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trowbridge in bloom,awards night.

Posted: Yesterday at 18:25

Many congratulations on winning those cups, such an achievement, the potting shed is really lovely, fits in just perfectly. 


Posted: Yesterday at 18:22

B3 everything feeds off something else, it keeps the world going round

I wouldn't get fed else Verdun, just a poor old pensioner with only a state pension, anyone else going to feel sorry for me.

any day but Monday Hosta, got eye check up in Tavy.


Posted: Yesterday at 18:19

What is annoying is that if you go private you can get the results tomorrow.

Reusing pots and trays

Posted: Yesterday at 18:01

Is a tea bag those net cases around some plug plants you can buy.? Hate them, cut them off as soon as the plants arrive. 

I always thought that about square pots Philippa,  but after planting out something I bought in a square pot, the roots had gone round and round just the same.

unknown plant

Posted: Yesterday at 16:41

It's a Salvia


Posted: Yesterday at 16:40

They do a lot of damage to the garden, my dad used to plant a row of runner beans and it would go from one length to the other, dad would plant them back and next day, up again. In the end he got a trap that did work, he's now a dab hand at it, knowing which way and where the runs are going, now teaching the skill to my OH as dad is almost 92 there will come a time when dad can't do it!

Before anyone says Ah, live and let live, there's about 20 or more miles in all directions from here where this is nothing but forests, fields wide natural verges, they have plenty of room, just not in my tiny corner of a field.

Fidgets Wedding Day

Posted: Yesterday at 16:31

Have a lovely day from us as well. x


Posted: Yesterday at 16:30
Verdun wrote (see)

Have you tried nematodes for hostas Hosta?  Are some in dedicated beds where nematodes could be very effective?  good control for slugs but not snails though I think 

Nematodes do work on the slugs around Hostas, but mostly it's little tiny snails on the leaves that do most damage, don't know if there is a nematode for those?

Verdun wrote (see)

Think Dove is right.....their "dna" controls when they die down not temperature.  

Have you tried nematodes for hostas Hosta?  Are some in dedicated beds where nematodes could be very effective?  good control for slugs but not snails though I think 


Hostafan1 wrote (see)

I've got to lift and split mine this winter, flippin' 'undreds of them.

I have offered to do the digging for you, offer still there  of course, there will be a price 

i still have canna in pots!

Starting a flower or gardening business online

Posted: Yesterday at 16:23

I think you would be wise to listen to Hollie.

grow some things that people like, at the seasons they want them and use your local farmers markets.

they are doing exactly what you have in mind but direct instead of online. 

Thats very competitive for a beginner so start of small and see how you get on first.

Seed and plant swap 2015

Posted: Yesterday at 09:52

Go get him Gran!



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