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Neem oil for eradicating houseplant fungus gnat - How to make the solution?

Posted: 03/07/2013 at 05:53

I found this on   It's a great site. Actually the neem oil generally has instructions on the back.

Helping Your Plants With A Neem Oil Foliar Spray


Image by jeffreyw

By Heather Rhoades

With today’s push for more organic gardening in the home garden, it can be hard to balance using natural cures for common problems and still getting a pretty display or a good harvest. While most organic pesticides are not as effective as their chemical counterparts, there is one exception, and this is neem oil. Neem oil can not only effectively kill the pests on your plants (without hurting beneficial bugs like bees) but it can also eliminate most fungus problems as well. If you are wondering what is neem used for and how can I use a neem oil foliar spray, keep reading to learn the answer.

What is Neem Used For?

A neem oil foliar spray is used in the garden one of two ways. One way is as an insecticide and the other is as a fungicide.

Neem Oil As An Insecticide

Neem oil is an effective insecticide against many insects that can hurt your plants. These include:

An additional bonus for neem oil insecticide is that it does not kill bugs that do not chew on leaves. All beneficial bugs fall into this category, so you can spray your plants with this organic spray and be sure that you will kill the undesirable bugs while keeping the bugs that help you plants, like bees, butterflies and spiders.

Neem oil insecticide is unique in that it does not immediately kill the insects it affects. Instead, for reasons not yet understood by scientists, neem oil insecticide causes a pest to be unable to maintain hydration, which in turn kills it. So

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