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Garden Pictures 2015

Posted: 02/11/2015 at 08:57

Hosta's lake is very very deep in the middle!

I D please ...........

Posted: 01/11/2015 at 19:45

Kathy posted this one a few days ago. Verbascum.


More work!

Posted: 01/11/2015 at 19:36

I treated all my pots and tubs with Provado only once in the Spring, expecting to have to do it again now, but on checking, there were none.

Formatting a blank DVD

Posted: 01/11/2015 at 19:24

That's has just given me a thought Hosta. I remember someone sent a video to me once and I took it into Hockridge and Stacey who copied it for me for very little money. Maybe your shop will do that or give H&S a ring. 

Formatting a blank DVD

Posted: 01/11/2015 at 14:07

Not for vhs pansy.

i have a combined set, I'll have a look later. You won't like the quality though, we tried to watch a video yesterday, awful, going to throw them all away.


Posted: 31/10/2015 at 18:32

I dare say Hosta will come smelling of Roses, don't worry about the slurry, round here it goes out of the tank and on the land, what you don't know won't hurt you.

fairygirl, you reminded me how I used to shred all the old papers and documents, only to put it on the compost heap, then I got to thinking that if anyone wanted to know anything, the last place they would look is in the heap.

confessions of a gardening sloven

Posted: 31/10/2015 at 18:07

Guilty to all the above, but I also clean under the mower.

What is this, and how do I get rid of it?

Posted: 31/10/2015 at 11:11

Isn't it a bit early for bluebells?

What is this, and how do I get rid of it?

Posted: 31/10/2015 at 11:06

By the size of them already, I would say they will be the Spanish types. 

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