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Pitcher plant in winter

Posted: 16/09/2015 at 09:45
Hostafan1 wrote (see)

my lips are sealed.

that will be a first dear 


Ok, thanks folks, I have done the fridge bit, just waiting for the seeds to come up.

i would love one Keen, when you are ready , many thanks.


It's my birthday

Posted: 16/09/2015 at 09:40

Happy Birthday Lizzie, hope it's a good one.


Welcome to the brand new forum

Posted: 16/09/2015 at 09:21

Welcome Alan, most of us enjoy this site, it's very useful and newbies are welcomed.

i don't subscribe to the emails, got enough coming in already, but if you click on unread posts, that will take you to your last comment.

Pitcher plant in winter

Posted: 15/09/2015 at 18:48

That's Monty all over!!

i have just sowed some seeds of the pitcher plant, I am wondering now if they should be left outside to germinate, I had them in the fridge as per instructions.

Plant ID please

Posted: 15/09/2015 at 18:42

That's the ones Kathy, Nutcutlet will be along in a minute!


Posted: 15/09/2015 at 18:41

Are you hoping to ever winter that one Ref?

You can buy some fantastic seeds, nice open ones just what the bees like, they will be true to the picture.

Hosta, you been nipping again, my dad was a shocker for that, wherever he went he would come out with cuttings and seed heads, my mum used to be having kittens if they went out for a day.

The only thing I have brought home was a seed head from the Eden Projeat from a yellow aquilegia.

We have stuff here from every garden in the South East and West, the docs surgery car park, the hospital, various supermarket car parks. He used to scare me, I told him we would be banned!! 

Plant ID please

Posted: 15/09/2015 at 18:29

Could it be a Potentilla? Prob not but it looks like some I have.


Posted: 15/09/2015 at 18:24

I always said I wouldn't read from a kindle, but once I got into it, I love it, I can turn the paper to black with white writing, then dim the whole thing, marvelous for reading in bed and not disturbing OH with light on and flicking pages.

Runny, have you read any books by Michael Jecks? 

Hosta, you can't keep having holidays, what will I do when I want something, or will you take internet with you.

Garden Pictures 2015

Posted: 15/09/2015 at 16:39

Heliotrope grow very easily from seeds.

chicky, did you grow your Amaranthus from seed, I have bought a packet but never tried them before?

Verbena bonanseris cuttings - can they go out into the border?

Posted: 15/09/2015 at 16:35

I would do more than pinch back, I would cut down to six inches, or half what they are now. I only keep seedlings in over winter, all others go out.

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