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See you later work, two weeks off!

Posted: Today at 00:25

Enjoy your time off Tootles, it will go by so quickly, my OH has just got a few jobs on Monday, ooh! thats today, then off till 2nd Jan. He cant wait till he retires, which he says will be when he is 60! 


Posted: Today at 00:18

Happy Christmas to you RB, I hope all goes well over the holiday period and thank you for your very kind support and the help and advise you have given me over the past few months.

Happy Christmas to everyone else who has supported me recently, Star Gaze Lily, Bekkie, Fishy, CanGran, Dove, GardenGirl, Verdun,  Matty, ...please forgive me if I have forgotton anyone, you have all been so kind, 

Compost Advice

Posted: Today at 00:09

One of my water butts has sprung a leak, tried allsorts to fix it ( not liquirice ones) so with the bottom cut off and some holes drilled in the sides, I now have another compost bin, you can never have too many.

Wish list for seed and plant swap

Posted: Today at 00:02

Ok Justin, I am keeping Verbena bon for you till Sring, I will add buddlea to them.

Vegetable Seed Swop

Posted: Yesterday at 23:57

I would be happy to swap some peas for beans Zoomer. I will pm address.

Wish list for seed and plant swap

Posted: Yesterday at 22:55

Newme, I have little buddlea trees all over the garden, would you like a ready grown one, probably the dark red colour. 


Vegetable Seed Swop

Posted: Yesterday at 22:43

Just reading through here, Philippa, I didnt see before that you wanted the cabbage seeds, is it too late now, I looked through my pm's and didnt see your address. You can sow these in the Summer for Autumn plant out. They were a fantastic crop, started in March with picking as Spring greens then right through the summer. I have loads in the freezer too.

If you still want them you are most welcome.

christmas has come for me too.

Posted: Yesterday at 14:16

That would be lovely Hosta, but it cost a lot of money to run a live chat room, and it has to have a mod in there, very open to trolls. We had one on a site we used to be on, St Pixels, online church, sadly gone but nice at the time, its on facebook only now.

christmas has come for me too.

Posted: Yesterday at 02:36

Come on Hosta, spill, you have got to tell us what you've got, you cant give half a story then leave us in suspenders!

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: Yesterday at 00:34

Thoughts and prayers with everyone having a tough time battling with hospitals and coping with aged parents, its so sad they have to end up helpless like this. So sad.

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