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no sow by date in T&M seeds

Posted: 05/02/2016 at 14:09

I bought some Thompson & Morgan flower seeds in a major garden centre and I noticed that none of their flower seeds show a sow by date, but their vegetable seed do show a date. I also notice that other brands, such as Mr Fotherhills and Suttons show a sow by date on their flower seeds. I do not like that. What are your thoughts about this.

Nails in plastic compost bin

Posted: 23/10/2014 at 16:16

Six months ago I moved house. In my new house there was a plastic compost bin with    

many nails (or screws?) inside the compost, so I ignored this bin completely and started a new one.  I looked in the plastic bin today and all the nails seem to have disappeared and there is just good compost. I do not understand, can anybody explain how this happened, have they decomposed?


Posted: 23/05/2014 at 21:08

I love rabbits so  would never harm them. I am trying the chilli method see what happens.

When is gardeners world back on the TV??

Posted: 24/01/2013 at 10:29

I miss Gardeners World  very much.  I hope Monty is back with his lovely dog Nigel.

Where is Nigel?

Posted: 28/10/2012 at 19:40

It was lovely to see Nigel again, I really missed him and I was wondering where he was. It even made me cry when I saw him again. I love them both Monty and Nigel, they make a great team.

Talkback: Slug-proof plants

Posted: 18/09/2012 at 04:05

I personally do not kill the slugs, I sometimes pick them and throw them to the grass path next to my house, but I am sure they come back. I would love to grow lupins and delphiniums but Ihave given up because they get all eaten. 

Talkback: Slug-proof plants

Posted: 17/09/2012 at 09:26

Of the perennials in my garden I found the following quite slug resistent: aquilegias, hardy geraniums, centranthus (valerian), japanese anemones, lysimachia clethroides (chinese loosetrife), scabiosa, heucherella, polemonium (jacobs ladder), sisyrinchium.  Bedding plants: I don't grow many but I found fuchsias and lobelias resistent to slugs, although the slugs seemed to hide under the lobelias  but did not touch them.

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Nails in plastic compost bin

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