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Wish list for seed and plant swap

Posted: 18/08/2014 at 16:27

Ok Bekkie, Many thanks. do you want all of the colours and all of the sizes in foxgloves? 

I will post all seeds out tomorrow.

Watering trays on a seed rack

Posted: 18/08/2014 at 16:21

My benches have grow bag trays on them, two near enough fit the length. they are about 3ft long and sell in my local garden centre for 2 for 10.00

Wish list for seed and plant swap

Posted: 18/08/2014 at 14:52

Had to laugh at all the previous posts!!

Here are seeds I have collected. May have photo's if anyone is not sure.

All bee loving plants.

Small pale blue scabious.          Cerinthe            Borage.         Dk blue delphiniums

White delphiniums                     Aquilegia..Pink      white          Dk blue    yellow

Foxgloves white..                       white/ red spots in throat.       Apricot

Stachys (lambs ears)                Lychnis coronaria                    Dianthus deltoides

Tall pink echium                        White cornflower                     White campion. 







Wish list for seed and plant swap

Posted: 17/08/2014 at 22:04

That made me laugh Bekkie, mine is also scared of anything like that, he's petrified on the computer for fear of clicking on the wrong thing and someone empying the bank accunt!!

Tell him not worry, an axe murderer, I am not.

Wish list for seed and plant swap

Posted: 17/08/2014 at 00:21

Thats good Bekkie, I sent them 1st class so they wouldnt be in the post for long!!. Hope they were ok. The Glomerata is a slug magnet.

winter boarder

Posted: 15/08/2014 at 17:38

Maybe Heuchera, they come in lovely warm shades. Then you can divide/split them and make loads more. I have just done that.

Lupin suggestions please

Posted: 15/08/2014 at 17:31

My soil is very acid, on the edge of Dartmoor and the lupins are fantasic on this soil. 

But yes, you can save the seeds when they are black and rattle in the pods. I think maybe its a bit late to sow them, maybe in the Spring.

See what others say. They will be very small plants by the winter and will need lots of care.

Please confirm these are greens of some type...

Posted: 15/08/2014 at 17:27

Is ragwort ok for hens? Welsh didnt think so.

Wish list for seed and plant swap

Posted: 15/08/2014 at 14:01

No probs SGL. The slugs just love the Glomerata, take care

Big thank you to Perki, my seeds arrived today. 

I will list some soon, hopefully I can send something to you.

If anyone else asked me for anything and I have forgot, please chase me, never quite sure if I am coming or going.


Posted: 14/08/2014 at 21:55

Hi SGL,  i have posted your campanula today  

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