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Talkback: Bumblebee rescue

Posted: Today at 15:29

After the pouring rain one day last week, I found a bumble sat on a muscari totally soaked and not moving at all. As it was still raining I put a washing up bowl unturned balancing on a brick so as to give it shelter from the rain and give it a chance to dry off. I checked the next morning (sun was out) and the bee had not moved at all

I decided plan B was needed and so I picked the flower with her on, moved her to the sunny front garden and popped some delicious organic honey down in front of her. After a few minutes she was pacing around the honey lid whilst feeding and then prompting walked off to to a patch of weeds to dry off! She flew off shortly after.  I was surprised how quickly she recovered.

Here is a couple of photos of Mrs B


Crazy Paving Problem

Posted: Today at 14:00

Doo little, I don't have crazy paving, but I have a concrete path that has sunk and split, so looks a little like crazy paving. It was full of weeds etc, so after weeding the gaps, I filled them with lawn chamomile and it spread really easily, needs no maintenance and smells amazing when you walk on it. I also have a few dandelions growing in the gaps. I just cut the stalks off to stop them flowering.

Or try this, my parents paving is filled with dandelions, they wait for them to flower harvest them and make dandelion wine.


Posted: Yesterday at 19:45

Don't be disappointed. Mine are common dog violets and I think they are a beautiful wildflower. Certainly the wildlife in your garden will like them. (Do check the back spur of the flower though and see if it's paler, if not you might have something else) Or pop a photo on here for people to check for you.


Posted: Yesterday at 13:31

If you look at the spur at the back of the flower and it's paler than the petals it will be a dog violet, Also the dog violets have no scent.

Lavender ID

Posted: Yesterday at 11:00

Thanks Nut, I wonder if anyone know which stoechas it is? I went back to the shop today, but they don't have any in stock the same

Plant ID - probably a weed or wildflower

Posted: Yesterday at 10:59

Same here, a lovely wild flower to have taking over the garden.

Check your delphiniums for caterpillars

Posted: Yesterday at 10:58

As Dove says, they are a stunning moth and they do a have a nibble here and there, but they don't cause a problem. I'd leave them be, or if they are on a prize plant, move them to something else, they will eat lots of different plants.

Check your delphiniums for caterpillars

Posted: 21/04/2014 at 18:53

If they are quite large and bright green, then they could be the angle shades moth. I have quite a few around the garden now.

Lavender ID

Posted: 21/04/2014 at 18:47

Hello all,

I bought this lavender last summer in a bargain section and the label on the pot just said lavender. It's started flowering and I wondered if anyone knows which one it is? It doesn't seem to have any of the tiny flowers just the large pink bracts. Any ideas? It has very light green leaves, see picture 2.




Plant ID - probably a weed or wildflower

Posted: 21/04/2014 at 18:41

I think they are very pretty to. I have lots in my lawn, I've mowed around them. Looks like a meadow filled with blue/purple..

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