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Wildlife Pond

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A pond that size needs to be placed in a shaded area for most of the day. For clear water without the aid of pumps, the waters surface area must not be in full sun and if it is, tall planting or surface loving plants will help to act as a barrier.

The pond is 14inches deep, 33in wide, 50in long. Very small - I'd personally go for a bigger size. 


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Not sure when I sowed them. I reckon it could be too late more.


No videos

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I had to switch to chrome a while back because IE won't let me view videos - flash and everything was up to date. And it still doesn't work fully to this day.

Plant ID

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No probs, your welcome.  

Plant ID

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looks like common fumitory to me.

mystery plant

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Oxalis iron cross is what that is.

new user - cannot sign in - please help - thanks

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This site should be renamed the The Twilight Zone, bizarre to say the least !

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