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To deck or not to deck.....!

Posted: 28/11/2014 at 10:47

I dont like decking, but thats for you to decide, but dont worry about pots rotting it, pots should be lifted slightly anyway to allow for drainage, just put pot feet under, you can get some very pretty ones.

Christmas Door Garland/Wreath

Posted: 28/11/2014 at 00:05

As headstone restorers, could I just say that if you are making them for a headstone or cremation tablet, only use the polystyrene forms, the wire will rust and that will soak into the stone, there is nothing that will get it out.

Once again. SORRY.

Posted: 27/11/2014 at 23:51

No he wont know you have pressed the ignore button, best just left ignored, this happens every month , its not full moon is it?

Broccoli is still yours K.

Would you buy a smallholding?

Posted: 27/11/2014 at 23:47

Frank, your post has reminded my OH of his living on the farm, he said as soon as they were old enough or big enough to ride a 2 wheeled bike, they were sent out to get the cows in, usually aged about 5/6, they cycled up the road and drove the cows back, mum milked by hand and dad carried or rolled the churns up to the road. His mum made the clotted cream, they were given the remainder to drink and the kids hated it. It was like a little dream farm in a very remote village in Devon, no mod cons when they went there, no loo or bath his dad dug a well.

It was terribly hard work to make a living but his dad gradually built it up and its quite a big farm now, all organic.

Its run by one of the brothers with the other 4 jointly owning the land.

Anything on your Wish List?

Posted: 27/11/2014 at 21:50

I fancy trying some tall grasses. Saw a pretty pink one , and those very tall ones for the back of the border.

anyone reconise this plant description? please ?

Posted: 27/11/2014 at 19:13

Thanks Gran, sounds good.your seeds are ready for posting, I have sent you a pm.

If Hostafan is in, can you pm me please, seeds ready, no addy.

Plant support

Posted: 27/11/2014 at 18:38

Too true Jennifer. We usually learn from them though. Dont we?

Anyone for squirrel crumble?

Posted: 27/11/2014 at 18:36

A friend of ours, living in Wales, ordered 2 squirrels for him and his friends Christmas dinner, they liked it very much but you do need one each.

Plant support

Posted: 27/11/2014 at 15:05
Susan Porter wrote (see)

Well said Lyn.

I really cannot abide the arragance of that man,he does nothing to endear himself at all. Right down to the full size look at me portrait.


Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: 27/11/2014 at 01:08

I find thats the saddest part too. When I think of my mum when she was young, they really struggled, moneywise but I had all I needed.

Being an only child, she spent a lot of time playing with me, colouring, quizes, cooking.

To see her now, just sitting, looking very old is a lot to take in.

My dad seems very fit, she has him running around as well and he has a new lease of life!

 He will be 91 next birthday, but so in control. 

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