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Posted: Yesterday at 21:32

ah yes I forgot about that button, never had to use it before




get it?

Talkback: Hummingbird hawkmoth

Posted: Yesterday at 20:31

One of these visited me while I was pruning my Lavender on the 1st October. Never seen anything like it before, was wonderful to watch how graceful it was


Posted: Yesterday at 19:59

no Punica we are just trying to push all you trolls away.


Posted: Yesterday at 19:36

Its Grouchus Whingus philippa

Autumn Colour

Posted: Yesterday at 19:07

The drainage is better in a container, they dont like being too wet

Autumn Colour

Posted: Yesterday at 18:07

I grow them in containers Billie. I will put them in the greenhouse for the winter. If they survive for next year then that will be great.

Autumn Colour

Posted: Yesterday at 17:13

My garden isnt big so there arent any trees really to speak of.

The Blueberry bush always has a lovely red colour though


unknown grass

Posted: Yesterday at 14:05

If you could possibly get a picture of it that would make it more probable ofus guessing what it is.

The little pic icon above the posting box allows you to do this

Autumn Colour

Posted: Yesterday at 13:18

Its getting late into Autumn now, although the weather outside would make you think otherwise!

I thought we could post our lovely photos for others to enjoy, be it plants that are still hanging on, or plants that revel in the time of year.

I will get things started!

 The bees are still enjoying my dahlias

 Jasminum Polyanthum trying to flower again - I just hope we dont get any early frosts that kill the flowers off

 Pensham Penstemon

 Clematis Rouge Cardinal

 Clematis General Sikorski

 Blue Cardinal Lobelia

 Sedum Hot Stuff



 Dahlia Twynings Smartie

 Dahlia Twynings After Eight


 Dahlia Juliet

 Primrose Red Flame

Posted: Yesterday at 09:59

Why didnt the skeleton go the dance?



Because he had nobody to go with 

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