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Solar powered pond pumps

Posted: 30/09/2014 at 23:14

You are very welcome Fishy, mum didnt come home anyway!

Vegetable Seed Swop

Posted: 30/09/2014 at 22:30

Cucurbits Bek,

Solar powered pond pumps

Posted: 30/09/2014 at 22:25

Maybe your SS?

Hope you can sort plants out, they are number coded, just get back to me if you cant understand, its a womans logic!.

New Member

Posted: 30/09/2014 at 22:08

I had a load of it in our last house, I loved it with the berries on for Christmas wreaths, surprizingly, in a garden of this size, there is not one bit!

Wish list for seed and plant swap

Posted: 30/09/2014 at 22:01

Vic, I have the seeds, came today, thank you, they are perfect,, all of them. 

Thank you also to Forester and FB, seeds are perfect, its so exciting when they turn up in the post.

Fishys plants in the post today and Grans will go off soon.

Solar powered pond pumps

Posted: 30/09/2014 at 17:14

Alex says that sometimes it could be caused by a dead one in there. It doesnt matter in a big  pond but in a little one, can caurse probs.

Plants sent today, finally, bet you thought I was having you on?

My daughter didnt have a pond but found them mating in her outside loo, she got them and and spawn out and made a pond in the kiddies sand pit, she is now overrun with frogs. Seems they are not fussy.

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: 30/09/2014 at 17:05

Thats a dilema FB, but that choice has to be yours, I wouldnt go, but it must be up to you, and if he died while you were away, you may never forgive yourself.

New Member

Posted: 30/09/2014 at 16:57

The big tangled mass with cream flowers is ivy, dont know the second but Nutcutlet will be along and tell us very soon.


Posted: 30/09/2014 at 16:51

You need to copy and paste their email address into your email provider.

Very specific hedge plant requirements

Posted: 30/09/2014 at 16:40

Pansy, that made me laugh, where have all the congregations gone then.

Originally yews were planted in church yards to ward of the devil, but more recently they were planted to stop farmer Giles grazing his sheep in there for free.

In answer to the OP, Laurel is probably the best bet.

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