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Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: 18/09/2014 at 23:10

My mum is back in hospital, had doc in and he called paramedics, one of them said she was terribly dehydrated, which of course I knew, then he said it was down to me, I just blew, we had such a row, then he was not very kind to her getting her in the ambulance and she was scared, so I warned him that if he upset her there would be trouble.

The other one tried to over compensate by being extra nice and said it wasnt my fault, and he understood what old people are like.

If she doesnt tell me anything, how can I do anything for her.

She told the paras she hadnt had a wee since Monday and had not passed anything through the Stoma for a week, she told me everything was working fin

e, I ask her every morning. She just wont drink, which is essencial for the Stoma, now she will have drip fluids, catheter and flush out.They said this would take two days, poor old dad is worried sick, bless him.


Posted: 18/09/2014 at 22:48

You deserve every bit of it my dear, enjoy it.

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: 18/09/2014 at 14:43

Ambulance coming for mum not very good.

Wish list for seed and plant swap

Posted: 18/09/2014 at 14:23

You can sow the Lychnis now or wait till Spring if you havent got anywhere to over winter Lesley.

I will post those to you Bekkie.


Posted: 18/09/2014 at 13:19

I always do that with my pepper plants had some lovely long red ones this year., but sow in Spring.

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: 18/09/2014 at 13:11

Waiting for doc to visit mum, second time this week, I advised receptionist to ask him to bring  a catheter, but what do I  know?

......the good guys

Posted: 18/09/2014 at 12:39

33 beautiful little candelabra primula plugs arrived from Parkers



Wish list for seed and plant swap

Posted: 18/09/2014 at 11:53

I have stachys lamb ears Bekkie, I will post some off to you.

Thank for the seeds Bekkie just arrived.

Thank you very much Nut for all those seeds, I have never tried anything with a challenge. I will sow them now, outside and reaally hope I can get some up. One would be brill, two a bonus.


APleased seeds have arrived, have fun folks.

I will pick up pm later, bit busy with mum, just dipping for a sanity break

FBB & LIme

Posted: 17/09/2014 at 21:52

Fertilize in Autumn, lime in Feb. Lime likes to go on on its own.Just sprinkle on and 

 let the rain  wash it in. Make sure you get the correct lime for your needs.


Posted: 17/09/2014 at 21:45

Fertilize the ground in the Autumn, sow the seeds indoors in April, plant out in June. Allow 4ft in all directions, they love to sprawl

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