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Late vegetable bed

Posted: Today at 08:50

Having had my breakfast & a Coffee I can see now, Got it.


I think I should go back to bed!

Late vegetable bed

Posted: Today at 07:42

It's interesting reading this thread.

Too late for this, that and the other! Where do you all live?

I won't be putting my Runner Beans and French Beans in for another couple of weeks yet as the ground is still too cold and wet yet up ear! I always put the seeds into the ground too I don't start them off in pots first. I've only just put in my Broad Bean seeds this weekend and I sometimes put in a second sowing later on in May for a second crop this year.

For the same reasons I haven't sown my Pumpkin and Squash seeds yet otherwise they'll be ready to go into the ground too early because the ground is still too cold and wet! 

As a kid I can remember an old man "Old Man Bill" who are family used to share an allotment with never putting anything out or sowing anything in the ground before May was out (Other than Onions and Potatoes). Regardless of the weather.

I'm being a bit thick!

Posted: 29/04/2016 at 15:35

It could be, I'd say yes. Various versions of Safari on various device types are different in the way this is done.


I'm being a bit thick!

Posted: 29/04/2016 at 15:28

On the iPad tap on Settings then Safari on the left pane.

You will see on the right side listed:

* Clear History

* Clear Cookies

* Clear Cache

Tap on each one to clear all of the store information and bring back to factory stored browser.

I'm being a bit thick!

Posted: 29/04/2016 at 15:11

I would start by restoring Safari's default settings for everything.


  • Open Safari and click on Safari in the upper left hand corner.
  • Click Reset Safari.
  • Restart Safari. ...

The toolbar you have lost is probably created with the help of active-x controls, flash or java.

Please help me ID garden droppings!

Posted: 29/04/2016 at 15:04

Get your fingers in there pull it apart and have a good sniff

I'm being a bit thick!

Posted: 29/04/2016 at 14:57

What do you mean exactly when you say "Tool Bar"

Are you referring to the "Menu Bar", "Favorites Bar", "Command Bar" or "Status Bar"

Are you using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome?

If all the various bars disappear try pressing the F11 key or try "Right Clicking" as close to the top of the open windows as you can and click on the relevant bar to display that's missing and or click on "Lock the Toolbars"

Late vegetable bed

Posted: 29/04/2016 at 12:46

Don't agree about winter brassicas not being suitable in a new raised bed. I plant them as deep as I dare and firm them in well with my feet in soil that has fairly recently been dug over sometimes.

They'll do just fine but perhaps not quite as well as they might next year in the same bed i'll agree. 8 X 12ft is a small area and brassicas need a lot of space.

Lavendar, roses, some herbs and vegetables is a lot to ask in a raised bed 8 X 12ft me thinks.

Keen to get started, go for it but accept what you get this year knowing you'll do better next year.

You may need some wooden boards to walk on at 8ft long by 12" to 14" wide to displace your weight and save compacting the soil too much.

Wouldn't put roses in.

Improving clay soil

Posted: 22/04/2016 at 16:35

I have been doing more or less what Mike has suggested for the last 3yrs in a garden where I had a lot of clay that I dug up when I put in walls and other structures in the garden. I get it as it comes from the farmer and just put in on straight away in the autumn and leave it. Its gone by the spring.

This year I did something different and what a difference its made in a fairly short period of time too.  The 3rd application of manure went on last Mid / Late October 2015 then I dug what little was left of the manure in with an application of Lime in mid February 2016. Very quickly noticed a huge improvement in the soil.

As far as I'm aware you should not put Lime and Manure on at the same time as I believe they cancel each other out and I think you then get little or no benefit.

You calculate how much lime you need by doing several PH tests spaced out evenly through the area your concerned with and take an average value. I downloaded a chart from the RHS website that then tells you how much lime you need per square metre to achieve the ideal PH value you want to achieve 6 months or so after application.

Adding the manure and pea gravel the first 2yrs made a big difference but then applying the Lime made an even bigger improvement afterwards, in my case in the 3rd year after the first application of manure and pea gravel.

If I had to do this again I would probably apply Lime a lot earlier, Manure in October then Lime in February each year. I would do a set of PH tests before I applied Lime, the soil may not need it.

problem sparrows

Posted: 20/04/2016 at 17:27

My Sparrows do squabble and they are very noisy bullies too to some extent.

I affectionately my Sparrows "Terrorists"!

I too keep my feeders for the Sparrows away from the feeders I put out for the tits etc.

The Sparrows are never on the feeders all day, this gives other species a look in at different times of the day. 

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