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When to Prune Escallonia.

Posted: Yesterday at 18:24

You probably wont get any flowers on if you do it now, better to wait till its flowered unless you dont mind.

Is this area ready for planting

Posted: Yesterday at 18:18

For what you want to plant in there, it will be just fine.

Perhaps you can show a pic when its planted up. 

You will get more weeds, you always will, but they will come out easily now. Well done.

All right .... own up .... which ones of you do this?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:10

I have no neighbours, i stamp on them.

Photographing the tulips

Posted: Yesterday at 18:05

Wow! That is a beautiful garden, if i put tulips out in the open ground, i never see them again. You have every right to feel smug.


Posted: Yesterday at 08:07

This was when we started, next is how it is now.



Got a strong OH to cut down and dig them out, depends how big yours are though, you dont want to wear him out. He has just said that if they are over 18inches in diameter, he would have had a machine . You may need someone with a chainsaw then either a tractor to pull the roots out or a stump grinder. May be a profesional job. It will cost a lot.



What do you do with grass clippings?

Posted: Yesterday at 07:49

I agree with verdun, too much nitrogen will produce more green plants than flowers and the acidity wont help the brasicca beds surely, i had to lime mine because the soil is acid.


We try to cut the lawns very regularly, the mower mulches and we dont pick up.  No good for first cuts though, some in compost bins, some to council tip.


The beauty of nature

Posted: Yesterday at 07:40

Have you been watching the series on bbc4 called Botany, it is really good and exlains every thing about plant life.

Likewise the prog that followed it about the soil consruction, just shows how delicate the balance is.   


Posted: Yesterday at 07:35

Same thing, we are also building a new long border, there was a row of dreaded conifers there which we dug out, hardwork and we have been doing it for months, but it is well worth it.

I love the sedums, they will be covered in bees and butterflys later.


Posted: Yesterday at 07:21

Will you be gardening this weekend flumpy, have you any questions for us on this gardening forum?


Posted: Yesterday at 00:13

I love them too, I have several , they divide so easily and tolerate any conditions.

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