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Free Council Compost

Posted: Today at 00:25

I pulled a pair of secateurs out of mine the other day, never found a thermometer though.

I dont put anything to do with tomatoes in my compost bin, they sprout up everywhere. And like hostafan, never ground elder or creeping buttercups.

Frogspawn 2015

Posted: Today at 00:14

Last year I just bought flaked dried fish food and frozen daphnia (sp?) I survived loads of them, there were tiny frogs everywhere, but that was in a tiny pond I dug especially for them, there were no preditors in there, I dont know how this new lot will fare as I have beetles and other creatures in the new pond.


penstemon seeds

Posted: Today at 00:09

I wouldnt think so primrose, but why not try, just use a small pot, nothing to lose, i think they have got too wet over the winter, but have a go.

Dahlia tubers

Posted: Today at 00:01

Beware that slugs will have the tops off dahlias and hostas.

I have just potted up some dahlia tubers from last year but I will bring them into the conservatory, its not warm enough at nights out there. I left most of them in the ground, no sign yet, but seeds are up so it wont matter.

I am going to have a go at splitting the hostas now, as Monty did, I have always done them in the Autumn before.

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: Yesterday at 23:53

Thank you Susan, 

I am quite dreading the funeral, not for what it is but for the fact of having a crowd of people,  I am not good at being sociable in a group, my OH is just the same.

I always tell myself, at these times that its only a couple of hours out of my life, still plenty of time left for solitude.

Do I come into the GOW set?!!!!

Steve and Fishy, I love to hear of people finding solace in their gardens, I know exactly what you mean, I love being in my greenhouse, always finding something to do.

bougainvillea seeds

Posted: Yesterday at 17:36 not seeds but little plants to be nurtered on.

penstemon seeds

Posted: Yesterday at 17:30

I sow mine as soon as they come off the plant, late summer.

Easy to do from cuttings though, late summer again.

Weather warnings issued

Posted: Yesterday at 17:26

Always windy here on West side of Dartmoor, 960ft above. Very rarely dry washing as usually in the clouds, anyone remember the cartoon Adams Family, they toured around in a camper van with a permanent rain cloud over them! 

You get used to what you can grow, anything taller than a daisy needs staking, plastic greenhouses need to be roped to the wall.

Anyone done any gardening today?

Posted: Yesterday at 17:12

Spent a couple of hours in the greenhouse, almost finished sowing seeds, potted on a few more rooted fuchsia cuttings, must stop doing them!

Potted up dahlia tubers, most are started from seed this year.

Someone gave me Bishops Children seeds, they are up, definitely best for bees.

Free Council Compost

Posted: Yesterday at 14:34

My council wont sell it or give it away.

How do you know what goes into a bag of Verve, arthur bowers etc, we will never know. As these places that make compost on a large scale for comercial purposes heat it far more than we can, I would think it ok.

Top soil, thats another problem, I would never buy that. Someone I knew bought a lorry load it was full of knotweed and weeds.

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