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Cutting a conifer in winter

Posted: 11/12/2014 at 12:35

That sounds much nicer Gemma, the stumps are not difficult to remove, not very deep roots. If you have access to a strong man, (or lady) a mattock and an iron bar are the tools to use. A big pair secateurs or small loppers will chop through the thread roots as you go.

We have removed 28 this year from a long hedge, they were about 26 years old so fairly chunky, all gone and replanted now.

Ne now.

I did want to try a 

what a night

Posted: 11/12/2014 at 12:22

Perhaps cats dont like broken pipe work.

It was a dreadful night here as well, the wind kept me awake, cant see any damage here though, although I havent been up to the greenhouses.

Sorry, just trying to bump up threads and get the dreaded bugged one onto the second page.

has anyone ignored tomatoe growing advice

Posted: 11/12/2014 at 11:55

Bob Flower wotsit grows his like that, lets a few side shoots grow long then ties them in low down, then picks out the tops at about 3ft instead of 7. He says that way you only need a couple of plants in the greenhouse.

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: 11/12/2014 at 11:50

Thats a good idea re the cloud, I have mine copied to a memory stick, but thats on the office desk, no good in a fire, and as you say, its the originals you really want to preserve. 

Christmas of yesteryear

Posted: 11/12/2014 at 11:42

Thats the spirit girls, only you and no one else has control over you, not even the winter, embrace the seasons with a strong mind 

Sarah Raven Sales

Posted: 11/12/2014 at 10:07

I have never been as I am too far away, but I would if I could, just for a nose around.

Kindle e readers

Posted: 11/12/2014 at 01:51

I have Galaxy tab 2 android.

I love it for the Kindle as I can read in bed with the paper set on black and the print in white, turned down, that way I can read all night without disturbing OH.

As for using the internet, its ok, I wouldnt buy another one, I would go for an ipad. This Galaxy is useless for this GW site. I cannot see what I am typing and the only way is to submit the post then quickly click edit, then you can see whats been written. Also you cannot get pm's on it, so still need laptop or phone with minute print.

Overwintering pelargoniums-how often to water?

Posted: 11/12/2014 at 01:42

Its Butterfly who has the 9ft pelargonium not Verdun.

I'd like to see that.

Mine are in the conservatory and some more hardy ones in a cold greenhouse. I do the pick up the pot test, if its light, water it.

I am still taking cuttings, I am an anytime gardener, if I need to do it, I do it. It usually works, same with the fuchsias, still popping bits in pots of water on the window sill.

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: 11/12/2014 at 01:28

Thanks Gran.

You are right about the photo's, I have photos of my parents from when they were about two years old. That would be from the 1920's.

I always feel terrible sad when I hear of peoples houses burning down, losing photos and precious documents. We have so much of that sort of stuff, I would be devastated if anything happened to it.

I think I must look for a fireproof box.

I always say that in the case of a fire, photos and cd's come first.

Memories of Yesteryear.

Posted: 11/12/2014 at 01:04

Well!as excuses go its bad enough to be believed.

I suffer from osteoarthritis of the spine, I take 4 very strong painkillers also paracetamol and codeine, I couldnt write posts like that if I tried!

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