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Posted: Today at 02:02

No, they need to be sown early Spring, then they need warmth throughout.

The plastic greenhouses are ok for seeds, young plants etc, but I dont think those will grow well in there. 

I dont think they will over winter, I could

 be wrong, see what others think. If you look at Matts, you see they have fruited and will soon be finished.


Vegetable Seed Swop

Posted: Today at 01:14

Does the mini pop stay short, everything here get blown over in the wind.

I have cauliflower All year Round

Tomato Gold nugget

Tomato Ace55VF

Cucumber Perfection

I would like seeds from Roma tomato.Or anything different from above for a change please

Wish list for seed and plant swap

Posted: Today at 00:02

I am reading this right now Fishy, I will save some for you, got a collection coming on now,  not the casserole though!

Just packing seeds for Can gran, Bekkie, and Forester. All going out in the morning

Bekkie, could I try a few of those seeds please..


Posted: Yesterday at 20:15

I would keep them in as well. they are not as strong as the rudbeckia.


Posted: Yesterday at 20:12

The seeds should be sown about March ready for the fruits to ripen in the summer.

Wish list for seed and plant swap

Posted: Yesterday at 20:07

I can assure you that I will never eat it Fishy, however a few undetected seeds falling into a casserole wouldnt go amiss at the moment

Wish list for seed and plant swap

Posted: Yesterday at 18:29

 Bekkie, I do have loads of the Aconitum, could you tell me how tall the Mirabilis grows, I have never seen that before.

I am going to list all the seeds I have left again, the ice blue delphs are ready now.

Fishy, you are very considerate, I will be fine, just one of those days.  

I am still waiting for can grandmas address and Rose Anns

Wish list for seed and plant swap

Posted: Yesterday at 15:12
Amy Lathwell wrote (see)

With any luck Bekkie!

Lyn - do have any of your foxglove, delphiniums, lambs ears, aquilegia or scabious seeds left?

Is it weird to get excited about seeds?

Lambs ears, Scabious, 4 different aquis, 3 different fox, and 3 different delphs packed for you. Anything else while I am knee deep in seeds? 

Wish list for seed and plant swap

Posted: Yesterday at 14:35
Lyn wrote (see)
Lyn wrote (see)

Do you want more ragged robin seeds Fishy?

Fishy, i think you had the last of them, did I send them to you in the original envelope. I could send you plants when they are big enough to travel, they have germinated already.

Fishy, As you were, I have found the rest of them, I will post some to you.

Blue fingers definetly not Green

Posted: Yesterday at 14:03

You will need to be very diplomatic if you involve the residents, Steve. You only have to look on this site to see how peoples ideas vary.

Its a never ending job, don't think that if you get it tidy and straight, thats how it will stay, I am constantly working on mine, it feels like I am running an old folks home, my parents are just armchair gardeners now, but some of their ideas differ to mine.

Take it bit by bit, you cant do it all at once, just see what the priorities are, probably at the moment cutting grass and strimming edges is the one.

There is still time to cut shrubs into some formality, then theres the disposing of it all, thats a job in itself.

Good luck with your project/new job, just ask if you need help ( us and the other staff )


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