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blanket weed

Posted: 10/02/2015 at 15:41

The UV will not work on blanket weed though, it only works on clearing the algae that cause green water.

blanket weed

Posted: 10/02/2015 at 13:00

Lyn, some of the barley straw liquids seem to work & some have no effect whatsoever , blanket weed grows where there is an excess of Nitrogen & Phosphate in the water so what you really need is something to reduce these such as Viresco Koi

blanket weed

Posted: 09/02/2015 at 19:32

If the pond is very large you will probably need the entire bale of straw, it's not a cure it's a preventative measure you will still need to remove the blanket weed by hand.

Also as it breaks down it reduces oxygen levels so do not use it in hot weather, it may well take a year to work.


Posted: 07/02/2015 at 10:02

Planted a few last spring in the green to try them, some are now appearing

snow drops

Posted: 01/02/2015 at 12:16

Just ordered 100 single snowdrops from an ebay seller I've used several times before for £9.30 inc p&p.

plant / weed id please

Posted: 31/01/2015 at 23:16

Doesn't look like the Feverfew that grows in my garden.

Tree Lily Bulbs

Posted: 28/01/2015 at 23:29

Forester2 the tree lillies don't need staking , they have very strong stems.

Tree Lily Bulbs

Posted: 28/01/2015 at 19:36

It's only T&M that refer to them as tree lillies , they are also called Skyscraper lilllies, Goliath Lillies etc depending on the supplier.

Tree Lily Bulbs

Posted: 28/01/2015 at 14:34

 These were mine in their second year about 4' tall

Tree Lily Bulbs

Posted: 28/01/2015 at 13:01

I had some nice ones from JParkers recently

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