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Talkback: How to grow potatoes for Christmas

Posted: 10/03/2012 at 06:23
what is the spacing

Talkback: How to sow seeds indoors

Posted: 10/03/2012 at 06:07
i have used house compost mixed with light soil and a little sand. will my seeds grow

Talkback: How to sow seeds indoors

Posted: 10/03/2012 at 06:05
can i use sand to avoid drying out


Posted: 10/03/2012 at 05:46

in north spain we plant garlic in dec/jan - good results

When and Where do I sow

Posted: 10/03/2012 at 05:41

if you go into seedparade and click on the name of veg u will get the exact info

Veg in a shady garden

Posted: 10/03/2012 at 05:39

raspberries grow like weeds!! i even replanted the cut offs which have taken

Welcome to the fruit & veg forum

Posted: 10/03/2012 at 05:35

i live on the n border of portugal in spain and this is going to be my first go at veges. i have a quarter of an acre!!! first the tractor then weeding and now the rotavator. i have planted some seeds in mini greenhouses in a mixture of household waste, good soil and a little sand. i have taken note that by putting basil near carrots keeps flies away. and on planting the seeds on a base of sand and newspaper encourages then to grow long and straight. also leeks should not be pressed in - just fill with water. would appreciate any advice

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