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Inspiration and ideas needed

Posted: 27/09/2012 at 20:46

Hello - How brilliant to have a 'clean slate' - and in a year or two you will have a good-looking garden to be proud of (without the guilt/restrictions of removing/sticking with existing plants).

One thing I'd like to say is that the oak trees could well have a drying effect on your garden soil. I have one oak and in the 7 years here have been amazed at how the soil (clay also) a good 15ft outside the canopy appears to be sucked dry by the tree. It's worth bearing in mind. Fortunately I think 'your' trees are to the north, so at least you won't have the double whammy of summer shade. Also, the oaks attract squirrels - who seem to love nipping off the heads of tulips - so best not be too dependant on flowering bulbs!

The clay has most likely been horrible to deal with during hard-landscaping work, especially during this wet year - but it isn't a bad soil once it comes to plants.

Also on a more positive note... I have a jasmine (no idea of proper name) which covers a fence all the way up the garden and even under the oak. It forms a lovely green hedge and has some white flowers but it's the green screen effect I like. In a mild winter (hmmmm!) it keeps much of its green right through. For low ground cover and masses of bee-loved flowers I've found that Hardy Geraniums (not pelargoniums) are a great addition.

Good luck, and please post photos in next summer!

oak tree losing leaves July

Posted: 28/07/2012 at 09:20

Thanks Alina W - that's a nice emphatic 'no', and I feel quite relieved.

I know of no other oaks anywhere near so have thought our tree was safe from 'oaky' diseases being passed to it via air or animals - but perhaps this mildew is less species specific.


oak tree losing leaves July

Posted: 27/07/2012 at 20:51

Hello - is there anyone with knowledge of tree health - in particular Oak? My suburban garden is dominated by a wonderful Oak tree abt 55 yrs old and 50ft high. It has struggled this year for the 1st time in its life - the first leaves soon curled and looked almost dirty rather than fresh. I assumed it was the cold, but maybe it was the first stage of mildew - a second try of leaves which looked normal have now become covered in white/grey mildew. Dried leaves are now (end July) falling as though it is autumn. (The bark looks fine and no sign of insect infestation).

Will the tree die?

Keeping Cats off My Veg Patch

Posted: 19/01/2012 at 19:02

We have two cats and have found a great way to stop them leaving poops all over our garden and the neighbours. A couple of years ago I made a designated toilet area - I chose a spot next to a fence and under a tree so it keeps as dry as possible. I keep a trowel nearby so I can bury their poos deep in places I've chosen. Every now and again I top the toilet up with old compost or sand. They both use it (bless them). I'd rather have the job of toilet attendant than the task of cleaning up after an unexpected squished mess - and my little plants have much better chances! Only works if you have cats yourself  I suppose.

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oak tree losing leaves July

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