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wot dunnit

Posted: Today at 00:35
nutcutlet says:

We're open to the world Cloggie. We have muntjac, occasional Roe, badger, fox, other people's cats, rats and elephants

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 You've never got a Unicorn!๐Ÿ˜€

Tuberous Begonia Help Needed

Posted: Today at 00:31

Did you plant them with the tuber just sitting on top of the compost, then they are best watered from the bottom, the corm  likes to stay dry.

Help needed

Posted: Today at 00:28

That's a Camelia, mine is just about the same as yours, they don't do well in my garden, I think it's too damp for them here, I've dug a couple out, the white ones are even worse for buds rotting before they are even properly open.

Best Fertlizers

Posted: Yesterday at 16:56
NoviceHerbs says:

Thanks Dove ,

One very silly point  chicken manure is it safe as chicken carries  salmonella etc 

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 I think everyone on this site has used this, does anyone know of anybody dying because of it, I don't, my parents lived to 91 dad always used it.

Best Fertlizers

Posted: Yesterday at 16:49

If you look on the label it will tell you how much to mix into a watering can full of water, divide that by 4 and add water accordingly, you don't have to make up the whole 2 gallons..

Dobies email

Posted: Yesterday at 12:20

Predictive text! I sent a message to our local garage saying ...will be round for truck tomorrow, oh no, not on my phone...I will be round for usual tomorrow, don't know what his wife thought๐Ÿ˜€

Can you identify this plant?

Posted: Yesterday at 11:55

Can you cut those down, my daughter has a horrible tall leggy one? 

Is this a weed

Posted: Yesterday at 11:53

Could it be a Toadflax? 

Nothing like the photo!!!

Posted: Yesterday at 10:16

My garden is full of plants, originally from Parkers, could afford anthing else, I originally had those plugs,or ones similar,  I'm happy with a big root system like that, I just carefully unfurl the roots, they will unfold, them pot up for a month, plant out, and they will flower this year.  They are cheap and cheerful, depends on how far you want to go to tend them. Make sure if they are in a tea bag material that you remove it all.

In a month they will look altogether different, the roots will have filled the pot. I couldn't possible have bought single potted plants for here when I first moved In.

For the past couple of years I've been splitting them yet again and giving them away.

Sorry looking plant - ID & pruning?

Posted: 22/04/2017 at 19:00

I think it's a Gaura, they should be cut back after flowering, so I wonder if it's cut right back now, you would lose the flowers for this year. Maybe tidy it up and prune it in the Autumn after flowering.

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