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Bronco bull barrow wheelbarrow

Posted: 26/11/2017 at 14:33

I’ve just googled that barrow, very flimsy, very small,  overpriced,  not a good buy really. It does say it’s only for gardening use.  so won’t cope with much. 

Bronco bull barrow wheelbarrow

Posted: 26/11/2017 at 14:29

Both me and my OH use plastic barrows, both had them for about 10 years, same ones. He is a stone mason, carries  3’ x 3’ concrete slabs, huge chunks of granite, mixes a load of cement in it, it’s still going strong, bought them from out local hardware shop for about £45.00 each, they weren’t that much 20 years ago. (And of course, fill them to the brim with compost for spreading🙂)

Wouldnt have anything else, we can pick them up and put them on the back of the truck with no effort, metal ones, I can’t lift let alone get up to the height of the butt.

They  have a blow up tyre on the wheel, without googling, I don’t really know what a Bronco Bull is like.  Probably just a fancy name for marketing.   I would go for the refund and look around locally. 

Dahlias over winter

Posted: 26/11/2017 at 14:14

I think you need to ask yourself if you really want 40 dahlias, if so then living where you do and taking in your type of ground, I would bring them in as you did last year. 

If you don’t need 40 then you could bring in your favourites and pile mulch straw leaves whatever youve got and hope for the best. 

Smart germination kit

Posted: 25/11/2017 at 17:23
Dovefromabove says:

I'm 27 .............. and that's what I've told him 

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 You as well! Wow, what a coincidence.

why has the OP posted this entry twice?

Smart germination kit

Posted: 25/11/2017 at 09:23

I don’t spend dollars on plants, this is a uk site.

i object to ‘what is your age ‘ being the first question, why does that make a difference,

what is automated? 

Dont students go out with clipboard and pen and get their own research these days?

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: 25/11/2017 at 09:11

We have snow on Dartmoor as well.RG. It will probably be gone by lunchtime.

Wild roses?

Posted: 24/11/2017 at 22:35

And I’ve tried!😀 digging it out is no good at all. 

Hedgehog or Rat Hole??

Posted: 24/11/2017 at 22:30
dave125 says:

dave125 says:

I know there's always the scare stories and someone will inevitably quote Weills disease 

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Da Daaaaaaaaa!

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 It’s just as well you haven’t got children!

Wild roses?

Posted: 24/11/2017 at 15:14

I’ve got those everywhere, never planted one, just presents from birds, I have just cut them right down to very bottom, I do this every year and they spring  up with fresh growth next year. 

Black Friday offers

Posted: 24/11/2017 at 15:09

If you mean this sort of thing, they are fine but some people don’t realise that they will arrive with nothing to be seen, then they report the company as rubbish saying the plants were all dead on arrival. So as long as you already know this, they are good bargains, just tease out the roots, pot into next size pots, keep in the GH, cold frame or conservatory and in the Spring they will start to shoot out.  They’ve usually got a good root system on them.

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