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who is sowing what this spring?

Posted: 20/03/2014 at 19:45

It's the first time I've grown it! 

Its germinated well after 1 week and I'll probably prick it out on wednesday. I germinated it in cheap multi-purpose covered in vermiculite in an unheated propagator in the greenhouse, though temperatures down here havent really dropped below 5 degrees outside at night.

There are instructions on harvesting it, but I don't have the packet here. I think you dry it and then can either blitz it in a food processor or whack it, then separate the chaff on a breezy day. 

I'll keep you updated.

who is sowing what this spring?

Posted: 19/03/2014 at 00:12

Where to start...

First off I am not growing anything at home, I don't have the ideal situations for seed growing.  But at one of my jobs I have access to a massive greenhouse so in there I have;

Tomato (continental seeds - one large fruit and one small fruit)




Poppies x 5

Cornflowers (sowed some direct earlier in the year and the slugs ate them all)


Sweet Peas



Electric Daisies







And I am sure I have missed some, but today I bought;

Peas (slugs are munching through the direct sowing made three weeks ago)

Broad Beans


Sweet Peppers

And I have direct sowed some parsnips, carrots, lettuce and spring onions.

These are not all for me!  They will be shared around several jobs that I do.


Happy growing everyone

Clitoria Ternatea

Posted: 28/04/2013 at 23:51


I liked the look of this climber and decided to grow something a bit unusual instead of sweet peas, so I ordered some seed from Thompson and Morgan.

I started them off in February on the window sill but it was too cold and the majority of the seeds rotted, two germinated but did not develop so they may have been cold damaged also. It was a shame as I was looking forward to growing them but I may try again next year.

Hope you have some success with them.

Seed Sowing

Posted: 02/04/2013 at 23:29

I thought I would revive this thread to see how everyone is getting on...

At the weekend I pricked out:


Tumbling Tom Tomatoes


Geranium Maderense


Still not showing:

Butternut Squash

Gem Squash

(may have started them off too cold)


Almost up:



Cardiocrinum(stratifying in the fridge)


Too small to be pricked out yet:

French Lavendar




Sowed at the weekend:

Cosmos Purity and Double Click (showing already!!)

Verbena Bonariensis




(Also succumbed to sowing hardy annuals indoors as garden is wet)





Still to sow:



Purchased at the weekend:



Beefsteak Tomatoes


Didn't make it:

Moneymaker Tomatoes



How is everyone else doing???

Seed Sowing

Posted: 15/03/2013 at 19:01

I agree with garden girl, repeat sowing now probably won't make much difference, the varieties you mention have a long flowering season and will flower all summer, the only ones worth repeat sowing are the Stocks (assuming they are Brompton type Stocks?), they flower quickly and then are over, sowing every 2-3 weeks would probably be OK.  Why not store the rest of the seeds of the other varieties in an air tight container for next year? If you have spare compost or peat pots check the seed websites for weekly deals or wait until later in the season to grab reduced seeds from garden centres.

I have just checked my window sill seeds, All of my Tumbling Tom seeds have germinated, and there are signs of life in the Viola Bambini, Fench Lavender (free with vegetable seeds), Oenothera Lemon Sunrise, Cerinthe, Clitoria, Geranium Maderense, Tomato Moneymaker, and Nasturtium pots, I have sown all the seed in the packets as I plan to share spare plants with family and friends, I may even sell some to recoup some of the outlay. I still have a lot of sowing to do this weekend though! Tomorrow I will check my Butternut and Gem Squash and Courgette seeds in the colder shed.

Keep the updates coming...


Seed Sowing

Posted: 14/03/2013 at 23:39


Nothing is better than sowing seeds, watching them germinate and pricking them out! 

In the past I have had the luxury of a greenhouse which can make it easier, but I have also had success growing trays and trays of plants in a caravan - one that I was living in!

This year I am starting some seeds in a shed in my courtyard, they are in small trays with propagator lids, the trays are sitting in a clear plastic storage box wrapped in bubble wrap, I have monitored the temperature and it is around 16 degrees so I have chosen seeds that require a germination temperature of 15-20 degrees.

I also have some in pots and small trays on the kitchen window sill, fortunately we have a blind so they can't be seen from inside, otherwise I think my wife would object!  The temperature has not dropped below 19 degrees and is usually over 20 degrees.  I cover the pots with cling film and even have some in a detergent liquitab box, it's quite an effective propagator. 

This year I have bought some seed compost but still pass it through a garden sieve, so far I have found a lump of coal in one bag!  I am gardening on a budget so have not bought vermiculite or a heated propagator, but so far things are going well, my hanging basket tomatoes have emerged and there are signs of violas germinating - and it has only been a week or so!


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