, I’ve bought kettle, toaster, make up, all with a plastic coating. 

New series of Gardeners World 2018?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:03

I didn’t watch the last series, the hour long is just packed out with most of what I’m not interested in.  Who needs a weather forecast. It’s all over the net, on several news  bulletins a day.  Don’t need it in a gardening programme.

straggly sweet williams

Posted: Yesterday at 16:24

I would give them a good watering and plant them out. ( unless your ground is frozen.) Should have been bought in the Autumn, planted out October to November, but I’m sure they’ll be ok. I don’t think there’s any reason to complain, they’re not bad plants for this time of the year. 

Last edited: 19 February 2018 16:24:50

Started growing my seeds today

Posted: Yesterday at 12:46

Same here with pansy seeds, germinate late summer, no heat needed, let’s see what happens in the propagator. 

Have you got lots of room to pot on your seedlings and keep inside until May/June Learning curve. 

Let’s celebrate our Birthday 2018

Posted: Yesterday at 09:01

Happy Birthday Frank (Palais Glide) 

hope you have a nice day.

lots of love .

Lyn x 

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