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how to grow agapanthus from seed heads

Posted: 14/08/2017 at 17:08

I got a couple of dozen seedlings each from mine , blue and white , collected last autumn and sown on the 6th January, all germinated, very easy to grow. Potted on now and making nice sized plants.

I'm not sure if they grow true to colour from seeds but I don't mind what I get, it's worth a try. 

Utter Confusion

Posted: 14/08/2017 at 13:52

When you first start you can click on forum there's a list of topics, but as some people don't use the correct heading it's best to look on Latest Posts. 

Admit it's not an easy site to use, lots of things don't work but hey ho, that's lifeπŸ˜€

What does work is the extent of knowledge by the posters, so you can ask a question and get several answers, they'll all be different but you can choose around the middleπŸ˜€

Welocme to the site lamplighter. 


Posted: 14/08/2017 at 11:25

Mine are in beds in the GH, I water once a week and have fed twice since they've been there, I won't feed again as they are loaded with fruit and ripening nicely. 

Malformed parsnips?

Posted: 14/08/2017 at 11:19
BobTheGardener says:

If that foilage is from the same thing, it's a carrot and not a parsnip..

See original post


its funny how you sometimes don't spot the obvious!  It didn't even occur to me, Berghill or Dove. Clever lot aren't we


Cats and coffee

Posted: 14/08/2017 at 11:14

Not here it doesntπŸ˜€

PayPal Scam

Posted: 14/08/2017 at 11:13

If it's genuinely from pay pal it will start by saying dear Lyn .....or whatever your name is, if it says dear paypal customer, just delete it. I get something everyday, at some point someone will click on their link, if only one in a thousand does it they're quids in. 

Cats and coffee

Posted: 14/08/2017 at 11:09

Just put bits of chicken wire, empty seed trays, empty module trays, cover the bare soil between your plants and the cats can't dig it up.

Malformed parsnips?

Posted: 13/08/2017 at 23:17

Did you try to sow the seeds in pots then transplant to the ground? 

Berghill is more likely right, and definitely about the club root. 

Easy planting for a new grave

Posted: 13/08/2017 at 13:19

In our Devon Churchyards there is no planting allowed from 9" away from the stone, which means flowers in the pot or on the foundation only.  Cemetaries are a bit more lax. Of course, rules are often broken, but be aware that some of the council grass cutters have little respect for planting and may go over the lot with a strimmer.  We've seen that many times. 

Plant hunt

Posted: 12/08/2017 at 18:37

Ajuga, nice early flowers for bees and evergreen, grows anywhere in any soil. 

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