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Do you consider gardening to be like art?

Posted: 12/05/2012 at 09:03

It's art with a touch of craft but also immensly satisfying for body mind and soul.  I think if you have a creative nature and a desire to make something beautiful - even if you do make mistakes you can call it art.  I also feel that with gardening your not alone in your art - the gardens around and the wildlife, flora and forna of the world outside your garden contribute to the 'canvas' within your boundaries.

Encouraging birds to the garden

Posted: 14/03/2012 at 21:33

although we have a small garden without hedges |I have recently cut back some overgrowth and discovered a thorny shrub growing into our garden from next door.  I have put fat balls and feeders in the hedge and today we had blue tit's, great tits, chaffinches blackbirds and thrushes as well as sparrows and dunnocks visiting.  We have some revenous jackdaws who sit in wit for the little birds - one landed in the garden and tried to go for the fat balls but realised he couldn't get to them.  I don't know what it is called just that it has long thorns on it and is just coming into bud.  Hope that helps.

Gardens for Dogs

Posted: 24/02/2012 at 22:02

Hi we have a labrador and have had him since he was 15 weeks.  He's been great and is now 9 yeaars old.  Thankfully we never had a problem with him and the garden but a few years back we got a seconde lab a black on as a pup and he was a nightmare.  Not only weeing on everything in sight but also eating stuff and digging it up.  We too considered sharing out the garden but that didn't feel right for the whole family including him. Slowly as he aged he has fussed less with the garden and the plants and now just enjoys sitting in the garden watching the children paly and us doing the gardening.  In addition we found that the brids were happy to land in the garden as he keeps the cats away.

Don't give up on having a family garden - if you have tendr plants just make sure the dog can't wee on them and keep them out of reach also make sure the dog has something to play with so that they don't get board.  We found that the swing ball was great as he could chase the ball around however he has pulled if off the string a few times and reattaching it can be difficult.  Hope this helps!!!


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