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Free offers

Posted: 03/10/2013 at 17:16

In my opinion all of these so called free offers are nothing but a con.  Take this months issue of grow your own magazine with 3 raspberry canes and a packet of fertiliser worth £19.98 !!!  Really , only £6 each for raspberry canes must make them the dearest in britain.

bird netting

Posted: 15/07/2012 at 13:04

black knitted 1 inch mesh from Harrod horticultural is a good quality product at a good price and will last for years.

Cheap seeds

Posted: 15/07/2012 at 12:58

Wait till later on and the works offer them at 10p pct and the garden centre group on 1st sept start their sale and the seeds are usually 50p pct.

Potato blight

Posted: 06/07/2012 at 15:39

At the begining blight shows as a few single brown spots scattered over your crop.  If you turn the leaf over you will find a dusty white mould growing, these are the spores ready to spread .  A few spots will turn into a lot over the coming week and will quickly show a disease rather than a cultural problem.  Blame the rain and it wont get better as the forecast is poor for the next month so im afraid if you grow spuds and you havent got it yet you soon will have. 

potatoes again

Posted: 06/07/2012 at 15:25

I grow charlotte and swift on my allotment.  I plant swift in 1st week of march and it crops well in late may.  the haulm is tiny , in fact far smaller than any other potato and you dont think that there will be anything under it but you would be surprised.  The charlotte is used from mid june and i carry  on using them as old potatoes and they still have that nice new potato flavour.  We now have blight on our site due to the rain no doubt. have a look at yours!!

Evergreen Lawn

Posted: 05/07/2012 at 20:18

I have laid a new lawn 4 months ago using rolawn minster pro turf, a fine show lawn grade and have had numerous commments on how lovely it looks.  I cut it every 48 hours , yes i know how sad is that but it has done the trick and produced the end result i was hoping for. I am now feeding it with aftercut and will do this every 8 weeks or so up till august and then i will use an autumn weed feed product to harden it up for the winter. 

Pond Plants

Posted: 05/07/2012 at 20:07

monty planted his up in pure gravel but i have always used basic loam soil from an area of the garden that has not had fertiliser added to it in recent years.  I had a first class pond in my old garden using plain 3 ltr flower pots as containers ( saves on expensive planting baskets) with small1/2 cm slits cut in the sides, say 4 per pot and top them off with a layer of grit to stop the soil from being disturbed by fish rooting around in the tops. 

Inspiration needed! Sunken patio/lawn edging

Posted: 05/07/2012 at 19:57

b&q do  some lovely decking sunrise panels that are easy to fit and are not too expensive.

Building a brick base for a greenhouse

Posted: 05/07/2012 at 19:53

I purchased my greenhouse from the greenhouse people and had it erected for me by one of their prefered erectors.  It has a metal base secured into the ground on 6 points with a sack of postcrete in each hole. I must say from start to finish i received first class attention from all concerned with this company and am very pleased with the result. 

Building a brick base for a greenhouse

Posted: 05/07/2012 at 16:43

Make sure that the base is of the correct dimentions as a 8x6 greenhouse is not usually exact ie might be 8'3 x6'4.  Go on the greenhouse people website for more tips on erection and care for your new greenhouse. Good luck!!

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