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Value branded compost V branded names

Posted: 21/03/2014 at 00:18

I just invested in a composter, so wont have my own until next year.

I just bought 1200 litres of compost from all kinds of sources in the last 2 weeks. Wilko, Aldi, Lidl and Morrisons were my choices. I did not buy from B&Q as they had no small bags, only those large bags of 80 and 120 litres or more. I am a little woman just over 5 foot. I cannot lift those. Their prices were OK though.

Wilko: the yellow 15 litre bags for £1.00 are only good for throwing on heavy clay soil or using as a bottom filler in a very high-rise bedding arrangement. The stuff is very light and dry. Needs lots of water. It has larger bits in it. The bigger white bag selling 3 for £10 is also filled with some light stuff that needs to be wet up before anything can be done with it. But it’s definitely better that the £1 bag. But both are quite similar.

I also bought from Wilko the John Innes seeding compost. I was not impressed. Too many large bits like stones and thick twigs in it.

I have the John Innes 2 and 3 but have not yet used it.
The Wilko graded top soil is excellent.
Morrisons multi purpose compost is great for filling up a bed. But not as cheap as Wilko.

Used Westland seeding compost. Much better than John Innes. Hardly any large bits. I got that from Wilko too.

Aldi had some general compost and their grow bags. My goodness, the soil was black, not brown like the stuff from Wilko. To me it seems like the stuff is going to do well. I mixed that into the high rise bed as well and used it in potting up some plants as well. It has this composty smell. Nice.

Then picked up some from Lidl today. The compost is very good quality.

Also got chipped bark from Wilko and from Lidl. The one from Lidl smells woody as if they were just made. Unlike those from Wilko which has no smell.

For the high bed I mixed up lots of different composts, added some Growmore and left it covered up with black material to sit and warm up. The water was quite cold when I set up the bed. Now I will plant my various types of strawberries and Garlic into one, and squashes, melons etc. in the other one. I cannot wait for summer.

I also mixed up different types of compost in my potato barrels and super grow sacks for the tomatoes and various peppers and for my large planters for the herbs and small peppers.

Value branded compost V branded names

Posted: 20/03/2014 at 23:45

Maybe if you run it through a shredder first of all and feed it in bit by bit?

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