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Plant Id Please

Posted: 18/04/2015 at 15:58

Watch for seeds, you can collect a few sow in late summer/autumn plant out next spring in your garden.

Buried treasure

Posted: 18/04/2015 at 15:53

Good thought, nothing ancient then.

Was it used. by someone spinning wool? 

Buried treasure

Posted: 18/04/2015 at 15:40

Anyone know what this was used for, its about3 inches long.


gravel for a belfast sink pond?

Posted: 17/04/2015 at 19:48

You could use pea gravel, wash it first. There is no need to put anything in the bottom though. Just get some aquatic compost and put some pond plants in.

New here. 😊

Posted: 17/04/2015 at 19:24

Welcome Wonky, pleased to see you on the site, you know we are very nosey and need photo's.

Isnt that an oxymoron Verdun!!!????

Melons and cucumbers

Posted: 17/04/2015 at 19:04

Sow some more seeds nearer to the end of the month. Much to cold to be out.

The carrots will be ready to eat in late summer to Autumn.

Laurel hedge

Posted: 17/04/2015 at 18:58

There is no poing in leaving that growth on them, it will not green up again, those leaves will drop off leaving bare stalks, chop them right back as Dove says, they will make lots of growth this coming year.

Solar powered water feature

Posted: 16/04/2015 at 19:29

The other day I was browsing in our local GC at the solar fountains but they all seemed to be plugged in to the mains, just for show, the water in the  ones not plugged in were just about tiddling out, some not at all. I am not convinced how well they work under solar power alone.

I have never found those lamps to be much good either. Anyone got any solar powered items? 

Someone said, on another thread that those pond solar powered pumps are useless.

Blue tits eating bees!

Posted: 16/04/2015 at 19:14

Thats life in the wild, everything there fof something else to eat.

All my tadpoles have gone, food for newts.


Posted: 16/04/2015 at 19:12

Just choped mine right back to 2 inches above ground.

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