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Seed swap

Posted: 15/12/2012 at 10:52

HI, another idea might be to join the Hardy Plant Society / Cottage Garden Society as they lots of info plant/gardening info throughout the year put together by members.  They also have an annual seed swap which produces a diverse range of seeds to choose from.  It's brilliant, as well as being part of a group of like minded people.  I'm hooked, having grown many plants I had never heard of or seen before, Dierama, Tulbaghia, Adenophora, species Clematis etc, and others such as different Eryngium, Asters, Lavender, Agapanthus.  There are veg as well , although the swap is mostly annuals/perennials/shrubs/trees, some very unusual.  Some of the seed might take 2-4 years to come to flower (such as Agapanthus) but it is often well worth the wait.  I sowed some seed of Cornus Capitata about 10 or so years ago and this year they produced their first flowers, followed by strawberry like fruits.  Magic!  It's a great eco friendly and cost effective way of producing plants, and it's also great to curl up in the armchair with the list and the laptop checking out plant information online.

Visit their websites and maybe give it a go?  The next seed swap submissions will be around August/September.

Unidentified autumn flowering deciduous tree

Posted: 03/11/2012 at 17:39


It could well be the variety 'Red Cascade', it looks much like the one I have in my garden.  Mine's about 8ft tall now and looks great with the Dogwood 'Midwinter Fire'.

Autumn has such great colours, if only for a short while.

Great picture!



Posted: 17/03/2012 at 11:06

Hi - We have a rabbit warren at the end of our garden.  When the rabbits were first a problem I wire fenced most of the flower and vegetable beds.  Eventually we found the only way of dealing with the rabbits was to dig a trench around the garden and sink chicken wire (or similar) in an 'L' shape into it.  Our gates are also covered in the same, and hung so there is minimal gap at the bottom.   However, where we have a hedgerow and trees down one side we still have a chicken wire barrier but it is only pegged at the base. Along some parts of this wire fencing the rabbits did get through and caused havoc.  We eventually found we were filling in their holes with concrete and that has worked so far.  We don't have a rabbit trained dog, but this might be another option.

As much as we love gardening, it often seems there is something trying to challenge us...

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